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Treatment with a dedicated bifurcation sirolimus-eluting cobalt-chromium stent for distal left main coronary artery disease: rationale and design of the POLBOS LM study.
CONCLUSION: The POLBOS LM study will indicate the efficacy of BiOSS LIM C stent with contemporary PCI for distal left main bifurcation lesions in comparison with the XIENCE stent from the recent EXCEL trial, as a performance index. PMID: 31543500 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: EuroIntervention - September 24, 2019 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Tags: EuroIntervention Source Type: research

Mental Ills May Put Veterans at Higher Odds for Heart Trouble
TUESDAY, Sept. 24, 2019 -- Veterans who suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosis or bipolar disorder are more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or die from heart disease, a new study finds. Those who have most severe mental health problems,...
Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

More Hot Flashes Could Mean Higher Odds for Heart Trouble
New research offers evidence that frequent or persistent hot flashes are linked to higher odds of heart attack and stroke. The finding stems from a 20-year study of about 3,300 women during menopause.
Source: WebMD Health - September 24, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Impact of the physical activity on the phenotype of circulating monocytes and the biological characteristics of the carotid plaque
Atherosclerosis is accompanied by a low-grade inflammation which mobilizes the classical, intermediate and non-classical circulating monocytes. It was shown that an accumulation of leucocytes supports the development of intraplaque hemorrhage (IPH), making the plaque vulnerable, exposed to rupture and thrombosis. Moreover, the elevation of the rate of intermediate monocytes is associated with an increase in cardiovascular mortality and ischemic stroke. The benefit of endarterectomy (CE) remains discussed in the patients without stroke.
Source: Annals of Vascular Surgery - September 24, 2019 Category: Surgery Authors: Mathilde Mura, Mich èle Weiss, Nellie Della Schiava, Marine Bordet, Patrick Lermusiaux, Antoine Millon, Vincent Pialoux Tags: Abstracts Presented to the French Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Source Type: research

' Self-Silencing ' Can Be Potentially Deadly for Women
TUESDAY, Sept. 24, 2019 -- Do you rarely express anger at those close to you? Is it difficult for you to reveal negative feelings in your relationships? New research suggests that might make you more vulnerable to having a stroke. In a study of...
Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

U of C research calls for urgent MRIs for patients considered low risk for stroke
A new study, led by doctors at the University of Calgary,  shows urgent MRI scans are key in diagnosing patients considered low risk for minor strokes and the findings are changing how Calgary hospitals deal with those patients.
Source: CBC | Health - September 24, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: News/Canada/Calgary Source Type: news

Association between atrial septal aneurysm and arrhythmias.
Conclusions. Certain types of arrhythmias such as APC, VPC, SVT and paroxysmal AF have been shown to be independently associated with the presence of ASA. PMID: 31544553 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal - September 24, 2019 Category: Cardiology Tags: Scand Cardiovasc J Source Type: research

Everyday Foods for Better Blood Pressure
TUESDAY, Sept. 24, 2019 -- High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a risk factor for stroke, heart disease and other dangerous conditions, but it offers no early warning signs. That ' s why it ' s so important to have your pressure checked...
Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

More Hot Flashes Could Mean Higher Odds for Heart Trouble
TUESDAY, Sept. 24, 2019 -- Women, if you ' re bothered by frequent hot flashes, it may be more than a mere annoyance. New research offers evidence that frequent or persistent hot flashes are linked to higher odds of heart attack and stroke. The...
Source: Drugs.com - Daily MedNews - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

The Use of Embolic Protection Devices During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation.
Authors: Shiyovich A, Kornowski R Abstract BACKGROUND: Aortic stenosis (AS) is a common valvular pathology and is increasing in prevalence. Severe symptomatic AS is associated with serious outcomes if left untreated. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is an innovative modality, which has revolutionized the treatment of AS. With growing experience and technological upgrades, TAVI has become a valid alternative to surgical valve replacement. However, TAVI is associates with increase non-negligible risks of mortality, stroke, physical disability, and healthcare expenditures. Furthermore, imaging modalities...
Source: The Israel Medical Association Journal - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Tags: Isr Med Assoc J Source Type: research

