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Type I IFN signaling facilitates the development of IL ‐10‐producing effector CD8+ T cells during murine influenza virus infection
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved (Source: European Journal of Immunology)
Source: European Journal of Immunology - October 4, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Li Jiang, Shuyu Yao, Su Huang, Jeffrey Wright, Thomas J. Braciale, Jie Sun Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

Chapter Eight Molecular Basis of Coronavirus Virulence and Vaccine Development
Publication date: 2016 Source:Advances in Virus Research, Volume 96 Author(s): L. Enjuanes, S. Zuñiga, C. Castaño-Rodriguez, J. Gutierrez-Alvarez, J. Canton, I. Sola Virus vaccines have to be immunogenic, sufficiently stable, safe, and suitable to induce long-lasting immunity. To meet these requirements, vaccine studies need to provide a comprehensive understanding of (i) the protective roles of antiviral B and T-cell-mediated immune responses, (ii) the complexity and plasticity of major viral antigens, and (iii) virus molecular biology and pathogenesis. There are many types of vaccines including subunit vaccines, whole...
Source: Advances in Virus Research - October 4, 2016 Category: Virology Source Type: research

Chapter Seven Interaction of SARS and MERS Coronaviruses with the Antiviral Interferon Response
Publication date: 2016 Source:Advances in Virus Research, Volume 96 Author(s): E. Kindler, V. Thiel, F. Weber Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are the most severe coronavirus (CoV)-associated diseases in humans. The causative agents, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, are of zoonotic origin but may be transmitted to humans, causing severe and often fatal respiratory disease in their new host. The two coronaviruses are thought to encode an unusually large number of factors that allow them to thrive and replicate in the presence of efficient host defense mechanisms, especially the ant...
Source: Advances in Virus Research - October 4, 2016 Category: Virology Source Type: research

Chapter Two Coronavirus Spike Protein and Tropism Changes
Publication date: 2016 Source:Advances in Virus Research, Volume 96 Author(s): R.J.G. Hulswit, C.A.M. de Haan, B.-J. Bosch Coronaviruses (CoVs) have a remarkable potential to change tropism. This is particularly illustrated over the last 15 years by the emergence of two zoonotic CoVs, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)- and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV. Due to their inherent genetic variability, it is inevitable that new cross-species transmission events of these enveloped, positive-stranded RNA viruses will occur. Research into these medical and veterinary important pathogens—sparked by the SAR...
Source: Advances in Virus Research - October 4, 2016 Category: Virology Source Type: research

Mpn491, a secreted nuclease of Mycoplasma pneumoniae, plays a critical role in evading killing by neutrophil extracellular traps
In this study, we investigated whether M. pneumoniae possesses resistance mechanisms against the NETs‐mediated killing of neutrophils and found that the bacterium degrades the NETs induced upon M. pneumoniae infection. The NETs‐degrading ability of M. pneumoniae required the production of a secreted nuclease, Mpn491, capable of using Mg2+ as a cofactor for its hydrolytic activity. Moreover, the inactivation of the nuclease resulted in increased susceptibility of M. pneumoniae to the NETs‐mediated killing of neutrophils. The results suggest that M. pneumoniae employs Mpn491 as a means for evading the killing mechanism...
Source: Cellular Microbiology - October 4, 2016 Category: Microbiology Authors: Takeshi Yamamoto, Yutaka Kida, Yuichi Sakamoto, Koichi Kuwano Tags: RESEARCH ARTICLE Source Type: research

Internal carotid artery blood flow in healthy awake subjects is reduced by simulated hypovolemia and noninvasive mechanical ventilation
This study was designed to assess internal carotid artery blood flow (ICA‐BF) during simulated hypovolemia and noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (PPV) in young healthy humans. Beat‐by‐beat blood velocity (ICA and aorta) were measured by Doppler ultrasound during normovolemia and simulated hypovolemia (lower body negative pressure), with or without PPV in 15 awake subjects. Heart rate, plethysmographic finger arterial pressure, respiratory frequency, and end‐tidal CO2 (ETCO2) were also recorded. Cardiac index (CI) and ICA‐BF were calculated beat‐by‐beat. Medians and 95% confidence intervals and Wilcoxo...
Source: Physiological Reports - October 4, 2016 Category: Physiology Authors: Maria Skytioti, Signe S øvik, Maja Elstad Tags: Original Research Source Type: research

