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In-depth performance analysis of an EEG based neonatal seizure detection algorithm
Full term neonates with neurological conditions such as hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE), stroke and meningitis are at high risk of developing seizures. There is accumulating evidence from animal models (Wirrell et al., 2001) and human studies (Glass et al., 2009) that neonatal seizures impose additional damage to the brain above and beyond the underlying aetiology. Prompt detection and treatment of seizures is therefore of paramount importance to optimize developmental outcome.
Source: Clinical Neurophysiology - February 20, 2016 Category: Neuroscience Authors: S. Mathieson, J. Rennie, V. Livingstone, A. Temko, E. Low, R.M. Pressler, G.B. Boylan Source Type: research