Handling Controlling Elderly Parents

Maybe your controlling elderly mother demands that you keep her company around the clock, but she certainly won’t watch any of the television shows you enjoy. Your overbearing father might refuse to let you help him bathe, but there’s also no way he’ll ever let a professional bath aide set foot in the house. Perhaps your spouse complains constantly about the food you carefully prepare each day and the clothing you pick out for them every morning. You do all of these things out of love only to be met with disdain. While your loved one’s negative attitude is certainly frustrating, it’s important to understand that an elder’s real and perceived levels of independence and control over their life are forever changed when they begin needing a caregiver’s help. Achieving a better understanding of what this overbearing behavior stems from could help you cope... Continue on Agingcare to read about controlling parents who seem impossible to please: Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories. "For anyone having to walk the last segments of life with a loved one, read this.” …Delores                    Related StoriesShould You Convince Your Aging Parents to Move Closer to You?Caregiver Guilt: How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Elderly ParentsCaregiving: Could Your Body Language Be Making Your Loved One Anxious? 
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