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(ACTH) for the Treatment of Sarcoid Uveitis
Condition:   Sarcoid Uveitis Intervention:   Drug: H.P. Acthar gel Sponsor:   John Huang, MD Not yet recruiting
Source: - March 22, 2018 Category: Research Source Type: clinical trials

Isolated Cardiac Sarcoidosis Presenting with Stroke.
Authors: Kuwabara M, Ishimura RN, Ishiwata S, Ohno M PMID: 29557112 [PubMed]
Source: Korean Circulation Journal - March 22, 2018 Category: Cardiology Tags: Korean Circ J Source Type: research

G908R NOD2 variant in a family with sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease characterized by the formation of immune granulomas in various organs, mainly the lungs and the lymphatic system. Exaggerated granulomatous reaction might be triggered in resp...
Source: Respiratory Research - March 20, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Val érie Besnard, Alain Calender, Diane Bouvry, Yves Pacheco, Catherine Chapelon-Abric, Florence Jeny, Hilario Nunes, Carole Planès and Dominique Valeyre Tags: Research Source Type: research

Diagnostic value of quantitative assessment of cardiac 18 F-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose uptake in suspected cardiac sarcoidosis
ConclusionsOur results suggest that quantitative analysis of cardiac dynamic18F-FDG PET/CT could be a useful tool for the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis.
Source: Annals of Nuclear Medicine - March 20, 2018 Category: Nuclear Medicine Source Type: research

Symptomatic muscular sarcoidosis: Lessons from a nationwide multicenter study
Conclusion This nationwide study of muscular sarcoidosis allowed the identification of 4 patterns of granulomatous myositis, which differed by phenotypes and the clinical course.
Source: Neurology Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation - March 16, 2018 Category: Neurology Authors: Cohen Aubart, F., Abbara, S., Maisonobe, T., Cottin, V., Papo, T., Haroche, J., Mathian, A., Pha, M., Gilardin, L., Hervier, B., Soussan, M., Morlat, P., Nunes, H., Benveniste, O., Amoura, Z., Valeyre, D. Tags: All Neuromuscular Disease, Cohort studies Article Source Type: research

Treatment of Sarcoidosis.
PMID: 29543101 [PubMed - in process]
Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - March 15, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Raghu G, Berman JS, Govender P Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research

Primary Cavitary Sarcoidosis, an Extremely Rare Form of Presentation.
PMID: 29544860 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - March 12, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Gil Guerra AB, López Pedreira MR, Cartón Sánchez P, Santos Velasco P Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

Skin and Nasal Involvement: Look for Sarcoidosis!
Sarcoidosis is a systemic, noncaseating, granulomatous disease affecting young adults between the ages of 25 and 40 years, most often of Black origin (35.5/100,000 vs 10.9 in the White population). Although the lower respiratory tract is affected in 90% of cases, ear, nose, and throat locations are very uncommon, with a prevalence varying between 1% and 6.5%.1 In addition, ear, nose, and throat manifestations are nonspecific, and may be difficult to differentiate from other granulomatous diseases such as actinomycosis, aspergillosis, antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis and tuberculosis, thus, frequent...
Source: The American Journal of Medicine - March 12, 2018 Category: General Medicine Authors: Thomas Radulesco, Pierre-Andr é Jarrot, Raphael Cauchois, Nicolas Macagno, Gilles Kaplanski, Patrick Dessi, Justin Michel Tags: Clinical Communication to the Editor Source Type: research

Nuclear Imaging in Sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatosis which may result in a wide variety of clinical and biological presentations. Symptoms are often nonspecific, and incidental abnormal findings on chest radiography is rather common. Although sarcoidosis resolves favorably in most cases, some localizations can provoke functional impairment or even impact on patients' prognosis. The diagnosis is based on a pathological hallmark which is the non-necrotizing epithelioid-cell rich granuloma.Owing to the ability to detect inflammation throughout the body with a high sensibility, FDG-PET/CT gained a central role in sarcoidosis because it...
Source: Seminars in Nuclear Medicine - March 9, 2018 Category: Nuclear Medicine Authors: Eve Piekarski, Khadija Benali, Fran çois Rouzet Source Type: research