“Smoldering” Brain Lesions Might Signal Severe Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic active lesions in the brain might signal more aggressive and disabling forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), scientists from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) recently reported in JAMA Neurology.
Source: JAMA - September 24, 2019 Category: General Medicine Source Type: research

Feasibility of home-based, self-applied transcranial direct current stimulation to enhance motor learning in middle-aged and older adults
We read with great interest the recent letter sent to you by McConnell and colleagues [1], in which they discuss one of the first applications of truly independent home-based electrical brain stimulation, applied following safety recommendations. Transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive brain stimulation technique capable of modulating cortical excitability beyond the stimulation period [2,3]. tDCS presents interesting options as a therapeutic intervention in multiple neurological disorders, such as stroke, depression, chronic pain, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer ’s and Parkinson’s disease [4,5].
Source: BRAIN STIMULATION: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation - September 24, 2019 Category: Neurology Authors: Pablo Maceira-Elvira, Traian Popa, Anne-Christine Schmid, Friedhelm C. Hummel Source Type: research

Carbon monoxide attenuates vasospasm and improves neurobehavioral function after subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Abstract Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is a devastating form of hemorrhagic stroke and is a serious medical condition caused by bleeding usually due to a ruptured aneurysm. Oxidative stress and inflammation from hemoglobin and heme released from lysed red blood cells are some postulated causes of vasospasm during SAH, which could lead to delayed cerebral ischemia. At low amounts, carbon monoxide (CO) gas may be neuroprotective through anti-inflammation, anti-cell death, and restoration of normal blood flow. Hence, this study focuses on a noninvasive strategy to treat SAH by using CO as therapeutic medical gas. Mic...
Source: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics - September 24, 2019 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Kamat PK, Ahmad AS, Doré S Tags: Arch Biochem Biophys Source Type: research

Multicentric Registry Study on Epidemiological and Biological Disease Profile as Well as Clinical Outcome in Patients with Low-Grade Gliomas: The LoG-Glio Project
Conclusion The LoG-Glio registry has been successfully implemented. Applied selection criteria result in an appropriately balanced patient cohort. Short-term outcome data on epidemiology as well as the influence of current surgical techniques and adjuvant treatment on patient outcomes are expected. In the long run, the aim of the registry is to validate the new molecular-based WHO classification and the influence of the extent of resection on progression-free survival and OS. The registry provides an open platform for future research projects benefiting patients with LGG. Trial registration NCT02686229 Clinical tria...
Source: Journal of Neurological Surgery Part A: Central European Neurosurgery - September 24, 2019 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Pala, Andrej Nadji-Ohl, Minou Faust, Katharina R ückriegel, Stefan Roder, Constantin von der Brelie, Christian Forster, Marie-Therese L öbel, Franziska Schommer, Stefan L öhr, Mario Gr übel, Nadja Rothenbacher, Dietrich K önig, Ralph Engelke, Jens Sc Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

The continuous challenge of antithrombotic strategies in diabetes: focus on direct oral anticoagulants
AbstractDirect oral anticoagulants (DOACs) include dabigatran, which inhibits thrombin, and apixaban, edoxaban, and rivaroxaban, which inhibit factor Xa. They have been extensively studied in large trials involving patients affected by the most common cardiovascular diseases. As the presence of diabetes leads to peculiar changes in primary and secondary hemostasis, in this review we highlight the current evidence regarding DOAC use in diabetic patients included in the majority of recently conducted studies. Overall, in trials involving patients with atrial fibrillation, data seem to confirm at least a similar efficacy and ...
Source: Acta Diabetologica - September 24, 2019 Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research

Preeclampsia and Cardiovascular Disease in a Large UK Pregnancy Cohort of Linked Electronic Health Records: A CALIBER Study.
CONCLUSIONS: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, including preeclampsia, have a similar pattern of increased risk across all 12 cardiovascular disorders and chronic hypertension, and the impact was evident soon after pregnancy. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy should be considered as a natural screening tool for cardiovascular events, enabling cardiovascular risk prevention through national initiatives. PMID: 31545680 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Circulation - September 24, 2019 Category: Cardiology Authors: Leon LJ, McCarthy FP, Direk K, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Prieto-Merino D, Casas JP, Chappell L Tags: Circulation Source Type: research

