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Using Large-Scale Linkage Data to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a National Educational Program on Antithrombotic Prescribing and Associated Stroke Prevention in Primary Care Stroke
ConclusionsConsistent with NPS MedicineWise program messages for the high‐risk CVD population, the NPS MedicineWise Stroke Prevention Program (2009) was associated with increased initiation of aspirin and a reduced rate of hospitalization for primary stroke. The findings suggest that the provision of evidence‐based multifaceted large‐scale educational programs in primary care can be effective in changing prescriber behavior and positively impacting patient health outcomes.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - October 12, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Liu, Z., Moorin, R., Worthington, J., Tofler, G., Bartlett, M., Khan, R., Zuo, Y. Tags: Primary Prevention, Ischemic Stroke Original Research Source Type: research

Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: A Network Meta-Analysis Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Conclusions The entire spectrum of therapy to prevent thromboembolism in nonvalvular AF significantly reduced stroke/systemic embolism events and mortality.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - May 19, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Tereshchenko, L. G., Henrikson, C. A., Cigarroa, J., Steinberg, J. S. Tags: Atrial Fibrillation, Anticoagulants, Treatment, Meta Analysis, Cerebrovascular Disease/Stroke Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Source Type: research

Treatment Effect of Clopidogrel Plus Aspirin Within 12 Hours of Acute Minor Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack Stroke
Conclusions Among patients treated within 12 hours, the combination of clopidogrel and aspirin was more effective than aspirin alone in reducing the risk of recurrent ischemic stroke during the 90-day follow-up and did not increase the hemorrhagic risk. Clinical Trial Registration URL: https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/. Unique identifier: NCT00979589.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - March 20, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Li, Z., Wang, Y., Zhao, X., Liu, L., Wang, D., Wang, C., Meng, X., Li, H., Pan, Y., Wang, X., Wang, C., Yang, X., Zhang, C., Jing, J., Xian, Y., Johnston, S. C., Wang, Y., on behalf of the CHANCE Investigators Tags: Secondary Prevention, Ischemic Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Source Type: research

Concomitant Use of Single Antiplatelet Therapy With Edoxaban or Warfarin in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: Analysis From the ENGAGE AF-TIMI48 Trial Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
Conclusions Patients with AF who were selected by their physicians to receive SAPT in addition to an anticoagulant had a similar risk of stroke/SEE and higher rates of bleeding than those not receiving SAPT. Edoxaban exhibited similar relative efficacy and reduced bleeding compared to warfarin, with or without concomitant SAPT. Clinical Trial Registration URL: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/. Unique identifier: NCT00781391.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - February 23, 2016 Category: Cardiology Authors: Xu, H., Ruff, C. T., Giugliano, R. P., Murphy, S. A., Nordio, F., Patel, I., Shi, M., Mercuri, M., Antman, E. M., Braunwald, E. Tags: Platelets, Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease, Anticoagulants, Acute Coronary Syndromes Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Source Type: research

Population Trends in Aspirin Use for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 1980-2009: The Minnesota Heart Survey Preventive Cardiology
Conclusions Aspirin for CVD prevention is commonly used by a large and growing portion of the general population. It is not known if this is based on professional advice or self-prescribed use. It is also likely that many who would benefit do not use aspirin and others use aspirin inappropriately.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - December 23, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: Luepker, R. V., Steffen, L. M., Duval, S., Zantek, N. D., Zhou, X., Hirsch, A. T. Tags: Preventive Cardiology Source Type: research

Long-Term Antiplatelet Mono- and Dual Therapies After Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack: Network Meta-Analysis Stroke
Conclusions Long-term monotherapy was a better choice than long-term dual therapy, and cilostazol had the best risk–benefit profile for long-term secondary prevention after stroke or transient ischemic attack. More randomized controlled trials in non–East Asian patients are needed to determine whether long-term use of cilostazol is the best option for the prevention of recurrent stroke.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - August 24, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: Xie, W., Zheng, F., Zhong, B., Song, X. Tags: Stroke Source Type: research

