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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the U.S. Hemophilia Population: A Cohort Study
Conclusions: In this interim analysis of an ongoing national prospective cohort study, older men with moderate to severe hemophilia commonly report risk factors for CKD, including HTN (51.5%), DM, viral infection, and potential renal damaging medication use. Only 11.6% had CVD. Urological symptoms were also common, including hematuria and obstructive symptoms with urination.In our cohort, 11.4% met the definition of CKD, defined as the presence of either kidney damage or GFR < 60 ml/min/1.73 m2 for ≥ 3 months. The distribution of GFR values appeared similar to the general population. As with risk factors associated w...
Source: Blood - November 21, 2018 Category: Hematology Authors: Sood, S. L., Cheng, D., Shapiro, A., Kessler, C. M., Key, N. S., Quon, D., Eyster, M. E., Manco-Johnson, M. J., Kempton, C. L., Cuker, A., Ragni, M. V., Kuriakose, P., von Drygalski, A., Kouides, P. A., Escobar, M. A., Wheeler, A. P., Wang, T.-F., Leissin Tags: 322. Disorders of Coagulation or Fibrinolysis: Poster II Source Type: research