3D Printing Used To Model Baby’s Skull
Drs. Michael Egnor and Elliot Duboys recently used a 3D printed model of a baby’s skull in an intricate surgery to correct anterior plagiocephaly. The infant, Gabriel Dela Cruz, was born with a normal skull but shortly after birth the bony plates one side of this skull began to fuse prematurely, causing a badly misshapen head. Using CT scans, Medical Modeling, Inc. used 3D printing to create before and after skull models that the surgeons used as templates during surgery. The post 3D Printing Used To Model Baby’s Skull appeared first on InsideSurgery Medical Information Blog. (Source: Inside Surgery)
Source: Inside Surgery - February 22, 2014 Category: Surgeons Authors: Editor Tags: Orthopedic surgery Pediatrics Plastic Surgery anterior plagiocephaly Elliot Duboys Gabriel Dela Cruz Medical Modeling Michael Egnor Source Type: blogs