Extrapulmonary Tumors and Sarcoidosis. An Incidental or Real association?
PMID: 29523377 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - March 6, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Pereiro T, Golpe A, Lourido T, Valdés L Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

Whole exome sequencing in three families segregating a pediatric case of sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis (OMIM 181000) is a multi-systemic granulomatous disorder of unknown origin. Despite multiple genome-wide association (GWAS) studies, no major pathogenic pathways have been identified to date. To fi...
Source: BMC Medical Genomics - March 6, 2018 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Alain Calender, Pierre Antoine Rollat Farnier, Adrien Buisson, St éphane Pinson, Abderrazzaq Bentaher, Serge Lebecque, Harriet Corvol, Rola Abou Taam, Véronique Houdouin, Claire Bardel, Pascal Roy, Gilles Devouassoux, Vincent Cottin, Pascal Seve, Jean-F Tags: Research article Source Type: research

Sarcoidosis presenting as Wallenberg syndrome and panuveitis
We report a case of a patient who presented with the lateral medullary syndrome and panuveitis as her initial manifestation of sarcoidosis. The patient's course was further complicated by renal involvement. Lacrimal gland and renal biopsies showed noncaseating granulomas without evidence of infection, establishing the diagnosis. Intracranial vertebral artery involvement was confirmed by brain imaging. Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy with upper lobe predominant nodules on chest imaging was consistent with asymptomatic pulmonary involvement. Systemic steroid therapy is indicated for treatment of ocular sarcoidosis, with stan...
Source: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports - March 3, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Sarcoidosis-associated Pulmonary Hypertension: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Clinicians in pulmonary medicine frequently confront the challenge of screening, diagnosis, and management of pulmonary hypertension (PH) in sarcoidosis patients who present with unexplained dyspnea. Sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary hypertension (SAPH) is most prevalent in patients with pulmonary fibrosis, although it can be independent of airflow obstruction or restriction. SAPH is independently associated with significantly increased mortality and decreased functional capacity, outcomes that can be mitigated by early detection and focused treatment. In this review, we discuss the pathophysiology of SAPH, which may resemb...
Source: Clinical Pulmonary Medicine - March 1, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Interstitial, Inflammatory and Occupational Lung Disease Source Type: research

Increased T-helper 17.1 cells in sarcoidosis mediastinal lymph nodes
In this study, we aimed to investigate 1) whether Th17.1 cells are also increased in the MLNs of sarcoidosis patients and 2) whether frequencies of the Th17.1 cells at diagnosis may correlate with disease progression. MLN cells from treatment-naive pulmonary sarcoidosis patients (n=17) and healthy controls (n=22) and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (n=34) and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) (n=36) from sarcoidosis patients were examined for CD4+ T-cell subset proportions using flow cytometry. Higher proportions of Th17.1 cells were detected in sarcoidosis MLNs than in control MLNs. Higher Th17.1 cell proportions wer...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - March 1, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Broos, C. E., Koth, L. L., van Nimwegen, M., in 't Veen, J. C. C. M., Paulissen, S. M. J., van Hamburg, J. P., Annema, J. T., Heller-Baan, R., Kleinjan, A., Hoogsteden, H. C., Wijsenbeek, M. S., Hendriks, R. W., van den Blink, B., Kool, M. Tags: Interstitial and orphan lung disease Original Articles: Interstitial lung disease Source Type: research

