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IL-13-regulated Macrophage Polarization during Granuloma Formation in an In Vitro Human Sarcoidosis Model.
Abstract The mechanisms underlying abnormal granuloma formation in patients with sarcoidosis are complex and remain poorly understood. A novel in vitro human granuloma model was used to determine the molecular mechanisms of granuloma-genesis in patients with sarcoidosis in response to putative disease-causing mycobacterial antigens. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from patients with active sarcoidosis and from normal, disease-free controls were incubated for 7 days with purified protein derivative (PPD)-coated polystyrene beads. Molecular responses were analyzed, as reflected by differential expression ...
Source: Am J Respir Cell Mol... - August 22, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Locke LW, Crouser ED, White P, Julian MW, Guirado Caceres E, Papp AC, Le VT, Sadee W, Schlesinger LS Tags: Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research

Sarcoid-Like Granulomatosis Induced by Nivolumab Treatment in a Lung Cancer Patient
We describe the case of an 81-year-old male with cT1aN2M1b stage IV pleomorphic carcinoma of the left upper lobe of the lung. After primary treatment with carboplatin and paclitaxel, recurrence was observed in the left supraclavicular lymph node and left adrenal gland. We initiated the administration of nivolumab as a secondary treatment. Reduction was observed in the swelling of the left supraclavicular lymph node and left adrenal gland, but the tumor shadow in the right upper lobe appeared to increase. Bronchoscopy was performed, and the biopsy result showed granulomas; the findings resembled a sarcoid-like granulomatous...
Source: Case Reports in Oncology - August 17, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research

Fatal fulminant cryptococcemia complicating sarcoidosis: is it to be expected?
We describe a case of cryptococcemia that rapidly progressed toward fatality without apparent other sites of infection. We discuss on the importance of serum cryptococcal polysaccharide antigen testing for identifying at-risk patients who might benefit from timely diagnosis and treatment of cryptococcosis
Source: Medical Mycology Case Reports - August 17, 2018 Category: Biology Source Type: research

Familial aggregation and heritability of sarcoidosis: a Swedish nested case-control study
Sarcoidosis is believed to be caused by both genetic and environmental risk factors, but the proportion of the susceptibility to sarcoidosis that is mediated by genetics remains unknown. We aimed to estimate the familial aggregation and heritability of sarcoidosis using a case–control–family study design and population-based Swedish registers. We identified 23 880 individuals with visits for sarcoidosis in the Swedish National Patient Register using International Classification of Diseases codes (1964-2013). Information on Löfgren's syndrome was available for a subset diagnosed at Karolinska University ...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - August 16, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Rossides, M., Grunewald, J., Eklund, A., Kullberg, S., Di Giuseppe, D., Askling, J., Arkema, E. V. Tags: Original Articles: Interstitial lung diseases Source Type: research

Balloon pulmonary angioplasty – efficient therapy of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in the patient with advanced sarcoidosis – a case report
We report unusual case of confirmed chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensi...
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - August 16, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Andrzej Labyk, Dominik Wretowski, Sabina Zybi ńska-Oksiutowicz, Aleksandra Furdyna, Katarzyna Ciesielska, Dorota Piotrowska-Kownacka, Olga Dzikowska –Diduch, Barbara Lichodziejewska, Andrzej Biederman, Piotr Pruszczyk and Marek Roik Tags: Case report Source Type: research

Cardiac sarcoidosis - an expert review for the chest physician.
Authors: Ho JS, Chilvers ER, Thillai M Abstract INTRODUCTION: Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease predominantly affecting the lungs, with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary hypertension and cardiac sarcoidosis (CS), the latter due to direct granuloma infiltration. Sarcoidosis is often managed by chest physicians who need to understand the diagnostic pathways and initial management plans for patients with cardiac involvement. Areas covered: The most serious consequence of CS is sudden cardiac death due to ventricular tachyarrhythmias or complete atrioventricular block. Additional comp...
Source: Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine - August 14, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Expert Rev Respir Med Source Type: research

Clinical, imaging, and histological presentations and outcomes of stroke related to sarcoidosis
ConclusionsCerebrovascular events may be the first manifestation of neurosarcoidosis, and have a prognosis impact in such patients, leading to death and permanent neurological impairment.
Source: Journal of Neurology - August 14, 2018 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

New Insights On Ocular Sarcoidosis: An Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Study.
CONCLUSION: The depth-resolved nature of OCT-A allowed new insights on OS-induced microvascular and perfusion impairments. PMID: 30081683 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation - August 11, 2018 Category: Allergy & Immunology Tags: Ocul Immunol Inflamm Source Type: research

