Scientists discover that fermenting blueberries can restore cognitive function, improve memory for people with amnesia

(Natural News) Blueberry vinegar may help boost memory and restore the cognitive function of people with dementia, according to researchers from Konkuk University. In their study, which appeared in Science Daily, the team examined whether vinegar made from blueberries, which are rich with different active compounds, might help improve cognitive function and stop cognitive deterioration. As part of...
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Authors: Yamadori A Abstract In 1943, Tsuneo Imura, a neuropsychiatrist at Tokyo University, proposed a new aphasic syndrome and designated it as Gogi (word meaning) aphasia. According to Imura, it is characterized by (1) difficulty in comprehending spoken words despite good perception of sound, (2) disorders of expression due to loss of vocabulary and verbal paraphasia, (3) preserved ability of repetition, and (4) selective difficulty in reading and writing kanji (Japanese logographic character) with preserved ability of reading and writing kana (Japanese syllabic character). To be more specific, the difficulty in...
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(Natural News) The findings of a recent animal study may offer new hope to millions of people who have Alzheimer’s disease. The Harvard-led effort reports that physical exercise could improve the condition of the brains of mice with dementia. The study shows that working out made it possible for new neurons to grow in the hippocampus,...
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ConclusionsThe prevalence of epilepsy is increased in dementia. The seizures are often subtle and easily missed. The presence of epilepsy predicts more severe impairment in the activities of daily living.
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AbstractParkinson ’s disease dementia (PDD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) are clinically and neuropathologically highly related α-synucleinopathies that collectively constitute the second leading cause of neurodegenerative dementias. Genetic and neuropathological studies directly implicate α-synuclein (αS) abnormalities in PDD and DLB pathogenesis. However, it is currently unknown how αS abnormalities contribute to memory loss, particularly since forebrain neuronal loss in PDD and DLB is less severe than in Alzheimer’s disease. Previously, we found that familial Parkinson’s d...
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ConclusionsThe results provide in vivo evidence for selective vulnerability of ON and DMN in AD and significantly improves the viable clinical applications of olfactory testing. A network ‐based approach, focusing on network integrity rather than focal pathology, seems beneficial to olfactory prediction of dementia in AD.
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Condition:   Falls (Accidents) in Old Age Interventions:   Behavioral: FallsTalk-C;   Behavioral: FallsTalk Sponsors:   Brookside Research & Development Company;   National Institute on Aging (NIA);   Alzheimer's Association- Washington State Chapter Recruiting
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