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis as a Rare Complication of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Subgroup Analysis of the VENOST Study
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an unusual risk factor for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST). As few CVST patients with SLE have been reported, little is known regarding its frequency as an underlying etiology, clinical characteristics, or long-term outcome. We evaluated a large cohort of CVST patients with SLE in a multicenter study of cerebral venous thrombosis, the VENOST study, and their clinical characteristics.
Source: Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases - September 24, 2019 Category: Neurology Authors: Task ın Duman, Seden Demirci, Derya Uluduz, Hasan Hüseyin Kozak, Serkan Demir, Cemile Handan Mısırlı, Hayriye Küçükoğlu, Nilgün Çınar, Füsun Mayda Domaç, Şerefnur Öztürk, VENOST Study Group, Mehmet Ali Sungur, Vildan Yayla, Ali Yavuz Kara Source Type: research

Acute myocardial infarction severity, complications, and mortality associated with lack of magnesium intake through consumption of desalinated seawater.
In conclusion, in post AMI patients, we found nonsignificant higher MACE and 1-year mortality with the use of DSW. PMID: 31556880 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Magnesium Research - September 24, 2019 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Shlezinger M, Amitai Y, Goldenberg I, Atar S, Shechter M Tags: Magnes Res Source Type: research

Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Direct Oral Anticoagulants: Overview of Systematic Reviews
AbstractDirect oral anticoagulants are now recommended by major guidelines as first-choice agents for both stroke prevention in non-valvular atrial fibrillation and treatment/prevention of venous thromboembolism in non-cancer patients. Although there are no published head-to-head trials comparing different direct oral anticoagulants, a growing body of evidence from indirect comparisons and observational studies is suggesting that each direct oral anticoagulant may have a specific risk profile. This review aims to (1) synthesize and critically assess the latest evidence in comparative effectiveness and safety research in th...
Source: Drug Safety - September 24, 2019 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Pacing in vasovagal syncope: a physiological paradox?
CThe physiological principles underlying pacemaker treatment in patients with vasovagal syncope (VVS) have never been reviewed. Current knowledge suggests that pacing the right heart is unlikely to correct blood pressure (BP) during a vasovagal reaction. In adults, the reason for this is that stroke volume (SV) is dictated by central blood volume (CBV) contained in the cardiopulmonary vessels within the chest (i.e. left ventricular preload). Preceding posture-triggered VVS, there is a significant fall in CBV and therefore in SV and cardiac output (CO) long before the onset of bradycardia.
Source: Heart Rhythm - September 24, 2019 Category: Cardiology Authors: Jelle SY. de Jong, David L. Jardine, Jacques WM. Lenders, Wouter Wieling Source Type: research

Hypertension and brachydactyly syndrome associated with vertebral artery malformation caused by a PDE3A missense mutation.
CONCLUSIONS: Genetic screening can significantly improve the diagnosis of HTNB patients at an early age. Our study not only adds to the spectrum of PDE3A mutations in the Chinese population and extends the phenotype of HTNB patients to include vertebral malformation but also improves the awareness of pathogenesis in HTNB patients. We emphasize the importance of antihypertensive treatment and long term follow-up to prevent stroke and adverse cardiovascular events. PMID: 31549136 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: American Journal of Hypertension - September 24, 2019 Category: Cardiology Authors: Fan P, Zhang D, Yang KQ, Zhang QY, Luo F, Lou Y, Liu YX, Zhang HM, Song L, Cai J, Wu HY, Zhou XL Tags: Am J Hypertens Source Type: research

