Progress Towards Mammalian Whole-Brain Cellular Connectomics
From the Intro:Since its inception, neuroscience has attempted to interpret brain organization and function without a detailed map of its total neuronal constituents and their complete inter-connectivities at the required synaptic resolution. Without such a map, a whole-brain cellular connectome, it is highly improbable that the precise neural computations underlying brain and behavior will ever be adequately understood.Read the full article here (Source: BrainTechSci)
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High-resolution whole-brain staining for electron microscopic circuit reconstruction
An improved method for preparing mouse brains for electron microscopy allows reliable tracing of neurites and identification of synapses and appears suitable for whole-brain connectomic reconstruction.Full article at Nature Methods (Source: BrainTechSci)
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Connectomics Segmentation & Circuit Reconstruction Challenge
from : The Challenge: Download the images at & datid=137 which are SBF-SEM images from mouse hippocampus, and try your best algorithms and software for segmentation and circuit reconstruction. These are important problems to solve because much larger datasets of this type will soon be available as part of the connectomics initiative to map entire brains at synapse resolution. (Source: BrainTechSci)
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