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Fight Aging! Newsletter, June 21st 2021
This study showed that the leakage of this mitochondrial nucleic material may occur as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction, which may involve genetic mutations in genes encoding mitochondrial proteins or incomplete degradation of mitochondrial dsDNA in the lysosome - which is a 'degradation factory' of the cell. Upon the leakage into the cytoplasm, this undegraded dsDNA is detected by a 'foreign' DNA sensor of the cytoplasm (IFI16) which then triggers the upregulation of mRNAs encoding for inflammatory proteins." Using a PD zebrafish model (gba mutant), the researchers demonstrated that a combination of PD-like ph...
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Thalidomide - The Real Story & The First Seal Baby By James Linder Jones, M.D., M.H.A., FACEP, despite its sordid past is undergoing a sort of renaissance and is being manufactured and used worldwide for a variety of illnesses including leprosyThe Thalidomide story had a complex course, full of unintended discoveries, with unforeseen consequences including the elements of an adventure story; heroes and heroines, bad guys, villains, intrigue, deception, antagonists and protagonists, even Nazis.It was December 25, 1956. In Stollberg, Germany. A young, nervous, to-be Dad was waiting for news fr...
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