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157 E-Books New to JEFFLINE
Scott Library added these 157 e-books to the growing collection in May and June: Accurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory Adult Emergency Medicine Adult-Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination (4th ed.) Advanced Assessment: Interpreting Findings and Formulating Differential Diagnoses (2nd ed.) Advancing Your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing (5th ed.) Arrhythmia Essentials Atlas of Advanced Operative Surgery Atlas of Clinical Neurology (3rd ed.) Atlas of Hematopathology: Morphology, Immunophenotype, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Approaches Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases Atlas of No...
Source: What's New on JEFFLINE - June 25, 2013 Category: Databases & Libraries Authors: Gary Kaplan Tags: All News Clinicians Researchers Students Teaching Faculty Source Type: news

Probable Nootropic-induced Psychiatric Adverse Effects: A Series of Four Cases
Conclusion Healthcare providers in general, and specifically those in the mental health and substance abuse fields, should keep in mind that nootropic use is an under recognized and evolving problem. Nootropic use should be considered in cases where there are sudden or unexplained exacerbations of psychiatric symptoms in patients who have been stable and medication adherent. It is also important to remember that most nootropics are not detected on standard drug toxicology screening tests. We have very little clinical information on how nootropics may interact with psychotropics (or other medications) and potentially cause ...
Source: Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience - December 1, 2015 Category: Neuroscience Authors: ICN Online Editor Tags: Case Series and Literature Review Current Issue Mental Disorders Psychiatry Psychopharmacology Substance Use Disorders Ampakines Armodafinil brain enhancer Cerebrolysin Citicoline cognitive enhancer homeopathic medicine natural r Source Type: research

Centaurs, Not Snake Oil
TheTechtour Healthtech Summit hosted by the International Venture Club in Lausanne is a dating event for European seed, start-up and growth companies looking for investment and for Venture capital and some Pharma/Medtech companies looking to invest. Doug Haggstrom went along to take the pulse of European digital health companies. These companies aren ’t specifically focused on Pharma as partners but it is worth paying attention to how digital health products and services are developing. Pharma developed tools and services will, after all, be compared to these companies in the marketplace and the discipline of proving sta...
Source: EyeForPharma - August 2, 2016 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: Tina Boggiano Douglas Haggstrom Source Type: news

Book Review: Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory
Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory is another work in the Norton series on interpersonal neurobiology. I have come to believe that at least three theories are indispensable in learning and understanding how and why we behave the way we do — attribution theory, attachment theory, and our underlying physiology of safety, called the polyvagal theory. The polyvagal theory was developed by Stephen Porges and presented to the Society for Psychophysiological Research in 1994. The theory takes into account how our autonomic nervous system is constantly working to keep us safe. Very simply, the components are our ...
Source: Psych Central - February 4, 2019 Category: Psychiatry Authors: Stan Rockwell, PsyD Tags: Anxiety Book Reviews Disorders General Memory and Perception Mindfulness Neuroscience Panic Disorder Personal Stories Psychological Assessment Psychology Psychotherapy PTSD Relationships & Love Relaxation and Meditation Traum Source Type: news