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Retinal fluid changes and therapeutic effects in symptomatic circumscribed choroidal hemangioma patients: a long-term follow up study
Changes in retinal fluid patterns associated with circumscribed choroidal hemangioma (CCH) have not been investigated yet. A long-term follow-up study was performed to evaluate the changes of retinal fluid pat...
Source: BMC Ophthalmology - December 13, 2018 Category: Opthalmology Authors: Junwon Lee, Christopher Seungkyu Lee, Min Kim and Sung Chul Lee Tags: Research article Source Type: research

Evaluation of an educational intervention to increase HIV-testing in high HIV prevalence general practices: a pilot feasibility stepped-wedged randomised controlled trial
HIV-infected patients often present to primary care several times with HIV-indicator conditions before diagnosis but the opportunity to test by healthcare professionals (HCPs) is frequently missed. Current HIV...
Source: BMC Family Practice - December 13, 2018 Category: Primary Care Authors: Charlotte F. Davies, Joanna M. Kesten, Mark Gompels, Jeremy Horwood, Megan Crofts, Annette Billing, Charlotte Chick and Margaret T. May Tags: Research article Source Type: research

Atmospheric 14C/12C changes during the last glacial period from Hulu Cave
Paired measurements of 14C/12C and 230Th ages from two Hulu Cave stalagmites complete a precise record of atmospheric 14C covering the full range of the 14C dating method (~54,000 years). Over the last glacial period, atmospheric 14C/12C ranges from values similar to modern values to values 1.70 times higher (42,000 to 39,000 years ago). The latter correspond to 14C ages 5200 years less than calibrated ages and correlate with the Laschamp geomagnetic excursion followed by Heinrich Stadial 4. Millennial-scale variations are largely attributable to Earth’s magnetic field changes and in part to climate-related changes i...
Source: ScienceNOW - December 13, 2018 Category: Science Authors: Cheng, H., Edwards, R. L., Southon, J., Matsumoto, K., Feinberg, J. M., Sinha, A., Zhou, W., Li, H., Li, X., Xu, Y., Chen, S., Tan, M., Wang, Q., Wang, Y., Ning, Y. Tags: Atmospheric Science, Geochemistry, Geophysics reports Source Type: news

Evaluation of a Single Dose of Azithromycin for Trachoma in Low-Prevalence Communities
Source: Ophthalmic Epidemiology - December 13, 2018 Category: Opthalmology Authors: Nana Wilson Brook Goodhew Harran Mkocha Kahaliah Joseph Claudiu Bandea Carolyn Black Joseph Igietseme Beatriz Munoz Sheila K. West Patrick Lammie Mabula Kasubi Diana L. Martin Source Type: research

Simultaneous multi-slice MR imaging of the hip at 3  T to reduce acquisition times and maintain image quality
We examined the feasibility of SMS scans for joint imaging. The purpose of the present s...
Source: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders - December 13, 2018 Category: Orthopaedics Authors: Mayuko Haraikawa, Masashi Suzuki, Kaiji Inoue, Eito Kozawa, Junji Tanaka and Mamoru Niitsu Tags: Research article Source Type: research

Diverse roles of macrophage polarization in aortic aneurysm: destruction and repair
Aortic aneurysm (AA) is defined as an enlargement of the aorta greater than 1.5 times its normal size. Early diagnosis of AA is challenging and mortality of AA is high. Curative pharmacological treatments for ...
Source: Journal of Translational Medicine - December 13, 2018 Category: Research Authors: Zhao Cheng, Yang-zhao Zhou, Yin Wu, Qi-ying Wu, Xiao-bo Liao, Xian-ming Fu and Xin-min Zhou Tags: Review Source Type: research

Ultrasound shear wave elastography effectively predicts integrity of ventral hernia repair using acellular dermal matrix augmented with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
ConclusionThis study confirms both the efficacy of PRP in augmenting VHR using pADM, as well as the reliability of US-SWE to non-invasively predict the quality of VHR. Although further human studies are necessary, this work supports PRP use to improve VHR outcomes and US-SWE potential for bedside non-invasive hernia characterization.
Source: Surgical Endoscopy - December 13, 2018 Category: Surgery Source Type: research