Long-term outcomes of open and endovascular treatment of recurrent carotid artery stenosis - a 16-year retrospective single centre case series.
Conclusions: Redo-CEA/CAS seem to have similar results as primary procedures (as reported in the literature) with favorable periprocedural and long-term outcomes. PMID: 31549937 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: VASA. Zeitschrift fur Gefasskrankheiten. Journal for Vascular Diseases - September 24, 2019 Category: Surgery Authors: Ahmad W, Deeb H, Otto C, Kalmykov EL, Barkans A, Kabbasch C, Sharkawy MI, Brunkwall JS Tags: Vasa Source Type: research

Cervical arterial dissection: clinical characteristics in a neurology service in São Paulo, Brazil
Conclusion: The presence of atherosclerotic disease is considered rare in patients with cervical arterial dissection; however, our study found a high frequency of hypertension, smoking and dyslipidemia. The choice of antithrombotic remains controversial and will depend on the judgment of the medical professional; the clinical results with anticoagulation or antiaggregation were similar but there was more recanalization in the group treated with anticoagulation; its course was favorable in both situations. The recurrence of cervical arterial dissection and stroke is considered a rare event and its course is favorable.RESUMO...
Source: Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria - September 23, 2019 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Gap Analysis Regarding Prognostication in Neurocritical Care: A Joint Statement from the German Neurocritical Care Society and the Neurocritical Care Society
ConclusionsPrognostication in neurocritical care is important, and current prognostic models are limited. This gap analysis provides a summary assessment of issues that could be addressed in future studies and evidence-based guidelines in order to improve the process of prognostication.
Source: Neurocritical Care - September 23, 2019 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Secondhand smoke increases children's irregular heart beat risks
It's well-known that smoking raises the risk of atrial fibrillation and, in turn, stroke, New research from the University of California, San Francisco suggests parent's smoking puts their kids at risk too.
Source: the Mail online | Health - September 23, 2019 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Benefits of MRI for Patients With Low-risk Transient or Persistent Minor Neurologic Deficits
More than 1 million patients receive a diagnosis of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) in the United States each year. These patients are at increased risk of stroke during the first few weeks after the initial event, with the greatest risk during the first 2 days. Evidence-based secondary preventive measures are available to lower the risk of recurrent ischemic events, but for these measures to be effectively implemented, patients with stroke or TIA must be rapidly and correctly identified. Accurate diagnosis is important because some secondary preventive strategies carry risks of their own and are usually not appr...
Source: JAMA Neurology - September 23, 2019 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

Risk factors for early-onset seizures in patients with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: A meta-analysis of observational studies
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) is a subtype of cerebral stroke, with an annual incidence of approximately 3 –4 cases per million population [1]. Unlike other types of stroke, CVST typically occurs in young adults (mean age at onset: 35 years) [2]. In general, patients with CVST have a fair prognosis. Previous studies have shown that 60–79% of patients achieve good functional outcomes [Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) score 0–1) [3–4]. However, occurrence of seizures in these patients may adversely affect the prognosis; in one study, CVST patients with seizures were found to experience two-fold higher mortality ...
Source: Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy - September 23, 2019 Category: Neurology Authors: Hao Li, Liqian Cui, Ziyi Chen, Yue Chen Source Type: research

Vertebro-basilar stroke due to Bow-Hunter syndrome: an unusual presentation of rotatory atlanto-axial subluxation in a fourteen year old
Source: British Journal of Neurosurgery - September 23, 2019 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Amey P. Patankar Source Type: research

Risk factors for long-term care after hemiplegia from cancer-related brain surgery: a pilot study for new prediction model.
CONCLUSIONS: The model developed by the pilot study allowed correct positive or negative prediction for long-term care need after rehabilitation for 90.6% of the patients suffering from cancer- related hemiplegia. A subsequent study on a larger sample of subjects resulted therefore feasible because overall correct prediction was higher than 85%. CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: Risk factors for intensive care at home (complete absence of motricity of affected limbs, trunk control deficit, fecal incontinence, dysphagia and comorbidity Charlson Index >3) can be useful to evaluate patients suffering from hemiplegia due...
Source: European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - September 23, 2019 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Zancan A, Rodigari A, Gigli Berzolari F, Borrelli P Tags: Eur J Phys Rehabil Med Source Type: research

