Medical News Today: What to know about diabetic gastroparesis

This article gives an overview of diabetic gastroparesis, including its causes, symptoms, complications, and treatments.
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AbstractAims/IntroductionPreprandial metformin administration significantly reduces postprandial plasma triglyceride levels in animal studies by reducing intestinal absorption through delayed gastric emptying. However, this effect has not been shown in a clinical study. Therefore, we planned to investigate the efficacy of preprandial metformin administration on postprandial hypertriglyceridemia and the related gastrointestinal effects in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Materials And MethodsEleven patients taking single ‐dose metformin at 500–1000 mg, with non‐fasting plasma triglyceride levels of 150&ndash...
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A previously healthy, well-appearing 42-year-old female living in a modern, high-rise apartment in downtown Los Angeles calls 9-1-1 at 5:30 am complaining of worsening of a burning, epigastric pain she had been experiencing for the last three days. She reports associated nausea and non-bloody, non-bilious vomiting, and that she couldn’t manage to get comfortable in bed until she finally decided to call for help at daybreak. During her 9-1-1 call, she reports “pain, like heartburn, that just woke me up again and I had to throw up, … and then I was sweating so much.” Using the Los Angeles Tiered Disp...
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Nothing quite prepares you for the heartache of profound loss. It settles in like a gloomy thrum — sometimes louder, sometimes softer — with a volume switch you can’t entirely shut off. For me, that heartbreak arrived this past October, when my mother died after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and disability. Now, for the first time in my life, I’m experiencing real grief. As a health reporter, I know this emotional experience comes with the risk for physical side effects. “Most of these side effects are the result of emotional distress responses,” explains Dr. Ma...
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This holiday season we are all in search of the perfect gift. What is the one thing you truly desire for yourself and your family? Don’t you think we all want it? What if you were handed a beautifully wrapped box containing a miraculous tool that caused dramatic weight loss without limiting calories or requiring exercise? What if this gift reduced appetite, shrunk belly fat, dropped your dress size into the single digits, and accomplished all of this while sparing you from a Biggest Loser sob fest? What if that same gift freed you from acid reflux, heartburn, bowel urgency, and diarrhea, but also improved mood, incre...
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ConclusionsNeem oil extract has significant bactericidal activity against H. pylori. The extract has several favorable pharmacological properties, including ability to kill non-growing bacteria, increased activity at low pH, and no hemolytic activity. The compound(s) present in the extract could potentially be used as a future treatment for H. pylori infection.Graphical abstract
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ConclusionsGastrointestinal symptoms were seen in prediabetics higher than healthy persons. So, prediabetes can not be considered an entirely benign and asymptomatic condition. Lifestyle interventions maybe necessary at this state.
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  I previously shared Tammy’s Wheat Belly success story that illustrates just how far you can take back health and reverse numerous chronic health conditions. Besides losing over 70 pounds in weight, she also: Reversed type 2 diabetes, reducing HbA1c from the diabetic range of 8.4% to 4.9%—an ideal level. Reversed hypertension Reversed gastroesophageal reflux Reversed irritable bowel syndrome Reversed rheumatoid arthritis She has also been able to discontinue a list of toxic medications, including metformin, Prilosec, and Remicade. And, as you can readily see, turned the clock back 20 years in appearance...
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Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, good-will and gluttony. While many people enjoy the holiday feast with abandon, some dieters and healthy eaters stress over the idea of consuming a huge number of calories in one sitting. But is it worth the worry? Here’s what eating one enormous meal actually does to your body, according to experts. The short-term effects of a big meal When you consume lots of food, your stomach has to physically expand to accommodate the additional volume, potentially leading to some discomfort, says Dr. Stephen Juraschek, an internist and primary care physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical...
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Gastroparesis is a chronic condition marked by the abnormally slow emptying of gastric contents into the duodenum. Symptoms include bloating, heartburn, and early satiety and can progress to nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and malnutrition. Diabetes is a major cause, as are autoimmune and collagen-vascular disorders and postsurgical states. While the cause of gastroparesis is often idiopathic, potentially reversible medication-related effects should always be considered. The condition is notoriously difficult to treat.
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Here’s a medical news story that combines a common habit (drinking coffee) with a common skin condition (rosacea) — and it even has a happy ending. What is rosacea? Rosacea is probably something you’ve seen plenty of times and didn’t know what it was — or perhaps you have it yourself. It’s that pink or red discoloration on the cheeks some people have, especially fair-haired women. Sometimes there are small bumps that may look a bit like acne. If you look closely (after asking nicely for permission, of course), you’ll see tiny blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. In mor...
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