News at a glance
Source: ScienceNOW - December 13, 2018 Category: Science Tags: Scientific Community In Brief Source Type: news

Ireland slashes peat power to lower emissions
Source: ScienceNOW - December 13, 2018 Category: Science Authors: Toner, E. Tags: Energy, European News In Depth Source Type: news

Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck in Grease Vent of Empty Chinese Restaurant
SAN LORENZO, Calif. (AP) — A man who authorities say was possibly trying to burglarize an abandoned Chinese restaurant has been rescued from the grease vent, where officials say he had been trapped for two days. The Alameda County sheriff's office says deputies and firefighters were called to the vacant building in San Lorenzo on Wednesday after someone heard cries for help. The office says that when officials arrived they found the grease-covered man stuck inside the metal vent. Sgt. Ray Kelly tells the San Francisco Chronicle the man was in generally good condition despite being exposed to the elements. Kelly says the ...
Source: JEMS Operations - December 12, 2018 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Associated Press Tags: Rescue & Vehicle Extrication News Source Type: news

Christmas Is a Peak Time for Heart Attacks
In Sweden, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year ’ s Eve were prime times for heart troubles.
Source: NYT Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: NICHOLAS BAKALAR Tags: New Year Heart Christmas Holidays and Special Occasions Source Type: news

Death by sepsis reduced by 87% with progressive vitamin C treatment
(Natural News) Septicemia, or sepsis, is a frighteningly common infection that claims the lives of nearly 700 Americans each day. It occurs when an infection that you already have – for example, in your lungs, urinary tract, or elsewhere – spurs a chain reaction that spreads through your body. When it’s not treated quickly enough,...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Why America is the new Middle East in terms of oil production: World's largest reserves just discovered under Texas
(Natural News) For the first time since 1973, the United States now leads the world in terms of oil production. And according to reports, we have the ground underneath Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico to thank. A new assessment by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that untapped regions of what’s known as the...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

High school teacher FIRED for refusing to play along with the transgender delusion now afflicting modern society
(Natural News) The transgender delusion is taking things to a whole new level of crazy, with teachers now actually being fired for misgendering their students. The future of the First Amendment is looking increasingly bleak, now that Peter Vlaming, a devout Christian and a high school teacher in Virginia, has lost his job for refusing...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

How To Decide What Medicine To Take When You ' re Sick
When all bets are off from preventing that winter cold, there are medications out there to relieve your symptoms. Each of these work on different symptoms, so read the labels before you pop those pills, spray that spray, or down that liquid.
Source: Healthcare News - December 12, 2018 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Nina Shapiro, Contributor Source Type: news

ACS names Albert Horvath the society ’s new treasurer and chief financial officer
Horvath will bring financial experience from his tenure at Smithsonian Institution and major research universities 
Source: Chemical and Engineering News - December 12, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Linda Wang  Source Type: research

Top 7 holiday "goodies" that contain chemicals and carcinogens you should avoid – replace with these healthy substitutes
(Natural News) Most people during the holidays say, “all bets are off” regarding regulating their healthy food intake, and they simply gorge on treats and junk food right and left, at least until their body starts sounding the alarms. There are lots of house parties, office parties, neighborhood fiestas, pot luck lunches, bar hopping, and the...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Deep space travel can significantly damage GI function in astronauts, study finds
(Natural News) Going to Mars is much more dangerous than previously imagined. American researchers have found that the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of astronauts will be badly damaged by exposure to galactic cosmic radiation (GCR) during long voyages through deep space. The Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) research team has been using animal models to simulate...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Probiotics for your anxious mind? Study shows a certain strain of bacteria could significantly reduce anxiety
(Natural News) There is no doubt that the hectic pace and demands of modern society foster anxiety. In fact, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the United States, affecting more than 40 million people – that’s 18.1 percent – of the population, each year. Statistics indicate that people suffering from anxiety...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