Reassessing Th1 versus Th17.1 in sarcoidosis: new tricks for old dogma
Immunologically, sarcoidosis has been classically defined by the presence of a Th1-dominant environment localised to sites of disease, characterised by overexpression of interferon (IFN) and Th1-promoting interleukin (IL)12 and IL18 [1]. Accordingly, the downstream effects of enhanced Th1 are also observed in sarcoidosis, such as the expression of Th1-associated chemokines (MIG/CXCL9, IP10/CXCL10, ITAC/CXCL11, MCP1/CCL2, MIP1α/CCL3, MIP1β/CCL4, RANTES/CCL5) and their respective receptors (CXCR3, CCR5). Conversely, the presence of augmented Th2 has never been firmly documented in the sarcoidosis lung.
Source: European Respiratory Journal - March 1, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Chen, E. S. Tags: Interstitial and orphan lung disease Editorials Source Type: research

Pancreatitis as the presenting symptom of abdominal sarcoidosis.
We present a 60-year-old woman with non-pulmonary sarcoidosis manifesting as acute pancreatitis, possibly due to hypercalcaemia. Pancreatitis in sarcoidosis is rare, particularly as a presenting symptom. This case demonstrates that sarcoidosis should be included in the differential diagnosis of pancreatitis with hypercalcaemia, even without pulmonary signs of sarcoidosis. PMID: 29515009 [PubMed - in process]
Source: The Netherlands Journal of Medicine - March 1, 2018 Category: General Medicine Authors: Lucassen EA, Bootsma AH, Overbeek MJ Tags: Neth J Med Source Type: research

Global longitudinal strain and long ‐term outcomes in asymptomatic extracardiac sarcoid patients with no apparent cardiovascular disease
ConclusionsIn conclusion, among patients with extracardiac sarcoidosis and no symptoms of cardiovascular disease, even when EF is preserved, GLS seems to be strongly associated with adverse future events.
Source: Echocardiography - February 28, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Ioannis Felekos, Constantina Aggeli, Elias Gialafos, Vasileios Kouranos, Aggeliki Rapti, Petros Sfikakis, Nikolaos Koulouris, Dimitris Tousoulis Tags: ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION Source Type: research

Short-Term Effects of a Multimodal 3-Week Inpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme for Patients with Sarcoidosis: The ProKaSaRe Study
Conclusions: Our results provide the first documented evidence that PR is a promising complementary therapy option for sarcoidosis patients who remain subjectively symptomatic despite optimised outpatient medical treatment.Respiration
Source: Respiration - February 27, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Cryptococcal-related meningoencephalitis in a patient with sarcoidosis and CD4 lymphocytopenia: thorough immunological characterization of lymphocyte homeostasis.
We report on reduced production of new T cells observed in a patient with sarcoidosis, CD4 lymphocytopenia, and cryptococcal-related meningoencephalitis. Although T cells presented with an intact proliferative capacity, they were oligoclonally expanded showing an effector memory phenotype. However, the deleterious activity of effector memory cells could have been controlled by the expansion of the regulatory T cell subset with the highest suppressive capability. This information provide a better understanding of the immune response to cryptococcus occurring in non-HIV-associated cases, the predisposition to infection, and ...
Source: Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences - February 27, 2018 Category: Neurosurgery Tags: J Neurosurg Sci Source Type: research

Efficacy of a Structured Exercise Program for Improving Functional Capacity and Quality of Life in Patients With Stage 3 and 4 Sarcoidosis: A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL
This study investigated the effects of an exercise program on functional capacity and quality of life in patients with stage 3 and stage 4 sarcoidosis. Methods: Eighteen patients with stage 3 and 4 sarcoidosis were recruited; 9 received 12 wk of supervised exercise training and 9 received usual care. Patients underwent the following evaluations at baseline and follow-up: 6-min walk test, maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressure tests, back and leg dynamometer test, modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea Scale, Fatigue Severity Scale, St George Respiratory Questionnaire, Short Form-36 Quality of Life Questionnaire,...
Source: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation - February 23, 2018 Category: Rehabilitation Tags: Pulmonary Rehabilitation Source Type: research

