What is the birthmark in “Ready Player One?”
  “Ready Player One,” Steven Spielberg’s take on our pop- and video-game obsessed culture, features something rarely seen in movies:  A heroic character with a facial birthmark.  Usually, birthmarks are used in movies toID villains.  “The Phantom of the Opera” is a classic example of a benign birthmark used as a sign of/reason for evil.  Yet Art3mis / Samantha, the kickass video-playing rebel, has a large red blotch over her forehead, temple and eye visible in both real life and on eventually her avatar.  FYI, actress Olivia Cooke was not born with a scarlet ...
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Sturge Weber Syndrome-Spotter
MRI brain images of sturge weber syndrome, commonly asked as a spotter.From Sumer's Radiology Site http://www.sumerdoc.blogspot.com -The Top Radiology Magazine. Teleradiology Providers at www.teleradproviders.com Mail us at sales@teleradproviders.com (Source: Sumer's Radiology Site)
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Rasmussen’s encephalitis-MRI
7 Year old male child with history of chronic epilepsy of few months duration with history of hospitalization for Brain inflammation previously. MRI shows right hemispheric volume loss  with atrophy with areas of encephalomalacia-gliosis with ipsilateral ventriculomegaly with normal ICA & MCA flow voids and normal calvarium, sinuses, sphenoid wing & orbital roof possibly representing Rasmussen’s encephalitis. Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy,  Mr Umamaheswar, Dr sreenivas metta, Mr Hameed  This is chronic inflammation of the Brain with infiltration of T Lymphocytes affecti...
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