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Degenerative bony changes in the temporal component of the temporomandibular joint - review of the literature
Rom J Morphol Embryol. 2022 Jan-Mar;63(1):61-69. doi: 10.47162/RJME.63.1.06.ABSTRACTTemporomandibular joint (TMJ) changes are quite frequent in adults, but not all changes are degenerative. A high prevalence of bone alterations in the TMJs was reported by different research groups. Disturbed remodeling of bony articulating structures occurs because of overloading masticatory forces or because the mechanical loading in the area out-weighs the adaptive capacity of the TMJ structures. Although most of the degenerative TMJ alterations are identified at the level of the condylar process, a complete evaluation of the degenerativ...
Source: Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology - September 8, 2022 Category: General Medicine Authors: Maria Justina Roxana V îrlan Daniela Elena Costea Diana Loreta P ăun Adina Zamfir-Chiru-Anton Alin Gabriel Sterian Arsenie Dan Sp înu Victor Nimigean Vanda Roxana Nimigean Source Type: research

Textbooks for Orthognathic & TMD Surgeries
We are having a rare tax free holiday for back to school stuff and I was thinking of buying some textbooks for myself and my associates. We've been diagnosing and doing more orthognathic cases in my ortho practice. This includes traditional cases and surgery-first cases. We also get referred patients for ortho needing TMJR or other TMJ surgeries. What text books do you OMFS residents and attendings recommend to learn more about the surgical process?
Source: Student Doctor Network - September 5, 2022 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: gryffindor Tags: Dental Residents and Practicing Dentists Source Type: forums

IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 11077: Lateral Cephalometric Analytical Uses for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders: The Importance of Cervical Posture and Hyoid Position
Daiana Opris Cristian Dinu The temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a syndrome that affects the masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Its pathophysiology is not yet fully known. Cephalometric analysis is used for routine evaluation regarding orthodontic treatment and other purposes. The aim of this study was to assess if using cephalometric analysis and TMJ conservative therapy to evaluate the hyoid bone position and the cervical posture reduced symptoms in adults with TMDs compared to no intervention. The authors conducted a systematic review of the literature (PubMed, Cochrane, Web of Scien...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - September 4, 2022 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Horia Opris Mihaela Baciut Simion Bran Florin Onisor Oana Almasan Avram Manea Tiberiu Tamas Sebastian Stoia Armencea Gabriel Grigore Baciut Bogdan Crisan Mihaela Hedesiu Liana Crisan Ioan Barbur Daiana Opris Cristian Dinu Tags: Systematic Review Source Type: research

Congenital Mandibular Hypoplasia: Patient-Specific Total Joint Replacement as a Line Extension in the Treatment of Complex Craniofacial Anomalies
ConclusionIn selected CMH cases, alloplastic TJR can deliver satisfactory medium-term results with predictable and stable outcomes, even in growing patients.
Source: Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery - September 3, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Source Type: research

GSE212315 Transcriptomic and proteomic studies of condylar ossification of the temporomandibular joint in porcine embryos
Conclusion Condylar transcriptome and proteomic analysis during the development of te mporomandibular joint in miniature pigs revealed the regulatory genes/proteins of condylar ossification. These regulatory genes/proteins can provide basic data for human TMJ development research and disease treatment.
Source: GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus - September 2, 2022 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Tags: Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Sus scrofa domesticus Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 11005: Low Sleep Satisfaction Is Related to High Disease Burden in Tinnitus
orge Simões Previous studies have shown a high prevalence of sleep disturbances in tinnitus patients. However, no study has yet evaluated subjective sleep satisfaction. The present study aimed to investigate associations of self-reported sleep satisfaction with sociodemographic factors, tinnitus-related distress, depression, and self-reported quality of life. This is a retrospective analysis of 2344 outpatients with tinnitus presenting at a tertiary German tinnitus clinic from 2010 to 2020. Patients who filled in five questionnaires (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI), Tinnitus Questionnaire (TQ), Major Depression Inve...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - September 2, 2022 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Franziska C. Weber Winfried Schlee Berthold Langguth Martin Schecklmann Stefan Schoisswohl Thomas C. Wetter Jorge Sim ões Tags: Article Source Type: research

Is Heterotopic Ossification Removal From Alloplastic Temporomandibular Joint Prosthesis Using Er, Cr: YSGG Laser Superior to Conventional Methods?
This study simulated HO removal from the major components and fixation screw heads of alloplastic TMJR prostheses using an erbium, chromium-doped yttrium, scandium, gallium, and garnet (Er, Cr: YSGG) laser and compared the results to conventional methods of HO removal.
Source: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - September 2, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Authors: Ryan C. Kelm, Mozart Queiroz Neto, Songyun Liu, Louis G. Mercuri, Robin Pourzal, Kevin E. Lung, Clayton M. Davis Tags: Anesthesia / TMJ Disorders / Facial Pain Source Type: research

Revisiting the Holmlund and Hellsing Line - A Preliminary Investigation into the Anatomical Landmarks for TMJ Arthrocentesis and Arthroscopy
The aim of this study is to evaluate the anatomic landmarks for TMJ arthroscopy by measuring postoperative incision sites in relation to the Holmlund and Hellsing line (H-H line; canthotragal line = lateral canthus to central point of tragus). Measurements were also obtained for puncture sites in relation to Camper ’s line (alar-tragus line = superior border of the tragus to inferior border of the ala) to determine if this may be an alternative landmark. This was a retrospective review of patients who underwent double puncture arthroscopy from April 2019 to June 2021 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.
Source: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - September 1, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Authors: Alyssa G. Manski, Daniel D. Choi Tags: Oral Abstract Session 1 Source Type: research

Arthroscopic Posterior Suture Plication in Class V Bronstein Merrill Patients: A Retrospective Study
Comparative data on arthroscopic repair of TMJ with advanced internal derangement is limited. Current research shows a 50 to 63% success rate following arthroscopic surgery in Class V Wilkes and Bronstein Merrill patients.1,2 There is little data comparing arthroscopic techniques when making the clinical decision to perform posterior suture plication of the articular disc as opposed to laser debridement. Typically, Class V Bronstein Merrill patients are poor candidates for suture plication due to disrepair of the articular disc; however, some clinical presentations allow for plication.
Source: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - September 1, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Authors: Caleb J. Braun, Patrick J. Louis Source Type: research

Case Series of Temporomandibular Joint Reconstruction With Stock Prostheses Utilizing Virtual Surgical Planning
Source: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - September 1, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Authors: Hazem Shaeib, Nathaniel Edmunds, Timothy Storm, Saif Abdulateef Tags: TMJ Source Type: research