A Contemporary Analysis of Heart Transplantation and Bridge-to-Transplant Mechanical Circulatory Support Outcomes in Cardiac Sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is an immune-mediated disease that may affect any organ in the body, including the heart.1 Cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) manifests as heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias (including sudden cardiac death), and conduction system disease.2 –5 Although only 5% of patients with systemic sarcoidosis display cardiac symptoms, up to 25% of patients with extracardiac sarcoidosis have cardiac involvement at autopsy.6,7 Furthermore, up to 25% of patients with CS have isolated cardiac sarcoidosis (ICS), which may carry a worse prognosis than nonisolated CS, because patients with ICS more frequently present with left ventric...
Source: Journal of Cardiac Failure - February 23, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Todd C. Crawford, David R. Okada, J. Trent Magruder, Charles Fraser, Nishant Patel, Brian A. Houston, Glenn J. Whitman, Kaushik Mandal, Kenton J. Zehr, Robert S. Higgins, Edward S. Chen, Hari Tandri, Edward K. Kasper, Ryan J. Tedford, Stuart D. Russell, N Tags: Clinical Investigation Source Type: research

Correction to: Chronic Granulomatous Disease in a Brazilian Patient Mimetizing Sarcoidosis
AbstractThe original version of abstract PO-162 “Chronic Granulomatous Disease in a Brazilian Patient Mimetizing Sarcoidosis” incorrectly listed the name of the second author as Micheli Barsioti. The correct spelling of the author’s name is Michele Baziotti Man.
Source: Journal of Clinical Immunology - February 22, 2018 Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research

Sarcoidosis mortality in Sweden: a population-based cohort study
We aimed to investigate sarcoidosis mortality in a large, population-based cohort, taking into account disease heterogeneity. Individuals with incident sarcoidosis (n=8207) were identified from the Swedish National Patient Register using International Classification of Disease codes (2003-2013). In a subset, cases receiving treatment ±3 months from diagnosis were identified from the Prescribed Drug Register. Nonsarcoidosis comparators from the general population were matched to cases 10:1 on birth year, sex and county. Individuals were followed for all-cause death in the Cause of Death Register. Adjusted mortal...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - February 21, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Rossides, M., Kullberg, S., Askling, J., Eklund, A., Grunewald, J., Arkema, E. V. Tags: Interstitial and orphan lung disease Original Articles: Interstitial lung disease Source Type: research

Molecular Imaging of Cardiac Sarcoidosis
AbstractPurpose of ReviewCardiac involvement is increasingly being recognized as a cause of significant morbidity and mortality in patients with sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, imaging cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) remains a challenge and often relies on advanced imaging modalities. The aim of this review is to provide an up-to-date overview of the role of molecular imaging for the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis, with particular emphasis on the use of FDG and non-FDG PET.Recent FindingsIn the last few years, FDG-PET has established itself as an accurate imaging study for the assessment of CS. New diagnostic criteria have recently...
Source: Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports - February 20, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Efficacy and safety of infliximab biosimilar Inflectra ® in severe sarcoidosis
Infliximab, a monoclonal antibody against tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF- α) is effective third-line therapy in severe sarcoidosis. The originator product of Infliximab, Remicade®, is expensive, limiting universal access. Recently, a less expensive biosimilar of infliximab, Inflectra®, has become available, but the efficacy and tolerability has not been studied in sarc oidosis.
Source: Respiratory Medicine - February 19, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Milou C. Schimmelpennink, Adriane D.M. Vorselaars, Frouke T. van Beek, Heleen A. Crommelin, Vera H.M. Deneer, Ruth G.M. Keijsers, Marcel Veltkamp Source Type: research