Toxicants in folk remedies: implications of elevated blood lead in an American-born infant due to imported diaper powder
We present interdisciplinary findings from and policy implications of a case of elevated blood lead (13 –18 mcg/dL, reference level<5  mcg/dL) in a 9-month-old infant, linked to a non-commercial Malaysian folk diaper powder. Analyses showed the powder contains 62 % lead by weight (primarily lead oxide) and elevated antimony [1000 parts per million (ppm)], arsenic (55 ppm), bismuth (110 ppm), and thallium (31 ppm). These metal s are highly bioaccessible in simulated gastric fluids, but only slightly bioaccessible in simulated lung fluids and simulated urine, suggesting that the primary lead exposure routes were i...
Source: Environmental Geochemistry and Health - October 4, 2016 Category: Environmental Health Source Type: research

Revisiting cancer 15 years later: Exploring mortality among agricultural and non ‐agricultural workers in the Serrana Region of Rio de Janeiro
ConclusionAgricultural workers may be at increasing risk for cancer and other mortality. Efforts are needed to investigate distinct risk‐factors among this group. Am. J. Ind. Med. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (Source: American Journal of Industrial Medicine)
Source: American Journal of Industrial Medicine - October 4, 2016 Category: Occupational Health Authors: Noa Krawczyk, Aline de Souza Esp índola Santos, Jaime Lima, Armando Meyer Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

High nasal resistance is stable over time but poorly perceived in people with tetraplegia and obstructive sleep apnoea
Publication date: Available online 3 October 2016 Source:Respiratory Physiology &amp; Neurobiology Author(s): Nirupama S. Wijesuriya, Chaminda Lewis, Jane E. Butler, Bonsan B. Lee, Amy S. Jordan, David J. Berlowitz, Danny J. Eckert Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is highly prevalent in people with tetraplegia. Nasal congestion, a risk factor for OSA, is common in people with tetraplegia. The purpose of this study was to quantify objective and perceived nasal resistance and its stability over four separate days in people with tetraplegia and OSA (n=8) compared to able-bodied controls (n=6). Awake nasal resistance was qu...
Source: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology - October 4, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Mycosis Fungoides two decades after exposure to sulfur mustard: A follow up of 1100 victims
ConclusionThis study indicates that the risk of Mycosis Fungoides in those exposed to SM may increases over time. Therefore, their follow‐up is recommended.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology)
Source: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - October 4, 2016 Category: Dermatology Authors: S N. Emadi, M. Shiri, Z. Shiri, S E. Emadi, H. Mortazavi, A. Nikoo, J. Akhavan ‐Moghaddam Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Management in primary health care: discourses about the search for respiratory symptomatics of tuberculosis
ABSTRACT The study aimed to analyze the discourse of Primary Health Care managers about the search for respiratory symptomatics as an epidemiological surveillance action of tuberculosis. A qualitative study was undertaken, guided by the theoretical and analytical framework of French Discourse Analysis. Data were produced in May 2012 through semi-structured interviews with 14 subjects. Two discursive blocks were produced: marks of power in the execution of the search for respiratory symptomatics; resistance strategies in the search for respiratory symptomatics. Discursive positions were grounded in the traditional managemen...
Source: Texto e Contexto - Enfermagem - October 3, 2016 Category: Global & Universal Source Type: research

Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation associated with esophageal duplication cyst
Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) of the lung is rare and is characterized by an excessive overgrowth of the terminal bronchioles.1 Patients with CCAM may present either in the newborn period with progressive respiratory distress, or rarely in older children and adults with recurrent pulmonary infections. Intrathoracic foregut duplication cysts are also rare, and depending on their size, may be asymptomatic and discovered incidentally, or may present with a variety of symptoms, most commonly airway or esophageal obstruction.2 The coexistence of both CCAM and esophageal duplication cyst (EDC) is extremely ra...
Source: Annals of Saudi Medicine - October 3, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Tags: ISSUE 1 Source Type: research

Nasopharyngeal Pneumococcal Density and Evolution of Acute Respiratory Illnesses in Young Children, Peru, 2009 –2011
R. R. Fan et al. (Source: Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal)
Source: Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal - October 3, 2016 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research

Effects of inhaled high-molecular weight hyaluronan in inflammatory airway disease
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic inflammatory disease that is affecting thousands of patients worldwide. Adjuvant anti-inflammatory treatment is an important component of cystic fibrosis treatment, and has sh... (Source: Respiratory Research)
Source: Respiratory Research - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Adelaida Lamas, Jamie Marshburn, Vandy P. Stober, Scott H. Donaldson and Stavros Garantziotis Source Type: research

Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of Lymph Node Classification in Lung Cancer on Computed Tomography.
CONCLUSION: Use of older lymph node maps and inconsistencies in IASLC lymph node map definition interpretation and application may potentially lead to stage misclassification and suboptimal management of lung cancer in some patients. PMID: 27713056 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Chest)
Source: Chest - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: El-Sherief AH, Lau CT, Obuchowski NA, Mehta AC, Rice TW, Blackstone EH Tags: Chest Source Type: research

Dogmas and medical beliefs in COPD.
PMID: 27712851 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia)
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Duarte Araújo A Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

Management Difficulties in a Patient with EGFR-mutation Positive Lung Adenocarcinoma and Cerebral Metastases.
PMID: 27712850 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia)
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Cruz P, de Lujan L, de Castro J Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

Growth restriction induced by chronic prenatal hypoxia affects breathing rhythm and its pontine catecholaminergic modulation
Impaired transplacental supply of oxygen leads to intrauterine growth restriction, one of the most important causes of perinatal mortality and respiratory morbidity. Breathing rhythm depends on the central respiratory network modulated by catecholamines. We investigated the impact of growth restriction, using prenatal hypoxia, on respiratory frequency, on central respiratory-like rhythm, and on its catecholaminergic modulation after birth. At birth, respiratory frequency was increased and confirmed in en bloc medullary preparations, where the frequency of the fourth cervical (C4) ventral root discharge was increased, and i...
Source: Journal of Neurophysiology - October 3, 2016 Category: Neurology Authors: Tree, K., Viemari, J. C., Cayetanot, F., Peyronnet, J. Tags: Neural Circuits Source Type: research

Interferon beta-1a long-term therapy related to pulmonary arterial hypertension in multiple sclerosis patients
We report two patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) on interferon (IFN) beta-1a treatment for more than 7 years who developed pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Patient 1 developed severe PAH requiring lung transplantation. Histology showed typical proliferative lesions including plexiform lesions consistent with PAH. Patient 2 ceased IFN beta-1a, and their symptoms stabilised. Both cases highlight IFN beta-1a treatment as a potential risk factor for PAH. PAH needs to be considered as a diagnosis in patients on long-term IFN beta-1a treatment who develop new-onset respiratory symptoms. (Source: Multiple Sclerosis)
Source: Multiple Sclerosis - October 3, 2016 Category: Neurology Authors: Fok, A., Williams, T., McLean, C. A., Butler, E. Tags: Short Reports Source Type: research

Medical comorbidity and projected survival in patients admitted to a specialist addictions in-patient unit [Original papers]
Aims and method To investigate the burden of medical comorbidity in a population receiving in-patient treatment for drug and alcohol problems. All patients admitted over a 6-month period were included in the data-set. We recorded diagnostic information on admission that allowed the calculation of predicted 10-year survival using a previously validated comorbidity index. Results Despite the majority of the sample having a predicted 10-year survival chance of greater than 75%, a sizeable minority (16.7%) are carrying a high burden of medical comorbidity, with a predicted 10-year survival chance of less than 50%. More than ha...
Source: Psychiatric Bulletin - October 3, 2016 Category: Psychiatry Authors: Mogford, D. V., Lawrence, R. J. Tags: Original papers Source Type: research

