How Do I Lower My Blood Pressure?
As I wrote inmy last blog post, the AHA/ACC earlier this week released new guidelines for the management of hypertension (HTN or blood pressure). The biggest change to these guidelines is the new definition of high blood pressure...Now anyone with a blood pressure> 130/80 is classified as having Stage 1 HTNAnyone with a blood pressure> 140/90 is classified as having Stage 2 HTNThe treatment recommendations have also been changed...Stage 1 HTN with increased cardiac risk should be treated medically to BP
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Can Gingko and Turmeric Help Stop Ebola?
Summary There is no known pharmaceutical currently available that specifically treats Ebola disease. One treatment modality that should be considered is the use of herbal medicines, which have both centuries old anecdotal success as well as recent modern biochemical and formal research rationales for their use. Five areas of action that could be addressed by the herbal medicines as it relates to Ebola would be: VP24/immune system evasion GP protein/replicatio; herbal strategies effective against similar hemorrhagic disease beneficial modulation of patient immune and inflammatory response systems prophylactic use for heal...
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