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Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease by the Framingham-REGICOR Equation in the High-Risk PREDIMED Cohort: Impact of the Mediterranean Diet Across Different Risk Strata Epidemiology
ConclusionsIncident CVD increased in parallel with estimated risk in the PREDIMED cohort, but most events occurred in non–high‐risk categories, particularly in women. Until predictive tools are improved, promotion of the Mediterranean diet might be useful to reduce CVD independent of baseline risk.Clinical Trial Registration URL: http://www.Controlled-trials.com. Unique identifier: ISRCTN35739639.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - March 13, 2017 Category: Cardiology Authors: Amor, A. J., Serra-Mir, M., Martinez-Gonzalez, M. A., Corella, D., Salas-Salvado, J., Fito, M., Estruch, R., Serra-Maȷem, L., Aros, F., Babio, N., Ros, E., Ortega, E., the PREDIMED Investigators Tags: Cardiovascular Disease, Diet and Nutrition, Epidemiology, Lifestyle, Primary Prevention Original Research Source Type: research

High-Fat-Diet Intake Enhances Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and Cognitive Impairment in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease, Independently of Metabolic Disorders Vascular Medicine
Conclusions High-fat diet, independently of metabolic disorders, significantly promotes the progression of AD-like pathology through enhancement of cerebral amyloid angiopathy and oxidative stress.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - June 12, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Lin, B., Hasegawa, Y., Takane, K., Koibuchi, N., Cao, C., Kim-Mitsuyama, S. Tags: Diet and Nutrition, Cerebrovascular Disease/Stroke, Cognitive Impairment Vascular Medicine Source Type: research

Prospective Association Between the Dietary Inflammatory Index and Cardiovascular Diseases in the SUpplementation en VItamines et Mineraux AntioXydants (SU.VI.MAX) Cohort Epidemiology
Conclusions A pro-inflammatory diet, as measured by a higher DII score, was prospectively associated with a higher risk of myocardial infarction. Promotion of a diet exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties may help prevent myocardial infarctions.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - March 14, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Neufcourt, L., Assmann, K. E., Fezeu, L. K., Touvier, M., Graffouillere, L., Shivappa, N., Hebert, J. R., Wirth, M. D., Hercberg, S., Galan, P., Julia, C., Kesse-Guyot, E. Tags: Cardiovascular Disease, Diet and Nutrition, Epidemiology, Primary Prevention Source Type: research

Dietary {alpha}-Linolenic Acid, Marine {omega}-3 Fatty Acids, and Mortality in a Population With High Fish Consumption: Findings From the PREvencion con DIeta MEDiterranea (PREDIMED) Study Epidemiology
Conclusions In participants without prior cardiovascular disease and high fish consumption, dietary ALA, supplied mainly by walnuts and olive oil, relates inversely to all-cause mortality, whereas protection from cardiac mortality is limited to fish-derived long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Clinical Trial Registration URL: http://www.Controlled-trials.com/. Unique identifier: ISRCTN35739639.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - January 26, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Sala-Vila, A., Guasch-Ferre, M., Hu, F. B., Sanchez-Tainta, A., Bullo, M., Serra-Mir, M., Lopez-Sabater, C., Sorli, J. V., Aros, F., Fiol, M., Munoz, M. A., Serra-Majem, L., Martinez, J. A., Corella, D., Fito, M., Salas-Salvado, J., Martinez-Gonzalez, M. Tags: Diet and Nutrition Epidemiology Source Type: research