Why you should be sipping a sea buckthorn
Alexander the Great swore by its health benefits – and it makes a mean cocktail too (Source: FT.com - Drugs and Healthcare)
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Plantwatch: Dunes – the battle to save the UK’s sandscapes
A huge conservation project is under way to protect these precious and threatened habitatsDunes are more than just piles of sand blocking the way to a beach. These are some of Britain ’s most precious and threatened habitats, a sanctuary for rare plants and wildlife adapted to living in sand, such as fen orchids, natterjack toads and sand lizards.But sand dunes have declined by a third since 1900, under assault from aggressive invading plants such as sea buckthorn, and nitrogen pollution has enriched the poor nutrient soils, driving out native dune plants. The management of dunes has also been bungled by fencing and hedg...
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From itchy eyes to vaginal dryness - the 5 signs you are deficient in omega 7
According to London-based nutritionist Rick Hay, sea buckthorn oil is a good source of omega 7, which is essential to the health of the body's mucous membranes to keep the eyes and skin hydrated. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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There's Something (Shell) Fishy About This Seafood-Inspired Beer
A brewery in southwest England has given one of its beers a real shellfish twist. The Wild Beer Co used 30 live lobsters ― plus cockles, Kombu seaweed, sea salt, sea herbs, star anise and saffron ― to produce its 7 percent brew, called Of The Sea. Initial reaction to the concept was “mixed,” the company’s co-founder Andrew Cooper told HuffPost during a tasting at its brewery near Shepton Mallet in Somerset this month. “But we’d far rather brew something genuinely interesting and one that gets an emotional reaction from people than just another beer,” he added. Inspiration for the dr...
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The Scoop On Finding A Healthy Plant-Based Protein Powder
Conclusion After completing this study, and factoring in the above, of all the plant based proteins I have tried, I would personally choose Nutiva's Plant Protein Superfood 30 Shake in either vanilla or chocolate as my top choice. For me it is obvious since Nutiva is actually certified organic, is at a great affordable price, low in sugars (and not stevia) and has a great taste. Serving suggestion: Add 2 tablespoons of Hempseeds to your shake for an extra 8g of Protein and 1.7g Omega-3.Consider the addition of 1 tablespoon of Nutiva Coconut Manna (ie coconut butter) and water to eliminate the need for buying cartons of al...
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Effects of aqueous extracts from Panax ginseng and Hippophae rhamnoides on acute alcohol intoxication: an experimental study using mouse model - Wen DC, Hu XY, Wang YY, Luo JX, Lin W, Jia LY, Gong XY.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Acute alcohol intoxication(AAI) is a frequent emergency, but therapeutic drugs with superior efficacy and safety are lacking. Panax ginseng(PG) and Hippophae rhamnoides (HR) respectively has a wide application as a complemen... (Source: SafetyLit)
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The Next New Fat
Talk to a certified “dietitian,” and you might come away with the idea that nutrition is a complete, and finished area of science. To hear them tell the story, you’d think everything has been figured out. No surprises, no new discoveries. Of course, that’s how most mainstream doctors and researchers look at the world. Like they already know everything there is to know. Truth is, nutrition is a brand-new science. And new discoveries are made all the time. Some discoveries link us back to our native environment and show us what our real needs are, and how nature designed us. Other discoveries give us ...
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Sea buckthorn oil, reishi, chlorella: Top five superfoods you'll be eating in 2015
FROM lowering your blood pressure to improving immunity and detoxifying the liver, these superfoods promise to keep you healthy in 2015 (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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New potential for nutrient-rich prairie fruits
Researchers working at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered new potential in prairie fruits, in particular, buffaloberry, chokecherry and sea buckthorn, according to a new study published today in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science. Findings showed that these fruits were nutrient-rich and that the potential food value is high. This is good news for fruit growers in Saskatchewan as these results add further credence to support the development of these fruits for commercial food markets... (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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New potential for nutrient-rich prairie fruits
(Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)) Researchers working at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered new potential in prairie fruits, in particular, buffaloberry, chokecherry and sea buckthorn, according to a new study published today in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science. (Source: EurekAlert! - Social and Behavioral Science)
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Prickly weed may be next superfood
Sea buckthorn, which grows in abundance around Scottish coasts including East Lothian, may be the next superfruit. (Source: BBC News | Health | UK Edition)
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Crowdsourcing biodiversity watch
Following the 2006 ban on sturgeon fishing, the Romanian town of Sfantu Gheorghe, located at the mouth of the Danube river, turned to other income source to replace its fishing based economy. Thus, local children undertook to map out a plant called sea buckthorn, as a first step in forecasting its potential harvest value. Sea buckthorn is a coastal bush which produces yellow berries, typically used in food, beverages and traditional medicine. To achieve their goal, the children used mapping and GPS facilities made available from a crowdsourcing-based biodiversity monitoring initiative called Naturalliance. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
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