3 Honey-based tonics that remedy cough

(Natural News) Having a cough can be annoying, but if you have some honey in your kitchen, you can make effective honey-based tonics to ease this troublesome condition. Various over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrups are available in stores, but they may have negative side effects. However, using honey and other natural ingredients, you can come up...
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ABSTRACT Objective: To highlight the importance of the new classification criteria for the macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis in order to reduce morbidity and mortality outcome related to this disease. Case description: A 12-year-old female patient with diagnosis of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis under immunosuppression therapy for two years developed cough, acute precordial chest pain, tachypnea, tachycardia and hypoxemia for two days. Chest tomography showed bilateral laminar pleural effusion with bibasilar consolidation. The electrocardiogram was consistent with acute ...
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Kingston Pharma, LLC of Massena, NY is recalling Lot KL180157 of its 2-fluid ounce (59 mL) bottles of DG ™/health NATURALS baby Cough Syrup + Mucus” because it has the potential to be contaminated with Bacillus cereus/ Bacillus circulans. Bacillus cereus in food products has the potential to produce
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Conclusions: Treating with high doses of ciclesonide is characterised by a quick and potent anti-inflammatory effect as well as prompt clinical improvement along with the proper safety profile in patients experiencing asthma exacerbations. PMID: 31320857 [PubMed]
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Authors: Ring N, Abrahams JS, Bagby S, Preston A, MacArthur I Abstract The evolution of Bordetella pertussis from a common ancestor similar to Bordetella bronchiseptica has occurred through large-scale gene loss, inactivation and rearrangements, largely driven by the spread of insertion sequence element repeats throughout the genome. B. pertussis is widely considered to be monomorphic, and recent evolution of the B. pertussis genome appears to, at least in part, be driven by vaccine-based selection. Given the recent global resurgence of whooping cough despite the wide-spread use of vaccination, a more thorough unde...
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Authors: Lambert EE, Buisman AM, van Els CACM Abstract Pertussis remains endemic in vaccinated populations due to waning of vaccine-induced immunity and insufficient interruption of transmission. Correlates of long-term protection against whooping cough remain elusive but increasing evidence from experimental models indicates that the priming of particular lineages of B. pertussis (Bp) specific CD4+ T cells is essential to control bacterial load. Critical hallmarks of these protective CD4+ T cell lineages in animals are suggested to be their differentiation profile as Th1 and Th17 cells and their tissue residency. ...
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This article reviews the current literature regarding established and proposed EE-GERD, reporting on all available options for its correct diagnosis and therapeutic management. Expert opinion: MII-pH could help to identify a hidden GERD that causes EE. Unfortunately, standard MII-pH analysis results are often unable to define this association. New parameters such as the mean nocturnal baseline impedance and post-reflux swallow-induced peristaltic wave index may have an improved diagnostic yield, but prospective studies using impedance-pH are needed. PMID: 31322443 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion: The epidemiological picture of TB showed that males were predominant in our study however female were more affected in younger age group compared to male. More than 51% of the cases were in productive age group which affects the socioeconomic condition of family and society. More than 2/3 of patients were from lower socioeconomic group with low BMI. Therefore improving nutrition and immunity can play an important role. 2.3% of the cases were HIV reactive and were on ART. Co-morbidities like COPD and Diabetes were seen in our study which were statistically significant and had impact on the treatment outcome of r...
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The objective measurement of the cough severity and the assessment of the pattern of nocturnal coughing could be useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases in children.Study designIn children with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-induced acute bronchiolitis, coughs were recorded using our original system with a microphone and accelerometer, and analyzed using our customized software program. The number of coughs in every 30-minute interval was measured in patients with acute bronchiolitis (n = 20), and their results were compared with those of infants with asthma exacerbation (n = 16).ResultsThe cough count in childr...
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ConclusionsConsiderable methodological variability exists for citric acid CRT in published literature. The findings suggest that caution is warranted in comparing citric acid cough thresholds across studies. Full replication of previously published methods of citric acid CRT is limited due to crucial elements of the citric acid CRT protocol being omitted from published manuscripts. These findings have implications on the use of citric acid CRT in clinical and pharmaceutical studies to evaluate the effects of antitussive medications and cough therapies.
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Conclusion: Our research outcome paves the way to create a device for cough monitoring in real-life situations. Significance: Our proposal is aligned with a more comfortable and less disruptive patient monitoring, with benefits for patients (allows self-monitoring of cough symptoms), practitioners (e.g., assessment of treatments or better clinical understanding of cough patterns), and national health systems (by reducing hospitalizations).
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