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What Causes Microcephaly?
Discussion Microcephaly is usually defined as an occipitofrontal head circumference (OFC) more than 2 standard deviations (SD) below the mean for sex, age and ethnicity. Severe microcephaly is used for OFC < 3 standard deviations. Rates of microcephaly range from 0.5-12 patients/10,000 live births. The OFC should be measured at every well child visit and at other opportunities and plotted on standard growth charts. The OFC is measured using a nonelastic tape measure around the largest part of the head with the tape measure held above the eyebrows and ears. It is a highly reproducible measurement. There are several diff...
Source: PediatricEducation.org - September 25, 2017 Category: Pediatrics Authors: pediatriceducationmin Tags: Uncategorized Source Type: news

Title: Beyond Malnutrition: The Role of Sanitation in Stunted Growth
Charles W. Schmidt, MS, an award-winning science writer from Portland, ME, has written for Discover Magazine, Science, and Nature Medicine. Background image: WHO About This Article open Citation: Schmidt CW. 2014. Beyond malnutrition: the role of sanitation in stunted growth. Environ Health Perspect 122:A298–A303; http://dx.doi.org/10.1289/ehp.122-A298 News Topics: Children’s Health, Diet and Nutrition, Gastrointestinal Health, International Environmental Health, Microbial Agents, Musculoskeletal Health, Drinking Water Quality, Sanitation Published: 1 November 2014 PDF Version (2.8 MB) Worldwide, stuntin...
Source: EHP Research - October 31, 2014 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Web Admin Tags: Featured Focus News Children's Health Diet and Nutrition Drinking Water Quality Gastrointestinal Health International Environmental Health Microbial Agents Musculoskeletal Health November 2014 Sanitation Source Type: research