The Pieces of Systematic Review with Margaret Foster Webinar Series
Instructor: Margaret Foster, MLIS, MPH, Associate Professor and Systematic Reviews and Research Coordinator, Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library Time: Every third Thursday, Jan-May 2019, 1-2:30pm CT / 12-1:30pm MT Social Media Hashtag: #piecesQA Series Description: Systematic reviews are well-documented as contributing to evidence-based healthcare by, in part, revealing gaps in the literature or illustrating the effectiveness of health interventions. They are common practice, but they can often be fraught with issues in how they’re conducted. There is a constant need for education and discussion. In each...
Source: MCR News - December 12, 2018 Category: Databases & Libraries Authors: liaison Tags: #CC/Academic List #Health Sciences List Source Type: news

MORE proof emerges that Google employees plotted to demonetize conservative publishers; use censorship as a weapon
(Natural News) Google has been the subject of immense controversy, following revelations about the company’s unethical behavior. There have been multiple leaks which show the company is headed in a very anti-freedom, pro-censorship direction — including the release of an internal company document entitled, “The Good Censor.” As if multiple accounts of such anti-free speech...
Source: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Viral tweets warn women their heart attacks can be different
"I almost died because I didn't call it chest pain," one woman tweeted after surviving a heart attack
Source: Health News: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Diplomats in Cuba health mystery showed inner-ear damage early on, research shows
U.S. diplomats affected by mysterious health incidents in Cuba showed damage in the inner ear shortly after they complained of weird noises and sensations, according to their earliest medical exams, publicized Wednesday.
Source: CBC | Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: News/Health Source Type: news

Nutritional status, body image, and their association with extreme weight control behaviors among Brazilian adolescents, National Adolescent Student Health Survey 2015
Conclusion: Body image perception seems to have a greater influence on extreme behaviors than nutritional status. Strategies involving health services and schools have gr eat potential to impact the self-esteem and health of students positively.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia - December 12, 2018 Category: Epidemiology Source Type: research

“I was a little girl taking care of other kids” – After violence and neglect, women in Morocco find space to heal
RABAT, Morocco –“I had always felt lonely. All doors were closed.” For 25 years, Alkabira* suffered her husband’s physical and verbal abuse in silence. “Broken...that’s how I felt.”She had long contemplated ending her violent marriage, but her family opposed divorce. It would bring them shame, she knew.What devastated Alkabira most of all was the impact the marriage had on her children.  “My husband never wished to provide for the family,” she told UNFPA. “My son and daughter had to drop out of school when they were young to help me provide.”
Source: UNFPA News - December 12, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Authors: ashton Source Type: news

Fentanyl is now officially the deadliest drug in America, CDC declares
New data released by the CDC show that between 2013 and 2016, overdoses from the drug - which can be 100 times stronger than heroin - rose 113 percent a year.
Source: the Mail online | Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Certain Female Vets May Face Higher Dementia Risk
Source: The Doctors Lounge - Psychiatry - December 12, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Tags: Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Neurology, Psychiatry, News, Source Type: news

Warning: The Sex Drug Revolution May Have Side Effects
Online prescriptions for sex-related drugs are growing rapidly. But some entrepreneurs wonder if consumers are getting screwed.
Source: Healthcare News - December 12, 2018 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Andrea Barrica, Contributor Source Type: news

Kotex recalls some tampons after reports of 'pieces left in the body'
Some users had to "seek medical attention to remove tampon pieces left:" Kotex.
Source: ABC News: Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: GMA Source Type: news

St. Louis hospital poised to be sold
Promise Healthcare Group of Boca Raton, Florida wants to sell St. Alexius Hospital in St. Louis through U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
Source: Health Care News Headlines - December 12, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: Brian Bandell Source Type: news