Protective effect of glycyrrhizic acid on cerebral ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury via inhibiting HMGB1 mediated TLR4/NF ‐κB pathway
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved
Source: Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry - September 23, 2019 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Sunhong Yan, Chuanqin Fang, Lei Cao, Long Wang, Jing Du, Yue Sun, Xuanxia Tong, Ying Lu, Xiaosan Wu Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Association between dyslipidemia and CCL2 in patients undergoing hemodialysis.
CONCLUSION: Our findings show that CCL2 levels are associated with dyslipidemia, which suggests a role of this cytokine in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease in HD patients. A better understanding of this pathogenesis could contribute to the discovery of new therapeutic targets that would reduce cardiovascular complications in these patients. PMID: 31557637 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Cytokine - September 23, 2019 Category: Molecular Biology Authors: de Oliveira Junior WV, Silva APF, de Figueiredo RC, Gomes KB, Simões E Silva AC, Dusse LMS, Rios DRA Tags: Cytokine Source Type: research

Embryonic developmental oxygen preconditions cardiovascular function response to acute hypoxic exposure and maximal {beta}-adrenergic stimulation of anesthetized juvenile American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) RESEARCH ARTICLE
Brandt Smith, Janna L. Crossley, Ruth M. Elsey, James W. Hicks, and Dane A. Crossley II The effects of the embryonic environment on juvenile phenotypes are widely recognized. We investigated the effect of embryonic hypoxia on the cardiovascular phenotype of 4-year-old American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis). We hypothesized that embryonic 10% oxygen preconditions cardiac function, decreasing the reduction in cardiac contractility associated with acute 5% oxygen exposure in juvenile alligators. Our findings indicate that dobutamine injections caused a 90% increase in systolic pressure in juveniles that were incubat...
Source: Journal of Experimental Biology - September 23, 2019 Category: Biology Authors: Smith, B., Crossley, J. L., Elsey, R. M., Hicks, J. W., Crossley, D. A. Tags: RESEARCH ARTICLE Source Type: research

Clinical Significance and Cut-Off Scores for the Pre-Sleep Arousal Scale in Chronic Insomnia Disorder: A Replication in a Clinical Sample.
Conclusions: Self-reported pre-sleep somatic symptoms are a marker of comorbid anxiety and, potentially chronic pain, impacting nighttime sleep. The optimal cutoff scores of 14 and 20 proposed herein can help clinicians with case formulation, with tailoring BSM treatments and their targets. PMID: 31545084 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Behavioral Sleep Medicine - September 23, 2019 Category: Sleep Medicine Authors: Puzino K, Amatrudo G, Sullivan A, Vgontzas AN, Fernandez-Mendoza J Tags: Behav Sleep Med Source Type: research

Aortic Valve Replacement in Bioprosthetic Failure:Insights from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database.
CONCLUSIONS: The number of patients undergoing SAVR for degenerated bioprosthesis is decreasing in U.S, particularly among older and high-risk patients. These trends may reflect the adoption of valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve replacement for degenerated bioprosthesis after its FDA approval in 2015. PMID: 31557477 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: The Annals of Thoracic Surgery - September 23, 2019 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Authors: Kalra A, Raza S, Hussain M, Shorbaji K, Delozier S, Deo SV, Khera S, Kleiman NS, Reardon MJ, Kolte D, Gupta T, Mustafa R, Bhatt DL, Sabik JF Tags: Ann Thorac Surg Source Type: research

Protective effect of glycyrrhizic acid on cerebral ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury via inhibiting HMGB1 mediated TLR4/NF ‐κB pathway
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved
Source: Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry - September 23, 2019 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Sunhong Yan, Chuanqin Fang, Lei Cao, Long Wang, Jing Du, Yue Sun, Xuanxia Tong, Ying Lu, Xiaosan Wu Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

The Beneficial Effects of Raffinee in Permanent Occulted Stroke Mice
Journal of Medicinal Food, Ahead of Print.
Source: Journal of Medicinal Food - September 23, 2019 Category: Nutrition Authors: Chun-Ching Chiu Jer-Min Lin Li-Yi Wu Tsai-Ching Hsu Bor-Show Tzang Source Type: research

