Chris Pine’s acne scars:  The new Brad Pitt?

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk with many small cheek defects. Map of the Galaxy or acne scars? The crew of the USS Enterprise is back in “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”  As Captain James T. Kirk, Chris Pine has all he needs to explore the galaxy:  Fetching eyebrows, a chiseled jaw and…acne scars?  Yes, Pine’s handsome mug is dotted with tiny craters, and no meteorites in site.  Severe cases of acne can result in scarring, about as hard to escape as a Vulcan death grip.  Many treatments can minimize the moonscape, including use of topical Retin-A, dermabrasion and Fraxel laser treatments.  Even the Starfleet provides no panacea. Yet Chris need not Pine for clearer skin.  On a dude, this type of superficial scarring can appear rugged.  Brad Pitt has similar complexion issues and his career remains at warp speed.  So until we can set phasers to “acne scar—erase,” we hope Pine’s career lives long…and prospers.
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