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Can Pets Help You Live Longer and Happier?
By John Swartzberg How dogs and cats may help your heart. Back when she was younger and friskier, I used to bring my golden retriever with me to the UC Berkeley campus for some of my lectures. She'd plop her furry frame down next to me while I was speaking and flash her classic "golden smile" at the hall full of students. There's nothing scientific to this, of course, but I'm quite certain that everyone in my class was much more happy when she was around than when I came to class without her. (Sometimes I think they would have preferred that she ran the class!) Pets make people happy. It's hard to argue with this, althoug...
Source: Healthy Living - The Huffington Post - November 10, 2015 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

5 Scary Symptoms That Are Usually Harmless
SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Linda Melone After 50, aches, pains and the occasional muscle twinge become a fact of life. But some symptoms that may seem frightening or serious turn out to be far less than they appear. While you should always see a doctor if you experience something out of the ordinary, these signs generally are more smoke than fire: A Bloody Nose Nosebleeds can be particularly frightening due to the suddenness in which they occur and the sometimes large amount of blood involved. “People worry that it’s internal bleeding, but almost every time it’s not,” says Dr. Carlo Reyes, emergency room...
Source: Healthy Living - The Huffington Post - February 5, 2015 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news