Panel Urges Preparations for Future Quantum Computers
A new National Academies report reviews challenges to building a practical quantum computer and states it is difficult to project when, if ever, such a device will be realized. However, it urges actions be taken  now to pave the way for future advances and prepare for their consequences.
Source: FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News - December 12, 2018 Category: Physics Authors: wthomas Source Type: news

French music producer donates all proceeds of his song, "I Want A Miracle" to the Kidney Cancer Association
French music producer Fred Rister details his battle with cancer in his latest single“I Want A Miracle.” The song opens with"I want a miracle, show me a sign/ 'Cause I don't feel ready now, to say goodbye." Rister released this song last March and is generously donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Kidney Cancer Association for research. According to Rister, the song sheds a bit of hope to all of those fighting cancer. In a span of 30 years, he has battled cancer nine times. In 2009, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. After years of undergoing immunotherapy and chemotherapy and ha...
Source: Kidney Cancer Association - December 12, 2018 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: news

CRISPR start-ups turn attention toward delivery
Feldan Therapeutics, GenEdit, and Hunterian Medicine are tinkering with molecular packaging to help get the gene-editing system into the body
Source: Chemical and Engineering News - December 12, 2018 Category: Chemistry Authors: Ryan Cross  Source Type: research

Kaiser cancels surgeries during mental health therapists' strike
Thousands of Kaiser Permanente mental health professionals started a weeklong strike Monday over staffing levels and pay
Source: Health News: - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Simultaneous treatment of parapelvic renal cysts and stones by flexible ureterorenoscopy with a novel four-step cyst localization strategy
Conclusion: With appropr iate patient selection, FURSL and marsupialization with a four-step cyst localization strategy is feasible, safe, and effective in treating parapelvic renal cysts with concomitant calculi.
Source: International Braz J Urol - December 12, 2018 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

Impact of patient position on the outcomes of percutaneous neprolithotomy for complex kidney stones
Conclusion: Supine or prone position were equally suitable for PCNL with complex stones and did not impact the success rates. However, supine position was associated with fewer sepsis cases and visceral injuries.
Source: International Braz J Urol - December 12, 2018 Category: Urology & Nephrology Source Type: research

'We have a really dysfunctional system': advocate calls for improved services for children with special needs
Child welfare advocates are calling for funding reforms to a “dysfunctional” child welfare system in B.C. and argue fundamental changes are needed to improve access for children with special needs.
Source: CBC | Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: News/Canada/British Columbia Source Type: news

Multimorbidity: The Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Aging (ELSI-Brazil)
CONCLUSIONS The occurrence of multimorbidity was high even among younger individuals (50 to 59 years). Approximately two in three ( ≥ 2 diseases) and one in two ( ≥ 3 diseases) individuals aged 50 years and over presented multimorbidity, which represents 26 and 18 million persons in Brazil, respectively. We observed high frequencies of combinations of morbidities.RESUMO OBJETIVO Avaliar a ocorr ência e os fatores associados à multimorbidade entre brasileiros com 50 anos ou mais de idade. MÉTODOS Estudo transversal em uma coorte de base nacional da população brasileira não institucionalizada. Os dados foram coleta...
Source: Revista de Saude Publica - December 12, 2018 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: research

Vitamin D and Schizophrenia; 007 and Alcohol Abuse
(MedPage Today) -- News and commentary from the psychiatry world
Source: MedPage Today Psychiatry - December 12, 2018 Category: Psychiatry Source Type: news

Exercise could boost mood, improve bipolar, study says
A bump in exercise jump could lead to a jump in mood, one study says.
Source: Health News - - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Sedentary time and perceived neighborhood environment in adolescents aged 12-17 years
Abstract The environment around the residence could contribute to attenuate or increase time spent in sedentary activities, and in low energy expenditure activities (1.5 METS) in adolescents. The aim of this study was to analyze the association between sedentary time and perceived neighborhood environment in adolescents aged 12-17 years living in southern Brazil. This was an observational cross-sectional study conducted from August 2013 to May 2014, with a sample of adolescents (12-17 years), recruited from 32 census tracts in Curitiba, Brazil. All census tracts were selected according to walkability and income characteris...
Source: Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano - December 12, 2018 Category: Sports Medicine Source Type: research