A Distress Protocol for Respiratory Emergencies in Terminally Ill Patients With Lung Cancer or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
A combination of opioid, midazolam, and scopolamine (that we call "distress protocol" [DP]) is used to induce transient sedation when emergencies occur in palliative care. We wished to describe the prescription and administration of DP in terminally ill patients with either lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In a retrospective study, 96 of 100 patients with cancer and 85 of 100 patients with COPD had a DP prescribed. Thirty patients with cancer and 29 with COPD received at least 1 DP. All patients receiving a DP for an appropriate indication were sedated within 30 minutes. There was no difference ...
Source: American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine - October 3, 2016 Category: Palliative Care Authors: Godbout, K., Tremblay, L., Lacasse, Y. Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Roles of subunit NuoL in the proton pumping coupling mechanism of NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) from Escherichia coli
Respiratory complex I has an L-shaped structure formed by the hydrophilic arm responsible for electron transfer and the membrane arm that contains protons pumping machinery. Here, to gain mechanistic insights into the role of subunit NuoL, we investigated the effects of Mg2+, Zn2+ and the Na+/H+ antiporter inhibitor 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)-amiloride (EIPA) on proton pumping activities of various isolated NuoL mutant complex I after reconstitution into Escherichia coli double knockout (DKO) membrane vesicles lacking complex I and the NADH dehydrogenase type 2. We found that Mg2+ was critical for proton pumping activity of c...
Source: Journal of Biochemistry - October 3, 2016 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Narayanan, M., Sakyiama, J. A., Elguindy, M. M., Nakamaru-Ogiso, E. Tags: Regular Papers Source Type: research

Study protocol for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Sitting and ExacerbAtions Trial (COPD-SEAT): a randomised controlled feasibility trial of a home-based self-monitoring sedentary behaviour intervention
This study aims to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a 2-week at-home intervention providing education and self-monitoring to reduce prolonged periods of SB in patients with COPD discharged following an acute exacerbation. Methods and analysis Patients will be randomised into 1 of 3 conditions: usual care (control), education or education+feedback. The education group will receive information and suggestions about reducing long periods of sitting. The education+feedback group will receive real-time feedback on their sitting time, stand-ups and step count at home through an inclinometer linked to a smart device...
Source: BMJ Open - October 3, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Orme, M., Weedon, A., Esliger, D., Saukko, P., Morgan, M., Steiner, M., Downey, J., Singh, S., Sherar, L. Tags: Open access, Rehabilitation medicine, Respiratory medicine, Sports and exercise medicine Protocol Source Type: research

Hypophosphatemia promotes lower rates of muscle ATP synthesis [Research]
Hypophosphatemia can lead to muscle weakness and respiratory and heart failure, but the mechanism is unknown. To address this question, we noninvasively assessed rates of muscle ATP synthesis in hypophosphatemic mice by using in vivo saturation transfer [31P]-magnetic resonance spectroscopy. By using this approach, we found that basal and insulin-stimulated rates of muscle ATP synthetic flux (VATP) and plasma inorganic phosphate (Pi) were reduced by 50% in mice with diet-induced hypophosphatemia as well as in sodium-dependent Pi transporter solute carrier family 34, member 1 (NaPi2a)-knockout (NaPi2a–/–) mice c...
Source: FASEB Journal - October 3, 2016 Category: Biology Authors: Pesta, D. H., Tsirigotis, D. N., Befroy, D. E., Caballero, D., Jurczak, M. J., Rahimi, Y., Cline, G. W., Dufour, S., Birkenfeld, A. L., Rothman, D. L., Carpenter, T. O., Insogna, K., Petersen, K. F., Bergwitz, C., Shulman, G. I. Tags: Research Source Type: research

