What Are the Causes of Secondary Amenorrhea?
Discussion The first sign of puberty in females is breast budding (Tanner stage II) which normally occurs from 8-13 years. Menarche usually occurs within 2 years of breast budding occurring usually at Tanner stage III-IV breast development. Menarche occurs for most girls from 10-15 years. Most cycles range between 21-45 days. Age > 13 years without acquisition of secondary sexual characteristics, > 15 years before menarche or 5 years after acquisition of secondary sexual characteristics or cycles longer than 45 days are indications for evaluation. After menarche is it not uncommon to have anovulatory cycles that are ...
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Redox-active antibiotics enhance phosphorus bioavailability
In this study, we explore long-standing observations that microbes increase the production of redox-active antibiotics under phosphorus limitation. The availability of phosphorus, a nutrient required by all life on Earth and essential for agriculture, can be controlled by adsorption to and release from iron minerals by means of redox cycling. Using phenazine antibiotic production by pseudomonads as a case study, we show that phenazines are regulated by phosphorus, solubilize phosphorus through reductive dissolution of iron oxides in the lab and field, and increase phosphorus-limited microbial growth. Phenazines are just on...
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Release of nutrients from lake-bottom sediments worsens Lake Erie's annual 'dead zone,'
(University of Michigan) Robotic laboratories on the bottom of Lake Erie have revealed that the muddy sediments there release nearly as much of the nutrient phosphorus into the surrounding waters as enters the lake's central basin each year from rivers and their tributaries. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Invasive mussels now control a key nutrient in the American Great Lakes
(University of Minnesota) The spread of quagga mussels across the American Great Lakes has transformed the supply of phosphorus - a key biological nutrient - to the ecosystem, according to research published this week in PNAS. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Lupin gets USFDA nod to market generic Sevelamer Carbonate tablets
The product is indicated for the control of serum phosphorus in adults and children 6 years of age and older with chronic kidney disease on dialysis, Lupin said in a statement. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News)
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Denmark could dig up and cremate mink killed in Covid cull
Fears nitrogen and phosphorus could be released in large quantities into soil at grave sitesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDenmark ’s government is considering exhuming and cremating the remains of millions of culled mink after decaying carcasses started toemerge from a hastily dug grave.After a mutated version of Covid-19 was found in the animals, the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, announced a cull in early November of the estimated 15-17 million mink in Denmark, the world ’s biggest exporter of mink fur.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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Microbes help unlock phosphorus for plant growth
(University of Washington) A research team led by the University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has shown that microbes taken from trees growing beside pristine mountain-fed streams in Western Washington could make phosphorus trapped in soils more accessible to agricultural crops. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Azerbaijani forces use white phosphorus over Karabakh
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:20 P.M.) - The Azerbaijani forces reportedly used white phosphorus munitions over the Karabakh region on Friday,... (Source: Reuters: Health)
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CdPS3 nanosheets-based membrane with high proton conductivity enabled by Cd vacancies
We report a class of membranes assembled with two-dimensional transition-metal phosphorus trichalcogenide nanosheets, in which the transition-metal vacancies enable exceptionally high ion conductivity. A Cd0.85PS3Li0.15H0.15 membrane exhibits a proton conduction dominant conductivity of ~0.95 siemens per centimeter at 90° Celsius and 98% relative humidity. This performance mainly originates from the abundant proton donor centers, easy proton desorption, and excellent hydration of the membranes induced by cadmium vacancies. We also observed superhigh lithium ion conductivity in Cd0.85PS3Li0.3 and Mn0.77PS3Li0.46 membran...
Source: ScienceNOW - October 29, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Qian, X., Chen, L., Yin, L., Liu, Z., Pei, S., Li, F., Hou, G., Chen, S., Song, L., Thebo, K. H., Cheng, H.-M., Ren, W. Tags: Materials Science, Physics reports Source Type: news

Current state of drug analysis in Japanese emergency departments: a nationwide survey - Otani N, Hifumi T, Kitamoto T, Kobayashi K, Nakaya N, Tomioka J.
AIM: In 1999, the Japanese Society for Clinical Toxicology proposed 15 toxicants that would be useful for analysis: methanol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, bromovalerylurea, tricyclic acid, acetaminophen, salicylic acid, theophylline, organic phosphorus p... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Enhanced fire safety of rigid polyurethane foam via synergistic effect of phosphorus/nitrogen compounds and expandable graphite - Liu C, Zhang P, Shi Y, Rao X, Cai S, Fu L, Feng Y, Wang L, Zheng X, Yang W.
In order to explore highly efficient flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam (RPUF), phosphorus/nitrogen compounds and expandable graphite (EG) were successfully incorporated into RPUF by a free one-spot method. The combustion results showed that the fire ... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Design of higher valency in covalent organic frameworks
We report a strategy for making COFs with valency 8 (cubes) and "infinity" (rods). The linker 1,4-boronophenylphosphonic acid—designed to have boron and phosphorus as an isoelectronic combination of carbon-group elements—was condensed into a porous, polycubane structure (BP-COF-1) formulated as (–B4P4O12–)(–C6H4–)4. It was characterized by x-ray powder diffraction techniques, which revealed cubes linked with phenyls. The isoreticular forms (BP-COF-2 to 5) were similarly prepared and characterized. Large single crystals of a constitutionally isomeric COF (BP-COF-6), composed of rod units,...
Source: ScienceNOW - October 22, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Gropp, C., Ma, T., Hanikel, N., Yaghi, O. M. Tags: Chemistry, Materials Science, Online Only r-articles Source Type: news

Black phosphorus composites with engineered interfaces for high-rate high-capacity lithium storage
We report use of black phosphorus (BP) as the active anode for high-rate, high-capacity Li storage. The formation of covalent bonds with graphitic carbon restrains edge reconstruction in layered BP particles to ensure open edges for fast Li+ entry; the coating of the covalently bonded BP-graphite particles with electrolyte-swollen polyaniline yields a stable solid–electrolyte interphase and inhibits the continuous growth of poorly conducting Li fluorides and carbonates to ensure efficient Li+ transport. The resultant composite anode demonstrates an excellent combination of capacity, rate, and cycling endurance. (Source: ScienceNOW)
Source: ScienceNOW - October 8, 2020 Category: Science Authors: Jin, H., Xin, S., Chuang, C., Li, W., Wang, H., Zhu, J., Xie, H., Zhang, T., Wan, Y., Qi, Z., Yan, W., Lu, Y.-R., Chan, T.-S., Wu, X., Goodenough, J. B., Ji, H., Duan, X. Tags: Chemistry, Materials Science r-articles Source Type: news

Phosphorus deficit may disrupt regional food supply chains
(Stockholm University) Phosphorus-based fertilizer is essential in modern agriculture. In regions with high population growth, more phosphorus will be needed to produce more food. A new study shows that world regions with high population growth rates are also the regions with the highest phosphorus deficit. It also quantifies the environmental impact of a business-as-usual scenario in the phosphorus supply chain to 2050 and identifies alarming rates of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the phosphorus supply. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Burosumab Is a'Game Changer,' Effective in All Subgroups of XLH Burosumab Is a'Game Changer,' Effective in All Subgroups of XLH
As in the overall phase 3 trial population, 24 weeks of burosumab treatment improved serum phosphorus and key measures of pain and stiffness in subgroups of adults with this rare form of inherited rickets.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Orthopaedics Headlines)
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