2022 human monkeypox outbreak: Clinical review and management guidance
Conclusion There are no FDA-approved treatments for monkeypox infection. Surveillance and detection of monkeypox among high-risk populations should be implemented to help understand the epidemiology of this disease. (Source: Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH))
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Study Pushes Back Smallpox Origins Another 2,000 Years
“Variola virus may be much, much older than we thought.” (Source: WebMD Health)
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Study Pushes Back Smallpox Origins Another 2,000 Years
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 11, 2023 -- While the origins of smallpox has remained a mystery for centuries, researchers now believe that it dates back 2,000 years earlier than previously thought. Until recently, the earliest genetic evidence of smallpox, the... (Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews)
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Eleven science stories likely to make big news in 2023
As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its fourth year as a global health emergency, researchers will continue pushing to help make the disease manageable and ordinary. They will track hundreds of subvariants of Omicron, the highly transmissible but seemingly less lethal strain of SARSCoV-2 that dominated in 2022. Virologists will watch the virus’ evolution this year to see whether it has finally slowed or a more dangerous variant pops up, evading much of the immunity that humanity has built up to previous ones. Vaccine researchers hope to develop new shots that provide broad protection against a variety of coronaviruses.  Ano...
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Living Another Year Dangerously
By Anis ChowdhurySYDNEY, Jan 2 2023 (IPS) 2022 has been a year of great uncertainty when it seemed the world perilously reached the brink of self-destruction – be it human-induced climate change or military conflict. Welcoming 2022, we had enough reasons to be optimistic; but it was another ‘year of living dangerously’ – Tahun vivere pericoloso in the words of Soekarno, or an annus horribilis in the words of the late Queen Elizabeth. Anis ChowdhuryNo end to Covid-19 The joy of the COVID vaccine discovery quickly vanished as the ‘vaccine apartheid‘ blatantly prioritised lives in rich nations, especially...
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Monkeypox as an emerging infectious disease: the ophthalmic implications
The 2022 outbreak of monkeypox is of worldwide significance. There has been a rapid escalation in case numbers despite efforts to contain it and the WHO has declared it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. To date, over 51 257 laboratory-confirmed cases have been reported, the majority in non-endemic countries, with 3279 in the UK. It is vital for ophthalmologists to understand this disease and the risk it poses. Human monkeypox is a zoonotic disease caused by the monkeypox virus, a double-stranded DNA virus in the Orthopoxvirus genus of the Poxviridae family. Other orthopoxviruses include variola (smallpox)...
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Clinical Use of Tecovirimat for Treatment of Monkeypox Clinical Use of Tecovirimat for Treatment of Monkeypox
Review the use of tecovirimat (Tpoxx), an antiviral approved by the FDA for treatment of smallpox, for treating monkeypox under an FDA-regulated Expanded Access Investigational New Drug mechanism.Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report (Source: Medscape Hiv-Aids Headlines)
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How Gene Editing Could Help Solve the Problem of Poor Cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world. Though it’s held the top spot for decades, it wasn’t always the king of mortal maladies. Its ascension was propelled by two of medical science’s greatest successes. “Before the 20th century, heart disease was an uncommon cause of death,” says Dr. Michael Shapiro, a professor of cardiology at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and dysentery, as well as smallpox and other contagious viruses, were common killers. “Antibiotics and vaccines changed every...
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Mpox in the United States Fast Facts
Read CNN's Fast Facts on mpox, formerly monkeypox, in the United States. The virus was declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization. The virus originated in Africa and is the cousin of the smallpox virus. (Source: CNN.com - Health)
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WHO Renames Monkeypox as mpox, Citing Racism Concerns
LONDON — The World Health Organization has renamed monkeypox as mpox, citing concerns the original name of the decades-old animal disease could be construed as discriminatory and racist. The U.N. health agency said in a statement Monday that mpox was its new preferred name for monkeypox, saying that both monkeypox and mpox would be used for the next year while the old name is phased out. WHO said it was concerned by the “racist and stigmatizing language” that arose after monkeypox spread to more than 100 countries. It said numerous individuals and countries asked the organization “to propose a way f...
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Makers of monkeypox drugs face a rash of orders
Defeating a worldwide outbreaks falls on two small drugmakers Monkeypox isn’t covid-19. Since May the viral disease has infected 35,000 people in 92 countries, less than one-tenth as many as covid infects in a day. Though symptoms, including fever,…#bavariannordic #nordic #bavarian #monkeypox #smallpox #drug #rash #vaccine #monkeypoxdrugs #henrikjuuel (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Great leaps forward in vaccine history | Letter
Lucy Wardon the roles played by Edward Jenner and Thomas Dimsdale in the development of inoculation against diseaseYour article on challenge trials raises fascinating questions, as the world seeks to address the risk of new pandemics (Should we give people diseases in order to learn how to cure them?, 31 October). It refers to Edward Jenner, who did indeed “challenge” his patient James Phipps, the eight-year-old boy he had test-inoculated with cowpox (the process that would become known as vaccination), by subsequently having him inoculated with live smallpox to ensure he was immune to the disease. However, by the time...
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Should we give people diseases in order to learn how to cure them?
With the right ethical safeguards, could ‘challenge trials’ defend against future pandemics?In the 1770s an English doctor called Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids didn ’t seem to catch smallpox, the terrifying disease that caused around a third of the people who caught it to die. He thought that their frequent exposure to cowpox, a similar but less severe virus, might be what protected them. In order to test his hypothesis he gave his gardener’s eight-year-old son cowpox and thendeliberately infected him with smallpox to see if he had become immune. He had, and Jenner successfully repeated the experiment. “Va...
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HHS: Notice of Amendment to the January 1, 2016 Republished Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act
Notice of amendment from the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the declaration amended and republished effective January 1, 2016, for Smallpox countermeasures and countermeasures against other orthopoxviruses. This amendment expands the categories of providers authorized to administer vaccines and therapeutics against smallpox, monkeypox virus, and other orthopoxviruses in a declared emergency, and extends the duration of the declaration. This amendment is effective September 28, 2022. (Source: Federal Register updates via the Rural Assistance Center)
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Jynneos Vaccine Protects Against Monkeypox in Early U.S. Data
New data shows.the Jynneos vaccine that was originally to guard against smallpox infection, also seems to protect against monkeypox. (Source: WebMD Health)
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