Surgical Treatment of Childhood Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumors
Conclusion IMT is a rare tumor of childhood with a spectrum of clinical findings because of variable localization. Surgical treatment is the first choice of treatment. Patients with residual mass and ALK positivity may require medical treatment. In our series, long-term survival of patients was favorable in patients with total resection. [...] Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New YorkArticle in Thieme eJournals: Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text (Source: European Journal of Pediatric Surgery)
Source: European Journal of Pediatric Surgery - October 3, 2016 Category: Surgery Authors: Soyer, Tutku Talim, Beril Karnak, İbrahim Ekinci, Saniye Andiran, Fatih Çiftçi, Arbay Özden Orhan, Diclehan Aky üz, Canan Tanyel, Feridun Cahit Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Simplified comorbidity score for elderly patients undergoing thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer
ConclusionsThe SCS can predict the likelihood of postoperative complications and prognosis of elderly patients with VATS-treated lung cancers. (Source: Surgery Today)
Source: Surgery Today - October 3, 2016 Category: Surgery Source Type: research

Quick and cheap MIRU-VNTR typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis species complex using duplex PCR
While minisatellites are usually typed using capillary sequencers or qiaplex systems in developed countries, many low-resource regions cannot afford it. We propose an optimized agarose gel electrophoresis method to genotype Mycobacterium tuberculosis species complex minisatellites in their standardized format (24 MIRU-VNTR). It is based on duplex PCRs combining VNTR loci harboring distinct amplicon sizes whatever the repetition number of each locus. This method performs well both on DNA extracts of good quality and on thermolysates while reducing both workload and reagents costs. (Source: Tuberculosis)
Source: Tuberculosis - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Memona Yasmin, St éphanie Le Moullec, Rubina Tabassum Siddiqui, Jessica De Beer, Christophe Sola, Guislaine Refrégier Source Type: research

Acute eosinophilic pneumonia following heat ‐not‐burn cigarette smoking
A 20‐year‐old man was admitted with acute respiratory failure. He had started smoking 20 heat‐not‐burn cigarettes (HC) per day 6 months previously, then purchased a second device for smoking HC to increase smoking to 40 cigarettes per day 2 weeks before hospitalization. Acute eosinophilic pneumonia (AEP) was diagnosed based on medical history, chest high‐resolution computed tomographic findings, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid eosinophilia. On starting treatment with prednisolone, the patient exhibited complete recovery. A relationship between cigarette smoking and AEP has been suggested. HC were released in Sep...
Source: Respirology Case Reports - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Takahiro Kamada, Yosuke Yamashita, Hiromi Tomioka Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Should tumour necrosis factor antagonist safety information be applied from patients with rheumatoid arthritis to psoriasis? Rates of serious adverse events in the prospective rheumatoid arthritis BIOBADASER and psoriasis BIOBADADERM cohorts
ConclusionsPatients with rheumatoid arthritis clinical practice have almost double the risk of serious adverse events compared with patients with psoriasis, with a different pattern of adverse events. Safety data from rheumatoid arthritis should not be fully extrapolated to psoriasis. These differences are likely to apply to other immune‐mediated inflammatory diseases. (Source: British Journal of Dermatology)
Source: British Journal of Dermatology - October 3, 2016 Category: Dermatology Authors: I. Garc ía‐Doval, M.V. Hernández, F. Vanaclocha, A. Sellas, P. Cueva, D. Montero, Tags: Epidemiology Source Type: research