Vitamin D Homeostasis in Sarcoidosis
Conditions:   Sarcoidosis;   Vitamin D Insufficiency Interventions:   Drug: Ergocalciferol;   Drug: Placebo;   Drug: Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D2 Sponsor:   University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Not yet recruiting
Source: - August 8, 2018 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Uveitis and acute glaucoma as first presenting symptoms of sarcoidosis in a healthy male
Sarcoidosis is a disease characterized by the presence of noncaseating granulomas in many tissues. The granulomas most commonly affect the lungs and the disease commonly presents with bilateral hilar adenopathy, lesions on the eyes, skin, or joints, and pulmonary reticular opacities [1]. Between 30 and 60% cases of pulmonary sarcoidosis are found through routine chest X-rays and considered asymptomatic [2]. There is no known etiology. It is estimated to affect 10 to 20 per 100,000 [1]. (See Fig.
Source: The American Journal of Emergency Medicine - August 8, 2018 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Olivia Hallas, Andrew Yocum, Damien Jackson, Erin L. Simon Source Type: research

Needs, Perceptions and Education in Sarcoidosis: A Live Interactive Survey of Patients and Partners
This study improves awareness of needs and perceptions of patients with sarcoidosis and their partners. Sarcoidosis leads to anxiety and psychological distress and impairs well-being of patients and their partners. Attention for psychological support, better disease education, and more supportive care for partners is warranted.
Source: Lung - August 7, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Variances of dietary preparation for suppression of physiological 18 F-FDG myocardial uptake in the presence of cardiac sarcoidosis: A systematic review
ConclusionsVariation in measures used, dietary prescriptions, fasting times, species and study quality makes result comparison and applicability difficult. Definitive dietary recommendations are not possible based on current evidence.
Source: Journal of Nuclear Cardiology - August 7, 2018 Category: Nuclear Medicine Source Type: research

Necrotising retinopathy-like lesions as a manifestation of ocular sarcoidosis
ConclusionNecrotising retinopathy-like lesions mimicking an infectious process or a lymphoproliferative disorder can be an atypical manifestation of ocular sarcoidosis.
Source: Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection - August 3, 2018 Category: Opthalmology Source Type: research

Multisystemic manifestations of sarcoidosis and comorbidities
No abstract available
Source: Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine - August 2, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: SARCOIDOSIS: Edited by Peter Korsten and Marjolein Drent Source Type: research

Mycobacterium marinum infection associated with infliximab therapy in a patient with pulmonary and skin sarcoidosis
We present one of the first cases of M. marinum infection associated with infliximab therapy in a patient with pulmonary and skin sarcoidosis.
Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology - August 2, 2018 Category: Dermatology Source Type: research

Late-onset childhood sarcoidosis misdiagnosed as cutaneous T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, successfully treated with oral prednisone and acitretin: A case report
Introduction: Childhood sarcoidosis is a rare multisystem granulomatous disorder of unknown etiology. Two distinct forms are described: early-onset and late-onset disease. Older children usually present with a multisystem disease similar to the adult manifestations. This case report illustrates the challenges faced by dermatologists when considering a diagnosis of childhood sarcoidosis. The uniqueness of the case is the fact that for 6 years he was misdiagnosed, being treated for cutaneous T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology - August 2, 2018 Category: Dermatology Source Type: research

Histomorphologic and histomorphometric approach to differentiate skin lesions of tuberculoid leprosy from sarcoidosis
Background: More than 200,000 new cases of leprosy are detected worldwide annually. Owing to the increment of the immigration flows from endemic areas, leprosy cases might be more frequently observed in nonendemic areas as well. Physicians commonly have difficulty in differentiating tuberculoid form of leprosy (TL) from sarcoidosis ’ cutaneous manifestation. Histologically in TL, epithelioid granulomas are well defined with evident lymphocyte rim distributed around the appendages and nerves, whereas in sarcoidosis, granulomas are classically naked.
Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology - August 2, 2018 Category: Dermatology Source Type: research

Diagnostic value of cardiac magnetic resonance and fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography for cardiac sarcoidosis with previous myocardial infarction: A case report
Rationale: Diagnostic difficulty due to overlapped clinical findings exists in cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) patients who also have coronary artery disease. Since cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) evaluate different pathological processes, that is, fibrosis and inflammation respectively, the combination may be useful in such a case. Patient concerns: A 77-year-old man was admitted due to heart failure and advanced atrioventricular block who was previously diagnosed with cutaneous sarcoidosis and old myocardial infarction (MI) with angiographical evidence. Diagno...
Source: Medicine - August 1, 2018 Category: Internal Medicine Tags: Research Article: Clinical Case Report Source Type: research