Orthopaedic Considerations in the Management of Skeletal Sarcoidosis.
Authors: Crawford B, Badlissi F, Lozano Calderón SA Abstract Advanced imaging has demonstrated that musculoskeletal manifestations of systemic sarcoidosis are more common than previously thought. A definitive strategy for the management of osseous sarcoidosis has not been defined. Some lesions resolve spontaneously, and no systemic medication for sarcoidosis consistently resolves lesions. The orthopaedic surgeon treating patients with musculoskeletal sarcoidosis must make an appropriate diagnosis of bony lesions, seek multidisciplinary input from specialists in pulmonology and rheumatology regarding systemic treat...
Source: The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons - February 15, 2018 Category: Orthopaedics Tags: J Am Acad Orthop Surg Source Type: research

Ultrasound guided posterior tibial nerve block for the management of chronic peripheral neuropathic foot pain secondary to sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology involving multiple organ systems. Sarcoidosis affecting the central and/or peripheral nervous system is called neurosarcoidosis. The case presented focuses on the use of a single interventional therapy for the management of sarcoidosis-induced bilateral lower extremity peripheral neuropathy. A 53 year-old Caucasian male with a 14 year history of steroid-dependent, refractory pulmonary sarcoidosis, and neurosarcoidosis with resulting lower extremity pain secondary to peripheral neuropathy was referred for pain management.
Source: The Journal of Pain - February 14, 2018 Category: Materials Science Authors: N. Prabhu, S. Sharma, S. Kralovic, J. Poli Source Type: research

Clinical Features of Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis without Lung Involvement.
CONCLUSIONS: Significant demographic and gender differences were observed between pulmonary and non-pulmonary sarcoidosis patients. These differences reflect previous data concerning differences between patients with skin and lung sarcoidosis, as the skin was the major organ involved with NPS. While the lungs are likely the primary site of exposure in pulmonary sarcoidosis, the high prevalence of skin involvement in NPS suggests the skin is the most conducive site of antigen capture outside of the respiratory tract. PMID: 29453944 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Chest - February 14, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: James WE, Koutroumpakis E, Saha B, Nathani A, Saavedra L, Yucel RM, Judson MA Tags: Chest Source Type: research

Granulomatous/sarcoid-like lesions associated with checkpoint inhibitors: a marker of therapy response in a subset of melanoma patients
ConclusionsThe development of granulomatous/sarcoid-like lesions associated with CPIs is a recognized manifestation with the current class of immune checkpoint therapy that may clinically and radiographically mimic disease recurrence. Awareness of this type of toxicity is important for appropriate management and possible measurement of therapeutic response in a subset of patients who manifest this type of immune-mediated reaction.
Source: Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer - February 12, 2018 Category: Cancer & Oncology Source Type: research

Clinical features and prognostic significance of splenic involvement in sarcoidosis.
Authors: Tetikkurt C, Yanardag H, Pehlivan M, Bilir M Abstract Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease characterized by noncasefied granulomas in various organs. Incidence of splenic disease is variable and is reported to occur in 6.7 to 77 percent of the patients. Firm data establishing the clinical features and the association of splenic involvement with prognosis in sarcoidosis is scant. The aim of our study was to investigate the clinical features and the consequence of splenic involvement on the prognostic outcome of sarcoidosis patients. We evaluated the clinical and laboratory findings in 82 sarcoidosis patients. ...
Source: Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease - February 10, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Monaldi Arch Chest Dis Source Type: research

Association of HLA antigens with the clinical course of sarcoidosis and familial disease.
Authors: Yanardag H, Tetikkurt C, Bilir M, Yılmaz E Abstract Patients with sarcoidosis usually have a benign course and a favourable prognosis. Although spontaneous remission is common, a progressive disease with a severe prognosis occurs in a small but significant number of patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential significance of HLA antigens as a clinical marker on the outcome of sarcoidosis patients. We conducted a retrospective cohort study for HLA class I and II allels in 74 sarcoidosis patients and 72 healthy transplant donors. Bronchoscopy and bronchial biopsies were performed in each p...
Source: Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease - February 10, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Monaldi Arch Chest Dis Source Type: research