Intradural Carcinoid Tumor Found in a Patient with No History of Cancer: A Case Report
Carcinoid tumors are rare neoplasms that often arise from the gastrointestinal or respiratory tracts. They often metastasize to bone tissue, as well as pancreatic and hepatic sites. The central nervous system and most specifically the spinal cord are rarely involved. Primary Carcinoid tumors of the CNS are even rarer. (Source: World Neurosurgery)
Source: World Neurosurgery - October 3, 2016 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Jason R. Audlin, Gaurav Khullar, Eric M. Deshaies, Swamy Kurra, William F. Lavelle Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Capillary microextraction: a new method for sampling methamphetamine vapour
The clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine, especially in residential properties, is a significant concern in New Zealand and countries around the world, and represents a serious public health issue. While the precise nature of the dangers of passive exposure to contaminants at a former methamphetamine clandestine laboratory are not currently known, there have been reports of ill-health among first responders as well as residents in clandestine laboratories[1 –3]. Burgess et al. reported that a large number of law enforcement personnel showed symptoms, mostly headaches and mucous membrane or respiratory irritation, w...
Source: Forensic Science International - October 3, 2016 Category: Forensic Medicine Authors: M.V. Nair, G.M. Miskelly Source Type: research

Suspected total spinal in patient having emergent Caesarean section, a case report and literature review
We describe a healthy 32 years, 0 para mother in gestation week 36 having labour epidural analgesia but due to foetal distress scheduled for a emergent Caesarean section category 2 that developed upper extremity weakness and respiratory depression after administration of standard dose high density bupivacaine/morphine/fentanyl intrathecal anaesthesia. She was emergent intubated and resumed motor function after 15–20minutes. DISCUSSION A too extensive cephalic spread was the most plausible explanation to the event. Whether or not reducing the dose for a spinal anaesthesia in mothers having an established labour epidural a...
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - October 3, 2016 Category: Surgery Source Type: research

The Association Between Bone Mineral Density and Airflow Limitation in a Cohort of Fit Elderly Women
ConclusionsAL was associated with a higher risk of reduced BMD in healthy, fit elderly women. (Source: Lung)
Source: Lung - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Endobronchial Involvement as an Extremely Rare Manifestation of the Waldenstr öm's Disease
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: The Clinical Respiratory Journal)
Source: The Clinical Respiratory Journal - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Hana Bart áková, Jan Novák, Radek Jakša, Jiří Beneš, Jiří Votruba Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Effects of leukotriene D4 and histamine nasal challenge on airway responsiveness and inflammation in persistent allergic rhinitis patients
Conclusions LTD4 and histamine nasal challenge caused different patterns and severities of nasal symptoms, which correlated with symptoms (TSS) that affect patient daily life. LTD4 was far more potent than histamine at increasing the NAR, while histamine nasal challenge induced more sneezing and nasal discharge. These results may guide the prescription of anti‐histamine or anti‐leukotriene agents for treating different AR phenotypes. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: The Clinical Respiratory Journal)
Source: The Clinical Respiratory Journal - October 3, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Zheng Zhu, Yanqing Xie, Weijie Guan, Yi Gao, Shu Xia, Rongquan Huang, Nanshan Zhong, Jinping Zheng Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Pore architecture of TRIC channels and insights into their gating mechanism
Nature advance online publication 03 October 2016. doi:10.1038/nature19767 Authors: Hanting Yang, Miaohui Hu, Jianli Guo, Xiaomin Ou, Tanxi Cai & Zhenfeng Liu Intracellular Ca2+ signalling processes are fundamental to muscle contraction, neurotransmitter release, cell growth and apoptosis. Release of Ca2+ from the intracellular stores is supported by a series of ion channels in sarcoplasmic or endoplasmic reticulum (SR/ER). Among them, two isoforms of the trimeric intracellular cation (TRIC) channel family, named TRIC-A and TRIC-B, modulate the release of Ca2+ through the ryanodine receptor or inositol triphosphate re...
Source: Nature AOP - October 3, 2016 Category: Research Authors: Hanting Yang Miaohui Hu Jianli Guo Xiaomin Ou Tanxi Cai Zhenfeng Liu Tags: Letter Source Type: research

Rapidly progressive acute chest syndrome in individuals with sickle cell anemia: a distinct acute chest syndrome phenotype
In conclusion, rapidly progressive ACS is a distinct phenotype that occurs more frequently in adults, is preceded by thrombocytopenia, and is associated with multiorgan failure. Am. J. Hematol., 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (Source: American Journal of Hematology)
Source: American Journal of Hematology - October 3, 2016 Category: Hematology Authors: Shruti Chaturvedi, Djamila L. Ghafuri, Jeffrey Glassberg, Adetola A. Kassim, Mark Rodeghier, Michael R. DeBaun Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

