Assessment of occupational noise-related hearing impairment among dental health personnel.
CONCLUSION:Hearing impairment was higher among dental professionals than the control group and especially among dental assistants and technicians. The authors recommended screening guidelines and adapting hearing protection methods for dental professionals and particularly for dental assistants and technicians. (Source: Dental Technology Blog)
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Tinnitus is perception of sound where there is none: what to do?
Tinnitus is perception of sound where there is noneTinnitus, a common symptom, is defined as the perception of noise in the absence of an acoustic stimulus outside of the body. In 2011, British newspapers reported that a rock fan committed suicide to relieve tinnitus that he had for 3 months after a supergroup's gig. Tinnitus is characterized as perception of sound where there is none. The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine published a review on Tinnitus: Patients do not have to ‘just live with it’ and Tinnitus relief: Suggestions for patients.From NHS YouTube channel:Causes of tinnitus- idiopathic- sensorineural hea...
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How Common Is Bullous Myringitis?
Discussion Bullous myringitis (BM) is felt to be a variation of acute otitis media (AOM) with more severe symptoms. Bullae (blisters or “balloons”) on the tympanic membrane occur between the outer epithelial layer and middle fibrous layers of the tympanic membrane. The exact reason for this is unknown but felt to be probably due to a strong inflammatory reaction in the middle ear begun by viral or bacterial pathogens. The pain is felt to be due to irritation of the highly innervated outer epithelial layer. The most common pathogens are the same as AOM but Streptococcus pneumoniae is detected more often. The b...
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