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Craniofacial structures, occlusal features, and TMD symptoms in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients: a retrospective study
CONCLUSION: Occlusal features and the incidence of malocclusions seem to have similar tendency among the JIA patients with systematic visits in rheumatologist and orthodontist as in the healthy population, except for open bite that is more common with JIA patients. While treating JIA patients, a well-functioning collaboration between paediatric rheumatologists and orthodontists is essential, as well as a clear screening protocol to detect potentially asymptomatic TMJ arthritis. Particular attention should be paid to children with JIA under school age.PMID:35856467 | DOI:10.1093/ejo/cjac037
Source: European Journal of Orthodontics - July 20, 2022 Category: Dentistry Authors: Mia Huhtanen Katriina Mikola Anu Kiukkonen Tuula Palotie Source Type: research

Impact of different anesthetic approaches on the outcomes of temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis: a systematic review
CONCLUSIONS: In general, there appears to be a slight trend toward better outcomes of arthrocentesis for internal TMJ derangements (Wilkes grades I to III) when performed under general anesthesia; however, given that the available evidence is remarkably limited and a high risk of bias was detected within the included studies, a definitive statement cannot be made.PMID:35835924 | DOI:10.1007/s10006-022-01100-y
Source: Hand Surgery - July 14, 2022 Category: Surgery Authors: Felipe Medeiros da Silva Rafael Verardi Serrano F ábio Ricardo Loureiro Sato Lu ís Otávio Carvalho de Moraes Luana Campos Luiz Felipe Palma Source Type: research

An online survey of pelvic congestion support group members regarding comorbid symptoms and syndromes
CONCLUSION: Several self-reported co-existing symptoms and syndromes are more prevalent in members of a PCS support group relative to the reported prevalence in the general population. More formal investigation is warranted to evaluate this finding and to investigate potential etiologic links. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome appears to be common in self identifying PCS women.PMID:35831253 | DOI:10.1177/02683555221112567
Source: Phlebology - July 13, 2022 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Steven J Smith Michael Sichlau Luke E Sewall B Holly Smith Brenda Chen Neal Khurana Peter C Rowe Source Type: research

Incidence and Clinical Presentation of Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorders and their Association with Psychological Distress and Para-Functional Habits in a Non-Patient Population
ConclusionsOverall psychological distress and anxiety increased the prospects of TMDs symptoms. Clinical factors like muscle tenderness, crossbite and deep vertical overlap seem to be significant etiological factors, while angle molar relationship and parafunctional habits do not seem to be significant etiologic factors in TMDs.
Source: Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery - July 13, 2022 Category: ENT & OMF Source Type: research

Prognostic criteria for the management of temporomandibular disorders using arthrocentesis with normal saline and arthrocentesis with normal saline and platelet-rich plasma
This study aimed to evaluate whether intra-articular injection of PRP after normal saline lavage in TMJ minimizes the symptoms of TMDs, as compared to injection of normal saline. Thirty patients with TMD according to research diagnostic criteria (RDC) were selected. One group received arthrocentesis with normal saline, and the other group received arthrocentesis with PRP injection. The patients were assessed for pain, maximum inter-incisal mouth opening, bite force, and TMJ sounds. TMDs treated by PRP injection had slightly better results. More studies are required to substantiate the outcome. Injections of PRP were more e...
Source: Journal of Medicine and Life - July 11, 2022 Category: General Medicine Authors: Ahmad Syed Ansar Khan Munna Asif Iqbal Faisal Mohammad Alam Naved Hasan Shamimul Source Type: research