An early innate response underlies severe influenza ‐induced exacerbations of asthma in a novel steroid‐insensitive and anti‐IL‐5 responsive mouse model
ConclusionsTogether these findings indicate that an early innate response that involves eosinophils underlies the exacerbation. This model recapitulates all major features of severe asthma exacerbations and can serve to discern driving mechanisms and promote development of novel therapeutics.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: Allergy)
Source: Allergy - October 3, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Lara Ravanetti, Annemiek Dijkhuis, Yanaika S. Sabogal Pineros, Suzanne M. Bal, Barbara S. Dierdorp, Tamara Dekker, Adrian Logiantara, Ian M. Adcock, Navin L. Rao, Louis Boon, Gino Villetti, Peter J. Sterk, Fabrizio Facchinetti, Ren é Lutter, Tags: Original Article: Experimental Allergy and Immunology Source Type: research

Clinical, Immunological, and Molecular Findings of Patients with p47 phox Defect Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) in Indian Families
AbstractChronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is a group of inherited disorder of phagocytes, resulting from mutations in the components of the NADPH oxidase complex. Reduced or absent oxygen radical synthesis seen in these patients leads to impaired killing of intracellular bacteria and fungi. CGD clinically presents with recurrent and life-threatening infections as well as granulomatous inflammatory responses. p47phox encoded by theNCF1 gene is the most common autosomal recessive form of CGD which is often clinically milder. Here, we are presenting the data on clinical and immunological findings in 21 Indian patients with ...
Source: Journal of Clinical Immunology - October 3, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research

Genetic variability of respiratory syncytial virus A in hospitalized children in the last five consecutive winter seasons in Central Spain
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved (Source: Journal of Medical Virology)
Source: Journal of Medical Virology - October 3, 2016 Category: Virology Authors: Ana Calder ón, Francisco Pozo, Cristina Calvo, MLuz García‐García, Mónica González‐Esguevillas, Mar Molinero, Inmaculada Casas Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

[Hypoglossal nerve stimulation in patients with CPAP failure : Evolution of an alternative treatment for patients with obstructive sleep apnea].
Authors: Heiser C, Hofauer B Abstract Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common disease in western industrialized countries with increasing prevalence. Gold standard of therapy is nocturnal positive pressure ventilation by continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Due to complications and side effects of ventilation, therapy adherence is limited. Recently an alternative surgical treatment has become available for these patients, which uses established techniques to stimulate the hypoglossus nerve to open the upper airway during sleep. The aim of this work is to provide an overview of the history and current state...
Source: HNO - October 2, 2016 Category: ENT & OMF Tags: HNO Source Type: research

Comparison of diagnostic validity of mannitol and methacholine challenges and relationship to clinical status and airway inflammation in steroid-na ïve asthmatic patients.
CONCLUSIONS: Both challenge tests were equivalent in diagnosing asthma. Nevertheless specificity appeared to be slightly higher in mannitol challenge. PMID: 27686218 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Asthma)
Source: Journal of Asthma - October 2, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: J Asthma Source Type: research

The effect of the severity of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome on telomere length.
In conclusion, our study indicates the presence of an association between LTL and OSAS and a significant impact of severity of OSAS in telomeres shortening. PMID: 27690344 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Oncotarget)
Source: Oncotarget - October 2, 2016 Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Oncotarget Source Type: research

