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Early Botulinum Toxin Injections for Spasticity Management Post-stroke: A Delphi-based Canadian Consensus
To create a Canadian consensus statement on early intervention with botulinum toxin-A (BoNTA) injections for spasticity post-stroke. Spasticity is commonly seen in the early weeks post-stroke; if left untreated in this early period, spasticity can lead to contractures and further disability. Literature review indicates that there are very few studies examining the benefits of early BoNTA intervention on spasticity and function post-stroke. Although physicians choose to inject BoNTA in the early period post-stroke to manage spasticity, it is not clear what some of the clinical parameters are that can be used to assist in de...
Source: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - November 23, 2019 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Farooq Ismail, Chris Boulias, Chetan Phadke, Jehane Dagher, Karen Ethans, Omar Khan, Galit Kleiner, Rodney Li Pi Shan, Nathania Liem, Alto Lo, Stephen McNeil, Patricia Mills, Marc Petitclerc, Rajiv Reebye, Will Ryan, Amra Saric, Lalith Satkunam, Saty Shar Tags: Late breaking research poster Source Type: research