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Endocrine Disruptors and Health Effects in Africa: A Call for Action
Conclusion: To address the many challenges posed by EDCs, we argue that Africans should take the lead in prioritization and evaluation of environmental hazards, including EDCs. We recommend the institution of education and training programs for chemical users, adoption of the precautionary principle, establishment of biomonitoring programs, and funding of community-based epidemiology and wildlife research programs led and funded by African institutes and private companies. Received: 16 February 2017 Revised: 22 May 2017 Accepted: 24 May 2017 Published: 22 August 2017 Address correspond...
Source: EHP Research - August 23, 2017 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Daniil Lyalko Tags: Commentary Source Type: research

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Protects Human Aortic Endothelial Cells Against H < sub > 2 < /sub > O < sub > 2 < /sub > -Induced Injury and Inhibits Atherosclerosis in Ovariectomized Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Knock-Out Mice
Conclusions: ALA could provide a potential treatment for atherosclerosis in postmenopausal patients.Cell Physiol Biochem 2018;47:2261 –2277
Source: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry - July 5, 2018 Category: Cytology Source Type: research

Activation of the NLRP3/IL-1 β/MMP-9 pathway and intracranial aneurysm rupture associated with the depletion of ERα and Sirt1 in oophorectomized rats
CONCLUSIONS: To the authors' knowledge, this work represents the first demonstration that, in an aneurysm model under estrogen-deficient conditions, the depletion of ERα and Sirt1 may contribute to activation of the NLRP3/IL-1β/MMP-9 pathway, facilitating the rupture of IAs in the estrogen-deficient rat IA rupture model.PMID:35594890 | DOI:10.3171/2022.4.JNS212945
Source: Journal of Neurosurgery - May 20, 2022 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Tadashi Yamaguchi Takeshi Miyamoto Eiji Shikata Izumi Yamaguchi Kenji Shimada Kenji Yagi Yoshiteru Tada Masaaki Korai Keiko T Kitazato Yasuhisa Kanematsu Yasushi Takagi Source Type: research

Dietary genistein and 17 β-estradiol implants differentially influence locomotor and cognitive functions following transient focal ischemia in middle-aged ovariectomized rats at different lengths of estrogen deprivation
This study suggests that the neuroprotective effects of dietary genistein on motor and cognitive functions are distinctly influenced by the length of estrogen deprivation following focal ischemia. SIGNIFICANCE: There is an increasing postmenopausal population opting for homeopathic medicines for the management of menopausal symptoms due to the perceived distrust in estrogen use as hormone replacement. Basic and clinical studies support the notion that early, but not delayed, hormone replacement after menopause is beneficial. Furthermore, evidence suggests that delaying hormone replacement augments the detrimental, rather t...
Source: Hormones and Behavior - June 2, 2022 Category: Endocrinology Authors: Anthony Oppong-Gyebi Daniel Metzger Philip H Vann Nathalie Sumien Derek A Schreihofer Source Type: research