Stroke and Bleeding Risk Associated With Antithrombotic Therapy for Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation in Clinical Practice Health Services and Outcomes Research
Conclusions Continuation of antithrombotic therapy as well as maintaining an adequate level of TTR is beneficial to prevent strokes while minimizing bleeding events.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - July 17, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: An, J., Niu, F., Lang, D. T., Jazdzewski, K. P., Le, P. T., Rashid, N., Meissner, B., Mendes, R., Dills, D. G., Aranda, G., Bruno, A. Tags: Health Services and Outcomes Research Source Type: research

CYP2C19 Metabolizer Status and Clopidogrel Efficacy in the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3) Study Genetics
Conclusions There were significant differences in recurrent stroke by CYP2C19 genotype-inferred metabolizer status in white subcortical stroke patients receiving dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel, consistent with cardiovascular studies on CYP2C19 and clopidogrel; however, the bleeding risk that led to early termination of the antiplatelet arm of the SPS3 trial does not appear to be explained by CYP2C19 genotype. This study was relatively underpowered; therefore, these findings should be interpreted with caution and warrant replication. Clinical Trial Registration URL: www.clinicaltrials.gov. Unique id...
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - May 27, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: McDonough, C. W., McClure, L. A., Mitchell, B. D., Gong, Y., Horenstein, R. B., Lewis, J. P., Field, T. S., Talbert, R. L., Benavente, O. R., Johnson, J. A., Shuldiner, A. R. Tags: Genetics Source Type: research

Efficacy and Safety of Vorapaxar as Approved for Clinical Use in the United States Coronary Heart Disease
Conclusions In patients with prior MI or PAD who have not had a previous stroke or TIA, vorapaxar added to standard therapy is effective for long-term secondary prevention of thrombotic CV events, while increasing moderate or severe bleeding. Clinical Trial Registration URL: clinicaltrials.gov Unique Identifier: NCT00526474.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - March 19, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: Magnani, G., Bonaca, M. P., Braunwald, E., Dalby, A. J., Fox, K. A. A., Murphy, S. A., Nicolau, J. C., Oude Ophuis, T., Scirica, B. M., Spinar, J., Theroux, P., Morrow, D. A. Tags: Coronary Heart Disease Source Type: research

Lower Mortality Rate in Elderly Patients With Community-Onset Pneumonia on Treatment With Aspirin Epidemiology
Conclusions This study shows that chronic aspirin use is associated with lower mortality rate within 30 days after hospital admission in a large cohort of patients with pneumonia.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - January 6, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: Falcone, M., Russo, A., Cangemi, R., Farcomeni, A., Calvieri, C., Barilla, F., Scarpellini, M. G., Bertazzoni, G., Palange, P., Taliani, G., Venditti, M., Violi, F. Tags: Epidemiology Source Type: research

Cost-Effectiveness of Clopidogrel-Aspirin Versus Aspirin Alone for Acute Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke Stroke
Conclusions Early 90-day clopidogrel-aspirin regimen for acute TIA or minor stroke is highly cost-effective in China. Although clopidogrel is generic, Plavix is brand in China. If Plavix were generic, treatment with clopidogrel-aspirin would have been cost saving.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - June 5, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Pan, Y., Wang, A., Liu, G., Zhao, X., Meng, X., Zhao, K., Liu, L., Wang, C., Johnston, S. C., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., the CHANCE Investigators Tags: Stroke Source Type: research

Adherence to Guideline-Recommended Therapy Is Associated With Decreased Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events and Major Adverse Limb Events Among Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease Heart Failure
Conclusions In patients with claudication or CLI, combination treatment with four guideline-recommended therapies is associated with significant reductions in MACE, MALE, and mortality.
Source: JAHA:Journal of the American Heart Association - April 10, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Armstrong, E. J., Chen, D. C., Westin, G. G., Singh, S., McCoach, C. E., Bang, H., Yeo, K.-K., Anderson, D., Amsterdam, E. A., Laird, J. R. Tags: Heart Failure Source Type: research