Why Chrissy Tiegen's Son Wears A Corrective Helmet, What Is Positional Plagiocephaly
It is also called flat head syndrome. It's not uncommon. Here's the cause and the typical fixes. (Source: Forbes.com Healthcare News)
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Study reveals abnormalities in infants born in withdrawal after opioid exposure in utero
(Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center) A new study of infants born in withdrawal due to opioid exposure in utero shows a dramatic increase in torticollis -- an abnormal twisting of the neck. Many of the infants also had plagiocephaly -- a flattening of the head often seen in conjunction with torticollis. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
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Former NICU Baby Sports Helmet With Totally Fitting Phrase
A viral photo of a preemie wearing a special helmet is spreading a beautiful message of hope and determination. On Monday, a mom named Lori shared a photo of her 8-month-old daughter with the popular Facebook group, Pantsuit Nation. In the photo, the baby wears a cranial helmet with the words “Nevertheless she persisted.” In the caption, Lori dedicated the post to her fellow NICU parents.  “My little girl was born with some health issues that resulted in some pretty intense interventions that ended up saving her,” she wrote. “We were told by the doctors some pretty scary news ... we...
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Sudden infant death advice 'being ignored' due to flat head worries
Conclusion The success of the campaign to reduce the devastating experience of SIDS is not in doubt. Since the Back To Sleep campaign began, numbers of these "cot deaths" have reduced by 65%  in the UK. And, at time of writing, recorded deaths from SIDS are at a record low in England and Wales. Still, there is no room for complacency. Safe sleeping advice remains important and parents should take it very seriously. There's no research to show whether cushions or pillows marketed as suitable for preventing flat head are either safe or effective. They are best avoided. There are some things to bear in mind ab...
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Flat head baby Lathan Beasley gets helmet thanks to generous stranger
Lathan Beasley, from Cheltenham, Gloucester, has plagiocephaly - a condition where a baby develops a flattened head when they are a few months old. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Conservative Therapy Corrects Positional Cranial DeformationConservative Therapy Corrects Positional Cranial Deformation
Deformational plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, on the rise since 1992, were corrected in 77.1% of infants with conservative repositioning therapy as a first-line treatment, according to a study. Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Medical News Headlines)
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Nonsynostotic Deformational PlagiocephalyNonsynostotic Deformational Plagiocephaly
Plagiocephaly has a short window of opportunity for intervention: 3-18 months. Learn how to assess an infant's head and face, what to do when you find asymmetries, and when to refer to a specialist. Medscape Nurses (Source: Medscape Nurses Headlines)
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Too close for comfort: Difficult to diagnose craniosynostosis case leads to unique discovery
When Luke and Emily Hawkins first learned that their daughter Norah may have been born with a birth defect called craniosynostosis—meaning the sutures of her skull may have fused too early—they were understandably worried. A child’s skull typically takes years to fully fuse, allowing the brain room to grow and develop during her formative years. But if the skull fuses too soon, as Norah’s doctor suspected might have been the case with her, it can create excess pressure on the brain that can lead to developmental delays, learning disabilities and possible cosmetic issues. It was a lot for the first-t...
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Preventing plagiocephaly: A conversation with Invictus Medical's Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts, CEO of San Antonio, Texas-based startup Invictus Medical discusses the company's approach to preventing the cranial deformation plagiocephaly, also known as flattening of the skull, that affects up to 30% of newborns. For Tom Roberts, good healthcare starts with prevention. It's a mantra the CEO of San Antonio, Texas-based startup Invictus Medical holds close to his heart. In 2010, interrupting a 25-year medical device career that had taken him to Boehringer Manheim, Roche Diagnostics and Kinetic Concepts Inc., Roberts took a leave of absence in 2010 to serve as a primary caretaker for his ailing ...
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Positional Plagiocephaly: Effectiveness of Current GuidelinesPositional Plagiocephaly: Effectiveness of Current Guidelines
Positional plagiocephaly has been on the rise in recent years, as more infants are being positioned on their backs for sleep. Are current recommendations being clearly and effectively delivered? Neurosurgical Focus (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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Study: "Flat head syndrome" found in 47 percent of infants
Positional plagiocephaly, normally caused when a child sleeps on one side for too long, can cause physical, developmental delays (Source: Health News: CBSNews.com)
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Study Finds High Rate Of 'Head Flattening' In Babies
Researchers have found that almost half of infants aged between 2 and 3 months have a flattened part to their head (positional plagiocephaly). The study, published in the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), investigated the occurrence of positional plagiocephaly in infants aged 7 to 12 weeks who attended a 2-month well-child clinic in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Researchers assessed 440 healthy infants who had been born at full-term (37 weeks of gestation). Of these infants, 205 (46.6%) had some form of 'flat spot' on their heads. Of those babies, 78... (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)
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More Babies Get Flattened Heads than Thought (CME/CE)
(MedPage Today) -- Nearly half of infants examined in one Canadian city showed signs of positional plagiocephaly (flattened head), more than would have been expected from most previous studies, researchers said. (Source: MedPage Today OB/GYN)
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