Borderline tuberculoid leprosy mimicking sarcoidosis: A case report
Conclusion: The use of auxiliary tests including real-time PCR to amplify an M leprae-specific DNA sequence, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and dipstick detection of serum antibodies specific to M leprae antigens are good methods to obtain a correct diagnosis of BT leprosy.
Source: Medicine - August 1, 2018 Category: Internal Medicine Tags: Research Article: Clinical Case Report Source Type: research

Sarcoid-like reaction mimicking disease progression in an ALK-positive lung cancer patient receiving lorlatinib
SummaryThe administration of target inhibitors is paramount to grant the longest survival in patients with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The eventual resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) is monitored clinically and radiologically for prompt molecule shift to further generation TKI, if available. However, the early radiological detection of progression pattern (e.g. nodule onset) should be regarded with caution because overlaps exist with non-tumor cell proliferation and/or accumulation. Here we report the case of a stage IVALK-rearranged NSCLC patient exposed to serial crizotinib, brigatinib, c...
Source: Investigational New Drugs - August 1, 2018 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Specific Pro-Inflammatory Signaling Pathways are Induced in Patients with Cardiac Sarcoidosis; Potential Prognostic/Therapeutic Applications
While cardiac imaging has improved the diagnosis and risk assessment for cardiac sarcoidosis, treatment regimens have consisted of generalized heart failure (HF) therapies and non-specific anti-inflammatory regimens. Thus, improvements in identifying the relative progression of this cardiovascular condition as well as identifying more specific therapeutic targets are necessary. The overall goal of this study was to perform high sensitivity plasma profiling of specific inflammatory pathways in patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis.
Source: Journal of Cardiac Failure - August 1, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Bryan Young, Kelsie E. Oatmen, Lisa A. Freeburg, Kia N. Zellars, Ashley A. Sapp, Erica Herzog, Edward J. Miller, Francis G. Spinale Tags: 020 Source Type: research

Combination Therapy with Prednisone and Mycophenolate Mofetil in the Management of Cardiac Sarcoidosis
Cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) is characterized histologically by the presence of noncaseating granulomas and manifests as conduction abnormality, ventricular arrhythmia and progressive heart failure. With advances in imaging techniques, CS is being increasingly recognized as an underlying cause of cardiomyopathy. To date, there are no randomized trials or published guidelines to direct treatment strategies in CS, specifically in regards to optimal immunosuppressive therapy. We sought to describe our experience using a combination of prednisone and mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) in the treatment of patients (pts) with CS.
Source: Journal of Cardiac Failure - August 1, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Jan M. Griffin, Edward Chen, Hari Tandri, Edward K. Kasper, Nisha A. Gilotra Tags: 271 Source Type: research

Outcomes of Acute Heart Failure in Patients with Amyloid or Sarcoid Cardiomyopathy: A 10 Year Nationwide Analysis
Ischemic Cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of heart failure in the United States. Restrictive cardiomyopathy etiologies like sarcoid and amyloid are less common causes of heart failure and in hospital outcome descriptions are scant across the literature.
Source: Journal of Cardiac Failure - August 1, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Mario R. Rodriguez, Basera Sabharwal, Chayakrit Krittanawong, Ricardo De la Villa, David Weininger, Xin Wei, Carlos Godoy Rivas, Eyal Herzog Tags: 179 Source Type: research

Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA) for Hepatic Sarcoidosis
Condition:   Hepatic Sarcoidosis, Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase Intervention:   Drug: Ursodeoxycholic Acid Sponsors:   Ethan Weinberg;   American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases;   Exalenz Bioscience LTD. Recruiting
Source: - July 27, 2018 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Whole-exome sequencing identifies rare genetic variations in German families with pulmonary sarcoidosis
This study highlights the subsets of functional rare gene variants involved in pulmonary sarcoidosis, such as, regulations of calcium ions, G-protein-coupled receptor, and immune system including retinoic acid binding. The implicated mechanisms in etiopathogenesis of familial sarcoidosis thus in clude Wnt signalling, inflammation mediated by chemokine and cytokine signalling and cadherin signalling pathways.
Source: Human Genetics - July 27, 2018 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research

CASPA: CArdiac Sarcoidosis in PApworth
Conditions:   Interstitial Lung Disease;   Pulmonary Sarcoidosis;   Cardiac Sarcoidosis Intervention:   Sponsors:   Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust;   Imperial College London Recruiting
Source: - July 25, 2018 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials