A rare cause of intestinal obstruction: right paraduodenal hernia

This article aimed to present the diagnosis and treatment process of a 47-year-old male presenting with acute abdomen symptoms by evaluating retrospectively with the accompaniment of literature. During the abdominal exploration of the patient, nearly all of the intestines were observed to be herniated from the right paraduodenal region to the posterior area. The opening of the hernial sac was repaired primarily by reducing the intestinal bowel loops into the intraperitoneal region. The patient undergoing anastomosis by performing resection of the ischemic part after reduction of herniated bowel loops was discharged uneventfully on the post-operative 10th day. Paraduodenal hernia is a condition that should be considered in patients with abdominal pain and intestinal obstruction symptoms. Early diagnosis is of vital importance to prevent the complications which can develop.PMID:38506380 | PMC:PMC10977490 | DOI:10.14744/tjtes.2023.20352
Source: Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery : TJTES - Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Source Type: research