Association of genetic variants in RAB23 and ANXA11 with uveitis in sarcoidosis.
Conclusions: Genetic variants in RAB23 and ANXA11 genes were associated with an increased risk of sarcoidosis-associated uveitis. These loci have previously been associated with overall sarcoidosis risk. PMID: 29416296 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Molecular Vision - February 10, 2018 Category: Molecular Biology Tags: Mol Vis Source Type: research

A case of longitudinal care of a patient with cardiac sarcoidosis
We present the case of a 36-year-old man known to have sarcoidosis in which a variety of imaging modalities not only assisted in the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis, but also played a key role in the monitoring of disease activity and response to therapy.
Source: Journal of Nuclear Cardiology - February 8, 2018 Category: Nuclear Medicine Source Type: research

Prognostic Impact of Extent, Severity, and Heterogeneity of Abnormalities on 18F-FDG PET Scans for Suspected Cardiac Sarcoidosis
Conclusions Quantitative measures of extent and severity of perfusion–metabolism mismatch and coefficient of variation of FDG uptake provide an incremental prognostic advantage in patients undergoing FDG-PET for CS. These results support the use of a more detailed analysis of imaging findings, as is conventional in coronary artery disease.
Source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Cardiovascular Imaging - February 5, 2018 Category: Radiology Authors: Sperry, B. W., Tamarappoo, B. K., Oldan, J. D., Javed, O., Culver, D. A., Brunken, R., Cerqueira, M. D., Hachamovitch, R. Tags: Original Research Source Type: research

Pleuroparenchymal sarcoidosis - A recognised but rare manifestation of disease
Publication date: 2018 Source:Respiratory Medicine Case Reports, Volume 23 Author(s): S. Walker, H. Adamali, N. Bhatt, N. Maskell, S.L. Barratt Pleural involvement is rare in sarcoidosis. The presence of a large symptomatic effusion in a patient with sarcoidosis should therefore prompt further investigation for an alternate aetiology. Here we present a case of confirmed pleuro-parenchymal sarcoidosis. We discuss the important differential diagnoses and review the current literature.
Source: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports - February 3, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Efficacy of a Structured Exercise Program for Improving Functional Capacity and Quality of Life in Patients With Stage 3 and 4 Sarcoidosis: A RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL.
CONCLUSIONS: Exercise training improves functional capacity, muscle strength, dyspnea, quality of life, anxiety, fatigue, and oxygenation in patients with stage 3 and stage 4 sarcoidosis. Standard treatment of patients with late-stage sarcoidosis should integrate exercise training and pulmonary rehabilitation. PMID: 29401114 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention - February 2, 2018 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Naz I, Ozalevli S, Ozkan S, Sahin H Tags: J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev Source Type: research

A case of cardiac sarcoidosis mimicking cardiac amyloidosis on cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Abstract A 52‐year‐old male visited our hospital with abnormal electrocardiogram and exertional fatigue. The electrocardiogram showed first‐degree atrioventricular block, complete right bundle branch block, and inverted T waves in Leads II, III, aVF, V3, and V4. Echocardiography showed biventricular wall thickening involving granular sparkling of the interventricular septum. Late gadolinium enhancement on cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) was found at the circumferential right ventricular wall and patchy regions of the left ventricle. Although these findings strongly suggested cardiac amyloidosis, he was finall...
Source: ESC Heart Failure - February 1, 2018 Category: Cardiology Authors: Kazunori Takemura, Ryuta Nakamura, Kazuhito Shimazu, Youichiro Sugimoto, Tetsuro Takase, Minamimoto Ryogo, Michiaki Hiroe Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Sarcoid-Associated Uveitis and Cardiac Disease
This case series explores the potential importance of distinguishing sarcoidosis-associated uveitis from idiopathic uveitis.
Source: JAMA Ophthalmology - February 1, 2018 Category: Opthalmology Source Type: research

What Is Sarcoidosis?
Authors: PMID: 29388823 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Am J Respir Crit Car... - February 1, 2018 Category: Intensive Care Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research