Essential Oil from Origanum vulgare Completely Inhibits the Growth of Multidrug-Resistant Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens.
Authors: Pesavento G, Maggini V, Maida I, Lo Nostro A, Calonico C, Sassoli C, Perrin E, Fondi M, Mengoni A, Chiellini C, Vannacci A, Gallo E, Gori L, Bogani P, Bilia AR, Campana S, Ravenni N, Dolce D, Firenzuoli F, Fani R Abstract Essential oils (EOs) are known to inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms. Particularly interesting is the possible use of EOs to treat multidrug-resistant cystic fibrosis (CF) pathogens. We tested the essential oil (EO) from Origanum vulgare for in vitro antimicrobial activity, against three of the major human opportunistic pathogens responsible for respiratory infections in...
Source: Natural Product Communications - October 2, 2016 Category: Biochemistry Tags: Nat Prod Commun Source Type: research

Respiratory health effects of occupational exposure to charcoal dust in Namibia.
CONCLUSIONS: Charcoal dust levels exceeded the US OSHA recommended limit of 3.5 mg/m(3) for carbon-black-containing material and study participants presented with exposure-related adverse respiratory outcomes in a dose-response manner. Our findings suggest that the Namibian Ministry of Labour introduce stronger enforcement strategies of existing national health and safety regulations within the industry. PMID: 27687528 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health)
Source: International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health - October 2, 2016 Category: Environmental Health Tags: Int J Occup Environ Health Source Type: research

Body Powder Use and Ovarian Cancer in African Americans
Conclusions: In a study of AA women, body powder use was significantly associated with EOC risk. Impact: The results support that body powder is a modifiable risk factor for EOC among AA women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 25(10); 1411–7. ©2016 AACR. See related commentary by Trabert, p. 1369 (Source: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention)
Source: Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention - October 2, 2016 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Schildkraut, J. M., Abbott, S. E., Alberg, A. J., Bandera, E. V., Barnholtz-Sloan, J. S., Bondy, M. L., Cote, M. L., Funkhouser, E., Peres, L. C., Peters, E. S., Schwartz, A. G., Terry, P., Crankshaw, S., Camacho, F., Wang, F., Moorman, P. G. Tags: Research Articles Source Type: research

Chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis presenting as transient migratory thoracic mass: A diagnostic dilemma
We present a mildly imunosuppresive, elderly 71-year-old woman with the diagnosis of chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis presenting as transient migratory thoracic mass. (Source: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports)
Source: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports - October 2, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Drug-Induced Acute Liver Failure
Drug-induced acute liver failure (ALF) disproportionately affects women and nonwhites. It is most frequently caused by antimicrobials and to a lesser extent by complementary and alternative medications, antiepileptics, antimetabolites, nonsteroidals, and statins. Most drug-induced liver injury ALF patients have hepatocellular injury pattern. Cerebral edema and intracranial hypertension are the most serious complications of ALF. Other complications include coagulopathy, sepsis, metabolic derangements, and renal, circulatory, and respiratory dysfunction. Although advances in intensive care have improved outcome, ALF has sign...
Source: Clinics in Liver Disease - October 2, 2016 Category: Gastroenterology Authors: Shahid Habib, Obaid S. Shaikh Source Type: research

Apnea After Low-Dose Ketamine Sedation During Attempted Delayed Sequence Intubation
Publication date: Available online 28 September 2016 Source:Annals of Emergency Medicine Author(s): Brian E. Driver, Robert F. Reardon Some patients are agitated and unable to tolerate conventional preoxygenation methods, including face mask oxygen or noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation. Sedation with ketamine for preoxygenation, also known as delayed sequence intubation, is a technique that can be used to achieve preoxygenation in this patient population. No complications of delayed sequence intubation have previously been reported. A 60-year-old woman presented with acute hypoxic respiratory failure. Despite appli...
Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine - October 2, 2016 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

The effect of smoking status on burn inhalation injury mortality
Conclusion In the sub group of burn patients with inhalation injury, the odds of mortality significantly decreased in pre-existing smokers after adjusting for significant covariates. We postulate that an immune tolerance mechanism that modulates and diminishes the pro-inflammatory response confers a survival advantage in smokers after exposure to acute smoke inhalation injury. Future prospective studies in human and/or animal models are needed to confirm these findings. (Source: Burns)
Source: Burns - October 2, 2016 Category: Dermatology Source Type: research