Medical News Today: Is telogen effluvium reversible?
Telogen effluvium is a form of temporary hair loss that usually happens several months after a person experiences a traumatic event or stress. The hair usually regrows within 6 to 9 months. In this article, learn more about causes, treatments, and tips for recovery, including dietary changes and lifestyle habits. (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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7 Ways Sleep Loss Wrecks Your Face and Body
Grandma was right, we really do need our beauty sleep. In addition to the myriad of behavioral, cognitive and health-related reasons for getting the recommended seven to eight hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep, it turns out that sleep loss also affects our outward appearance in a number of alarming ways. We partnered with Sleep Number and investigated what happens to your face and body when you’re sleep deprived. The findings aren’t pretty. 1. You age faster. According to a growing body of research, if you don’t get enough quality sleep on a regular basis, you’re essentially pulling a reverse B...
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What Is Telogen Effluvium?
Discussion Hair is an epidermal appendage. It has a regular cycle of phases where hair grows (anagen), rests (telogen) and has a transition phase (catagen) in between. Normal hair loss is ~50-100 hairs lost/day on the scalp. Normal hair grows about 2.5 mm/week. The history should include details about general health, health stressors especially in last 4-6 months including fevers, surgeries, new medication and life events are important. Review of systems for possible anemia, diabetes, and hypothyroidism and other autoimmune diseases should be obtained including fatigue, constipation, weight changes, night sweats, eye, mus...
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