A case of refractory acute sarcoid myopathy successfully treated with intravenous immunoglobulin.
PMID: 29376470 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology - January 29, 2018 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Kono M, Kono M, Jodo S Tags: Scand J Rheumatol Source Type: research

Psoriasiform sarcoidosis: an unusual variety.
Authors: Mazzeo M, DI Raimondo C, Vaccarini S, Ferlosio A, Orlandi A, Cantonetti M, Bianchi L PMID: 29368850 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Giornale Italiano di Dermatologia e Venereologia - January 27, 2018 Category: Dermatology Tags: G Ital Dermatol Venereol Source Type: research

Phenotypes of organ involvement in sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is a highly variable, systemic granulomatous disease of hitherto unknown aetiology. The GenPhenReSa (Genotype–Phenotype Relationship in Sarcoidosis) project represents a European multicentre study to investigate the influence of genotype on disease phenotypes in sarcoidosis. The baseline phenotype module of GenPhenReSa comprised 2163 Caucasian patients with sarcoidosis who were phenotyped at 31 study centres according to a standardised protocol. From this module, we found that patients with acute onset were mainly female, young and of Scadding type I or II. Female patients showed a significantly higher fr...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - January 25, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Schupp, J. C., Freitag-Wolf, S., Bargagli, E., Mihailovic-Vucinic, V., Rottoli, P., Grubanovic, A., Müller, A., Jochens, A., Tittmann, L., Schnerch, J., Olivieri, C., Fischer, A., Jovanovic, D., Filipovic, S., Videnovic-Ivanovic, J., Bresser, P., Tags: Original Articles: Interstitial lung diseases Source Type: research

It's time to evolve from Scadding: phenotyping sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis is complex and highly variable, with protean clinical manifestations and a wide array of consequences for patients. The course is likewise unpredictable, leading to the moniker "sarcoidoses" to connote that sarcoidosis may be a syndrome rather than a single disease [1]. Delineating distinct subgroups, "phenotypes", has been an attempt to simplify prediction about individual patients and to homogenise groups for research purposes. Sarcoidosis phenotypes have been used most often to predict prognosis or to cluster patients with similar outcomes [2–5]. But phenotyping could also be used primarily to stratify...
Source: European Respiratory Journal - January 25, 2018 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Culver, D. A., Baughman, R. P. Tags: Interstitial and orphan lung disease Editorials Source Type: research

Muscular sarcoidosis involving the chest and abdominal walls: case report with MR imaging
AbstractSarcoidosis is an inflammatory disorder that is characterized by the presence of noncaseating granulomas in tissues, involving many organs and tissues. Extra-pulmonary, especially muscular sarcoidosis is a rare condition. The most common location of the muscular sarcoidosis is known to be the proximal muscles of the extremities; however, there have been no cases of diffuse involvement of the chest and abdominal wall muscles. Here, we report a rare muscular sarcoidosis with infiltrative pattern in the chest and abdominal wall muscles and describe the MR imaging findings that were mistaken as lymphoma at initial diag...
Source: Skeletal Radiology - January 24, 2018 Category: Radiology Source Type: research

Uveitis May Signal Cardiac Sarcoidosis in Some Patients Uveitis May Signal Cardiac Sarcoidosis in Some Patients
Some older patients with apparently idiopathic uveitis may in fact have sarcoidosis-associated disease, which can have cardiac consequences, according to a retrospective case series.Reuters Health Information
Source: Medscape Medical News Headlines - January 19, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Medscape Today News Source Type: news

Cardiac Manifestations of Sarcoidosis Cardiac Manifestations of Sarcoidosis
Review the diagnosis and management of cardiac sarcoidosis, which effects up to five percent of patients with sarcoidosis, and may even be the first manifestation of sarcoidosis in any organ.European Heart Journal
Source: Medscape Today Headlines - January 18, 2018 Category: Consumer Health News Tags: Cardiology Journal Article Source Type: news