Researchers Make the Case for Home-based Medical Care
Noting an increase in the use of home-based medical care in the United States, researchers conclude that more primary care clinicians willing to provide this type of care are needed, and they call for improvements in value-based payment to help fill that gap.
Source: AAFP News - December 12, 2018 Category: Primary Care Source Type: news

Promise Healthcare seeks to sell hospital out of bankruptcy court
This is the third health care facility the company has moved to sell.
Source: Health Care News Headlines - December 12, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: Brian Bandell Source Type: news

Tips for Talking to Parents About Speech and Language Concerns
As the new year approaches—potentially along with a new round of referrals—it’s a good time to prepare for new students who have yet to be identified for speech and language issues. Maybe it’s a new transfer student or a student receiving multi-tiered systems of support or one on a “watch” list. Handling new referrals involves one particularly sensitive task—planning those conversations with parents about their child. We must strike a careful balance of stating facts, giving our clinical opinion and remaining empathetic to the parent and their perspective. Explaining Language Skill Development to Parents...
Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Press Releases - December 12, 2018 Category: Speech-Language Pathology Authors: Katie Suggs Tags: Health Care Private Practice Schools Slider Speech-Language Pathology Language Disorders Speech Disorders Source Type: blogs

FDA warned Intarcia about manufacturing issues before drug rejection
Less than two months before the FDA rejected Intarcia Therapeutics ’ potential blockbuster treatment for type 2 diabetes last year, inspectors at the agency faulted the Boston-based company for a litany of manufacturing issues and warned about potential drug contamination, a newly-obtained document shows. The document, a manufacturing warning letter known as a F orm 483, offers new clues about why the FDA declined to approve Intarcia’s drug in September 2017. Since that time, the company has said…
Source: Health Care News Headlines - December 12, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: Max Stendahl Source Type: news

Vincent Lyles heads to Advocate Aurora Health
Former Boys& Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee president Vincent Lyles, who is one of the most well-known nonprofit executives in Milwaukee, was named vice president of community relations at Advocate Aurora Health Care. Lyles left the Boys& Girls Clubs effective Oct. 31. At the time his departure was announced in September, he said he planned to “take a break” before deciding what to do next. Lyles starts in his new position on Jan. 7, 2019. His new role will entail leading and establishing…
Source: Health Care News Headlines - December 12, 2018 Category: Health Management Authors: Rich Kirchen Source Type: news

Trump Administration Asks to Roll Back Rules Against Water Pollution
Environmental groups are concerned and plan litigation.
Source: The Scientist - December 12, 2018 Category: Science Tags: News & Opinion Source Type: news

Safer opioids needed to stem overdose epidemic, Canada's top doctor says
Canada's chief public health officer says the need to increase access to a "safer supply" of opioids is being reviewed with provinces and territories — a move encouraged by a number of public health experts.
Source: CBC | Health - December 12, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: News/Health Source Type: news

How One Engineer & #039;s Blood Disorder Enabled the Development of an Anemia Detection App
Every month from the time he was six months old, Rob Mannino has had to go into a clinic to receive a blood transfusion. Mannino has an inherited blood disorder known as beta-thalassemia, which is caused by a mutation in the beta-globin gene. “My doctors would test my hemoglobin levels more if they could, but it’s a hassle for me to get to the hospital in between transfusions to receive this blood test. Instead, my doctors currently have to just estimate when I’m going to need a transfusion, based on my hemoglobin level trends," Mannino said. For his biomedical engineer...
Source: MDDI - December 12, 2018 Category: Medical Devices Authors: Amanda Pedersen Tags: Digital Health Source Type: news

Researchers design technology that sees nerve cells fire
Technique could be used to monitor visual function through the optic nerve in the eye
Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH) News Releases - December 12, 2018 Category: American Health Source Type: news