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Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association
Procedure: PET Scan

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Myocardial Oxygen Consumption and Efficiency in Aortic Valve Stenosis Patients With and Without Heart Failure Valvular Heart Disease
BackgroundMyocardial oxygen consumption (MVO2) and its coupling to contractile work are fundamentals of cardiac function and may be involved causally in the transition from compensated left ventricular hypertrophy to failure. Nevertheless, these processes have not been studied previously in patients with aortic valve stenosis (AS).Methods and ResultsParticipants underwent 11Cā€acetate positron emission tomography, cardiovascular magnetic resonance, and echocardiography to measure MVO2 and myocardial external efficiency (MEE) defined as the ratio of left ventricular stroke work and the energy equivalent of MVO2. We studied...
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - February 6, 2017 Category: Cardiology Authors: Hansson, N. H. S., Sorensen, J., Harms, H. J., Kim, W. Y., Nielsen, R., Tolbod, L. P., Frokiar, J., Bouchelouche, K., Dodt, K. K., Sihm, I., Poulsen, S. H., Wiggers, H. Tags: Metabolism, Heart Failure, Valvular Heart Disease, Imaging, Nuclear Cardiology and PET Original Research Source Type: research

Association of Thoracic Aorta Calcium Score With Exercise Blood Pressure Response and Clinical Outcomes in Elderly Individuals: Differential Impact of Aorta Calcification Compared With Coronary Artery Calcification Preventive Cardiology
Conclusions Aortic calcification was related to SBP response during exercise and was an independent predictor for outcomes, especially stroke, regardless of resting SBP or CACS.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - April 22, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Cho, I.-J., Chang, H.-J., Cho, I., Heo, R., Lee, S.-E., Shim, C. Y., Hong, G.-R., Chung, N. Tags: Computerized Tomography (CT) Preventive Cardiology Source Type: research