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What Treatment is Recommended for Common Headaches?
Discussion Headache is pain in the scalp, forehead, orbits and temple. Facial and neck pain are usually excluded from this definition. It is a common problem with more than 6 million pediatric patients having migraine. Headaches can also have co-morbidities and more than 1 primary headache type can co-exist. The costs are high both economically and in the quality of life for the patients and families. A review of common headache types and indications for neuroimaging can be found here. Treatment is necessarily multi-pronged. Patients should understand their diagnosis so they can understand what reasonably can be expected...
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What are the Recommendations for Neuromaging Because of Headaches?
Discussion Headaches are not only painful but can significantly affect the lives of patients and families. Education and support for patients is key to managing headaches. Detailed diaries not only help with initial diagnosis but also chronic management. Common headache types include: Tension headache Location – bilateral Intensity – mild or moderate Description – non-pulsating tightening or pressure Activities – not aggravated by usual activities Duration – 30 minutes – continuous Frequency – 15 days per month for more than 3 months for chronic tension headache Treatment &ndash...
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