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Source: JAMA Neurology
Condition: Infective Endocarditis

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Stroke Etiologic Classification —Moving From Prediction to Precision
It is a truism of vascular neurology that secondary prevention depends on the cause of an ischemic stroke. We revascularize those with extracranial carotid stenosis, we anticoagulate those with cardioembolic infarcts due to atrial fibrillation, and we treat with antibiotics those with infective endocarditis. Determining the etiologic subtype, or cause, of stroke is therefore rightly considered the main objective of the evaluation of the patient with stroke. Despite the central role of this evaluation, it is surprising that our ability to determine the cause of stroke in many cases is quite limited, and that the process of ...
Source: JAMA Neurology - February 27, 2017 Category: Neurology Source Type: research