Omega-3 benefits for brain health are well documented; now researchers have determined they help prevent Alzheimer’s

(Natural News) As mainstream science continues to pour endless money into trying to find that ever elusive “cure” for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from Texas have been busy identifying more of the ways that natural omega-3 fatty acids can help to protect the brain against this horrible degenerative disease. In a recent study published in the...
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A couple of memory tests could more accurately detect Alzheimer's in people with memory impairment, a study says.
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A new comprehensive review assesses current clinical trials for Alzheimer's drugs and advises on the best therapeutic approach going forward.
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These days, an ever larger fraction of the research community is waking to the idea that the effective treatment of age-related disease requires approaches that target the mechanisms of aging. This is a good thing, as it begins to narrow the scope of advocacy within the research community to the task of steering scientists towards better rather than worse ways of going about targeting the mechanisms of aging. It remains the case that most of the better supported lines of work related to aging are, in effect, very challenging ways to produce only small benefits at the end of the day - most researchers are working on methods...
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(University of Helsinki) Use of two episodic memory tests help in predicting brain atrophy and Alzheimer's disease, as indicated by a study carried out at the University of Helsinki and the University of California. Researchers suggest that comprehensive use of memory tests could improve the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease.
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(Florida Atlantic University) Researchers have discovered what might be an effective strategy to prevent and combat cognitive dysfunction in obese individuals. They are the first to examine the modulatory role of an exercise-induced protein in the brain that promotes neuron survival and used high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) in obese and normal-weight subjects. Obesity reduces the expression of this protein and lower levels are associated with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and obesity. HIIE upregulated this protein in the obese subjects compared to normal-weight subjects.
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ijl There have been many public health recommendations for avoiding UV radiation exposures. This is primarily due to concerns about skin cancer and especially melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. However, UV radiation is also known as the primary source of vitamin D and other compounds needed for good health. This brief commentary lists several of the many important recent studies of adverse health effects associated with low sun exposure, including some specific cancers, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and age-related macular degeneration. Our con...
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Photo credit John Mark Kusnietosov  As a family caregiver of multiple elders, I needed a facility where more than one of my elders could live while I cared for others in various locations. My family was fortunate to find an excellent nursing home just a few blocks from my home. During the 15 years that my loved ones (different people at different times) lived in this facility, I learned a great deal about what makes a good nursing home tick. I interviewed a licensed nursing home administrator for her tips on selecting a nursing home not long ago, but as a family member, I’d like to add a few more idea...
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Olfactory and other sensory impairments in Alzheimer disease, Published online: 10 December 2018; doi:10.1038/s41582-018-0097-5Early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease (AD) is crucial for efficient selection of clinical trial participants for drug development and ultimately for timely treatment of individuals with AD. Here, Claire Murphy examines the potential for olfactory and other sensory impairments as very early indicators of AD and considers the important questions that remain to be answered.
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The Spier Family Foundation is funding research into the benefits of marijuana.
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In conclusion, this is the first report to show that pyroptotic cell death occurs in the aging brain and that the inflammasome can be a viable target to decrease the oxidative stress that occurs as a result of aging. Reducing Levels of Protein Manufacture Slows Measures of Aging in Nematodes Researchers here demonstrate that an antibiotic slows aging in nematode worms, providing evidence for it to work through a reduction in protein synthesis. Beyond a slowing of aging, one of the con...
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