How to Cure a Cold

They say there's no cure. And " they " may be right, but there are a lot of things that we can do. Heard from doctors fairly recently (but note: I am not a doctor):Gargle with warm salt water to sooth and treat the throat.Use a neti pot (nasal irrigation) to clear sinuses.Take Claritin (loratadine) and Claritin-D (loratadine with pseudoephedrine) to reduce symptoms. Other common-sense and folk treatments:Keep extra warm, particularly the chest. Especially avoid getting chilled.Get lots of sleep - morning and afternoon naps if possible. In my opinion this is the best thing we can do.Chicken soup with lots of salt and pepper. Maybe other hot, salty, peppery soups with onion, sage, and thyme.Zinc lozenges.Vitamin C. We mix Vitamin C powder in some organic pomegranate juice. Yum.Aromatic (menthol, camphor, ...) rub on the chest for extra heat and a nice smell. I clip a towel around my neck too.Hydrate plenty. Alas, alcohol probably doesn't count." Feed a cold (and starve a fever). " To keep the immune system strong, but junk food won't help.A key point: Don't let up until the symptoms are all gone. A chest cold will take advantage of a chill to start all over in the sinuses, or vice-versa. The old joke - Do all of these things and the cold might be gone in as little as a week. Otherwise it might take as long as seven days. I have a cold and I'm only on day 5. As we say in Minnesota, Uff-Da. ...
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Conclusion: We demonstrated the feasibility for reliable ovulation detection and prediction with high-frequency temperature data collected by a non-invasive wearable device. Significance: Traditional fertility monitoring methods are often either inaccurate or inconvenient. The wearable device and learning algorithm presented in this paper provide a user friendly and reliable platform for tracking ovulation, which may have a broad impact on both fertility research and real-world family planning.
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In this study, benzyl benzoate was successfully synthesized via enzymatic acylation using three immobilized enzymes as biocatalysts. Different acyl donors (benzoic acid and benzoic anhydride), operation regimes (batch, fed-batch), mixing modes (conventional mechanical stirring and ultrasound), process parameters (temperature, substrate molar ratio of acyl donor to acyl acceptor), presence or absence of solvents, enzyme amount and type were evaluated. Benzoic acid is a solid that is difficult to solubilize and, thus, was not efficient as acyl donor for the synthesis of benzyl benzoate. On the other hand, benzoic anhydride w...
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OBJECTIVES: Alcohol for intercostal neuralgia may induce severe injection pain. Although nerve block provided partial pain relief, alcohol might be diluted, and the curative effect decreased when the local anesthetic and alcohol were given at the same point. Therefore, we observed the modified method for intercostal neuralgia, a Two-point method, in which the local anesthetic and alcohol were given at different sites. METHOD: Thirty patients diagnosed with intercostal neuralgia were divided into 2 groups: Single-point group and Two-point group. In the Single-point group, alcohol and local anesthetic were injected at the sa...
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