Calcific embolus resulting in ST elevation myocardial infarction: A rare complication of mitral annular calcification
We present a unique case of an anterior ST elevation myocardial infarction as a result of coronary embolism, the source of which appears to be calcific debris from mitral annular calcification (MAC). Although embolic phenomena in the setting of MAC has been documented previously, particularly in the setting of acute ischemic stroke, to our knowledge this is the first reported case in the literature where MAC alone appears to have resulted in a coronary embolic event.<Learning objective: Myocardial infarction as the result of embolic coronary phenomena is uncommon. Thrombotic emboli in the setting of atrial fibrillation...
Source: Journal of Cardiology Cases - September 22, 2019 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Thrombolysis with Reteplase in Acute Pulmonary Embolism
ConclusionsDouble bolus reteplase given with heparin is effective in the treatment of high, intermediate risk pulmonary embolism with minimal risk of bleeding.
Source: Indian Heart Journal - September 22, 2019 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Prediction of vibration and exhaust gas emission characteristics using palm oil with nano particle diesel fuel
Publication date: Available online 20 September 2019Source: Materials Today: ProceedingsAuthor(s): V. Velmurugan, S.M. Aathif Akmal, V. Paramasivam, S. ThanikaikarasanAbstractThe usage of biodiesel is one of the current trends in the development of reducing the environmental pollution due to the emission of toxic gases and annoying noise and vibration which affects the health of the automobile end users. Though many of the alternate bio fuels have been used by the research in the view of improving the performance of the diesel engines still some residual problems like to low frequency noise and emission in diesel engines a...
Source: Materials Today: Proceedings - September 22, 2019 Category: Materials Science Source Type: research

Periodontitis and cerebrovascular disease: a new novel in medicine.
In conclusion, patients with stroke have a higher prevalence of periodontitis. PMID: 31538460 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents - September 21, 2019 Category: Biomedical Science Tags: J Biol Regul Homeost Agents Source Type: research

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for ARUBA-Eligible Patients with Unruptured Brain Arteriovenous Malformations.
CONCLUSION: GKS was shown to achieve a favorable outcome with low procedure-related morbidity in majority of the ARUBA-eligible patients. The outcome after GKS in our patients was not inferior to that of medical care alone in the ARUBA study. It is suggested that GKS is rather superior to medical care considering the short follow-up duration of the ARUBA study. PMID: 31538418 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Journal of Korean Medical Science - September 21, 2019 Category: Biomedical Science Tags: J Korean Med Sci Source Type: research

Six Months Later: Final Helistroke Pilot Time Analysis
The 2015 trials for interventional management of stroke yielded high rates of recanalization and good functional outcome. The DAWN (DWI or CTP Assessment with Clinical Mismatch in the Triage of Wake-up and Late Presenting Strokes Undergoing Neurointervention with Trevo; NCT02142283) and DEFUSE 3 (Endovascular Therapy Following Imaging Evaluation for Ischemic Stroke 3; NCT02586415) trials (1,2) demonstrated effectiveness for up to 24 hours (2). The workflow analysis of the SWIFT-PRIME (Solitaire with the Intention for Thrombectomy as PRIMary Endovascular Treatment; NCT01657461) trial data showed that there was a 91% probabi...
Source: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology : JVIR - September 21, 2019 Category: Radiology Authors: Abhishek Srinivas, Nikhil Bhagat, John Lynch, Amgad El Mekabaty, Kelvin Hong, Zurab Nadareishvili, Harjit Singh, Ferdinand K. Hui Tags: Letter Section Source Type: research

Oral Anticoagulation in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and a CHA2DS2-VASc score of 1A current opinion of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy and European Society of Cardiology Council on Stroke
Source: European Heart Journal - September 21, 2019 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Major Amputation Rates in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease Aged 50  Years and Over in Denmark during the period 1997-2014 and their Relationship with Demographics, Risk Factors, and Vascular Services.
CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of major amputations decreased, while general cardiovascular prevention and revascularisation rates increased. Despite that, few patients had revascularisation prior to amputation, leaving room for improvements. PMID: 31551135 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: PubMed: Eur J Vasc Endovasc ... - September 21, 2019 Category: Surgery Authors: Londero LS, Hoegh A, Houlind K, Lindholt J Tags: Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg Source Type: research

