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Treatment of aortic stenosis with a self-expanding transcatheter valve: the International Multi-centre ADVANCE Study
Conclusion The ADVANCE study demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of the CoreValve System with low mortality and stroke rates in higher risk real-world patients with severe aortic stenosis.
Source: European Heart Journal - October 7, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Linke, A., Wenaweser, P., Gerckens, U., Tamburino, C., Bosmans, J., Bleiziffer, S., Blackman, D., Schafer, U., Muller, R., Sievert, H., Sondergaard, L., Klugmann, S., Hoffmann, R., Tchetche, D., Colombo, A., Legrand, V. M., Bedogni, F., lePrince, P., Schu Tags: TAVI Source Type: research

Prasugrel plus bivalirudin vs. clopidogrel plus heparin in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
Conclusion In this randomized trial of STEMI patients, we were unable to demonstrate significant differences in net clinical outcome between prasugrel plus bivalirudin and clopidogrel plus heparin. Neither the composite of ischaemic complications nor bleeding were favourably affected by prasugrel plus bivalirudin compared with a regimen of clopidogrel plus unfractionated heparin. However, the results must be interpreted in view of the premature termination of the trial. Clinical trial registration information Unique identifier NCT00976092 (www.clinicaltrials.gov).
Source: European Heart Journal - September 7, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Schulz, S., Richardt, G., Laugwitz, K.-L., Morath, T., Neudecker, J., Hoppmann, P., Mehran, R., Gershlick, A. H., Tolg, R., Anette Fiedler, K., Abdel-Wahab, M., Kufner, S., Schneider, S., Schunkert, H., Ibrahim, T., Mehilli, J., Kastrati, A., and for the Tags: FASTTRACK CLINICAL RESEARCH Source Type: research

Ticagrelor vs. clopidogrel in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome with or without revascularization: results from the PLATO trial
Conclusion In patients with NSTE-ACS, benefit of ticagrelor over clopidogrel in reducing ischaemic events and total mortality was consistent with the overall PLATO trial, independent of actually performed revascularization during the initial 10 days.
Source: European Heart Journal - August 14, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Lindholm, D., Varenhorst, C., Cannon, C. P., Harrington, R. A., Himmelmann, A., Maya, J., Husted, S., Steg, P. G., Cornel, J. H., Storey, R. F., Stevens, S. R., Wallentin, L., James, S. K. Tags: Acute coronary syndromes Source Type: research

Efficacy and safety of apixaban compared with aspirin in patients who previously tried but failed treatment with vitamin K antagonists: results from the AVERROES trial
Conclusion The efficacy and safety of apixaban compared with aspirin is consistent in subgroups of patients who have previously attempted but failed VKA therapy, irrespective of the reason for discontinuation.
Source: European Heart Journal - July 21, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Coppens, M., Synhorst, D., Eikelboom, J. W., Yusuf, S., Shestakovska, O., Connolly, S. J. Tags: Atrial fibrillation Source Type: research

Management of major bleeding events in patients treated with rivaroxaban vs. warfarin: results from the ROCKET AF trial
Conclusion Among high-risk patients with atrial fibrillation who experienced major bleeding in ROCKET AF, the use of FFP and PCC was less among those allocated rivaroxaban compared with warfarin. However, use of PRBCs and outcomes after bleeding were similar among patients randomized to rivaroxaban or to warfarin.
Source: European Heart Journal - July 21, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Piccini, J. P., Garg, J., Patel, M. R., Lokhnygina, Y., Goodman, S. G., Becker, R. C., Berkowitz, S. D., Breithardt, G., Hacke, W., Halperin, J. L., Hankey, G. J., Nessel, C. C., Mahaffey, K. W., Singer, D. E., Califf, R. M., Fox, K. A. A., on behalf of t Tags: Atrial fibrillation Source Type: research

Contrast-induced acute kidney injury after primary percutaneous coronary intervention: results from the HORIZONS-AMI substudy
Conclusion Contrast-induced acute kidney injury is associated with poor short- and long-term outcomes after primary percutaneous coronary intervention in STEMI.
Source: European Heart Journal - June 14, 2014 Category: Cardiology Authors: Narula, A., Mehran, R., Weisz, G., Dangas, G. D., Yu, J., Genereux, P., Nikolsky, E., Brener, S. J., Witzenbichler, B., Guagliumi, G., Clark, A. E., Fahy, M., Xu, K., Brodie, B. R., Stone, G. W. Tags: Interventional cardiology Source Type: research