Familiarity with visual forms contributes to a left-lateralized and increased N170 response for Chinese characters
Publication date: Available online 19 September 2019Source: NeuropsychologiaAuthor(s): Licheng Xue, Urs Maurer, Xuchu Weng, Jing ZhaoAbstractWhile skilled readers produce an increased and left-lateralized event-related-potential (ERP) component, known as N170, for strings of letters compared to strings of less familiar units, it remains unclear whether perceptual familiarity plays an important role in driving increased and left-lateralized N170 for print. The present study addressed this issue by examining N170 responses for regular Chinese characters and cursive Chinese characters which are visually less familiar regardin...
Source: Neuropsychologia - September 20, 2019 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

The Future of Minor Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack: The RAVEN Approach Is Promising but Not Ready for Prime Time
Publication date: October 2019Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 74, Issue 4Author(s): Tracy E. Madsen, Charles R. Wira
Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine - September 20, 2019 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Cost-effectiveness of stent-retriever thrombectomy in large vessel occlusion strokes of the anterior circulation: Analysis from the French societal perspective.
CONCLUSION: SRT was dominant from a French societal perspective, from 9 years post-stroke onwards. Cost-effectiveness of SRT added to SOC becomes undisputable with evidences from payer and societal viewpoints. PMID: 31526554 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Revue Neurologique - September 20, 2019 Category: Neurology Tags: Rev Neurol (Paris) Source Type: research

A pilot evaluation of simulation-based interprofessional education for occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetic students: improvements in attitudes and confidence.
Authors: Mills B, Hansen S, Nang C, McDonald H, Lyons-Wall P, Hunt J, O'Sullivan T Abstract Many higher education institutions struggle to provide interprofessional practice opportunities for their pre-licensure students due to demanding workloads, difficulties with timetabling, and problems with sourcing suitable placements that provide appropriate practice opportunities. A series of complex unfolding video-based simulation scenarios involving a patient who had experienced a stroke was utilized as a case study for a three-hour interprofessional practice workshop. 69 occupational therapy (OT), speech pathology (SP)...
Source: Journal of Interprofessional Care - September 20, 2019 Category: Health Management Tags: J Interprof Care Source Type: research

Prediction of noise, vibration and exhaust gas emission characteristics using palm oil in a four stroke diesel
Publication date: Available online 19 September 2019Source: Materials Today: ProceedingsAuthor(s): V. Velmurugan, C. Naveen kumar, V. Paramasivam, S. ThanikaikarasanAbstractIn the today’s world of transport usage by passenger and the driver, Noise and vibration of the diesel engine vehicles are an important issue to be addressed by the automotive industries. This issue is not only makes the occupants fatigue but also increases the environmental noise and smoke pollution from the Diesel engine vehicle. As the usage of the diesel fuelled passenger cars are increasing due to its more mileage, better performance efficiency. ...
Source: Materials Today: Proceedings - September 20, 2019 Category: Materials Science Source Type: research

Novel Models for the Prediction of Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus in Patients with Chronic Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation.
In this study, we sought to develop new and simpler models for LAAT prediction in chronic nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. The study enrolled 144 patients with chronic nonvalvular atrial fibrillation who underwent transesophageal echocardiography for LAAT detection. We examined the association of LAAT incidence with the CHA2DS2-VASc score and echocardiographic parameters pertaining to the left atrium (LA), including diameter, volume index, strain, and strain rate measured on speckle tracking echocardiography. LAAT was found in 24.3% of patients (39/144). The following parameters had good diagnostic performance for LAAT: LA...
Source: Cardiology Research and Practice - September 20, 2019 Category: Cardiology Authors: Van Chien D, Thai Giang P, Son PT, Truong LV, Nguyen Son P Tags: Cardiol Res Pract Source Type: research