Here ’s How The Ocean is Being Harnessed as a Climate Solution
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Flame retardant cotton fabrics with anti-UV properties based on tea polyphenol-melamine-phenylphosphonic acid - Jiang Q, Li P, Liu Y, Zhu P.
A novel, high-efficiency, phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardant based on tea polyphenol-melamine-phenylphosphonic acid (named TP-MA-PPOA) for cotton fabrics was prepared successfully. TP-MA-PPOA coating gives the cotton fabrics flame retardancy and anti-UV p... (Source: SafetyLit)
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What the Perseverance Rover ’ s New Discovery Tells Us About the Chance of Ancient Life on Mars
It’s one of our great cosmic misfortunes that we entirely missed Mars’ golden age. About 3.5 billion years ago—during the first billion or so years of the solar system’s existence—the Red Planet was a blue planet, awash in ocean, seas, and rivers the way Earth is today. Ancient sedimentary basins, deltas and riverbeds are all that is left of Mars’ watery past—which ended when the planet’s magnetic field shut down, allowing the solar wind to claw the atmosphere away and the water to sputter into space. But a lot could have happened in those first one billion years—includ...
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Thinking Like a Tree – A Tribute to Life Sustainers
By Jan LundiusSTOCKHOLM, Aug 24 2022 (IPS) When I was a child, a friend asked me: “How would you describe a tree to someone who has never seen one?” I looked at the trees surrounding us and realised it was impossible, considering their versatility, beauty and utter strangeness. Since that time, I have often wondered about trees, as well as I have been worried by the indiscriminate destruction of trees and forests. Trees are a prerequisite for life and intimately connected with humans’ existence. In these times of climate change, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the life-promoting function of trees. How ...
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Taking this popular vitamin won't protect your bones
Taking a higher dose of vitamin D to protect your bones isn't necessary if you are a healthy middle-aged or older adult with no existing bone disease or vitamin D deficiency, a new study found. Vitamin D is needed by the body to fully absorb calcium and phosphorus from food. (Source: - Health)
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New hybrid machine learning forecasts lake ecosystem responses to climate change
Through the middle of the 20th century, phosphorus inputs from detergents and fertilizers degraded the water quality of Switzerland ' s Lake Geneva, spurring officials to take action in the 1970s to remediate the pollution. " The obvious remedy was to … (Source: NSF News)
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To tame lake-fouling algal blooms, try an ecosystem approach
Every summer, surges of toxic green muck plague lakes worldwide, sickening hikers who fail to purify drinking water, closing favorite swimming holes, and killing fish. The most feared—and studied—cause of these freshwater “algal” blooms is a genus of cyanobacterium called Microcystis . Its explosive summer growth is thought to be spurred by rising levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients, perhaps from fertilizer run off or other pollution sources. But new research, driven by advances in DNA sequencing, suggests other types of microbes also play key roles in these massive overgrowths. Acco...
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Ukraine says Russia dropped phosphorus bombs on Snake Island
Russian Su-30 fighter jets flew two sorties over Snake Island dropping phosphorus bombs a day after ‘goodwill’ retreat. #snakeisland #sorties (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How Changing Your Diet Could Have a Major Impact on Managing Lupus Symptoms
After Jewell Singletary was diagnosed with lupus, she developed rheumatoid arthritis as well—a common pairing, since both are autoimmune conditions—and had to use a cane to navigate her college campus. When she graduated, the now 38-year-old New Jersey resident decided to be more focused on supporting her health, in an effort to maintain her mobility as she began her career. She started in the kitchen. First to be tossed were sugary drinks, fried foods, and highly processed options, she says. Once she eliminated them, it didn’t take long before she could discard one more important item: her cane. [time-br...
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Models predict that planned phosphorus reductions will make Lake Erie more toxic
Reducing levels of the nutrient phosphorus to control harmful algal blooms in places such as Lake Erie is advantageous to toxic cyanobacteria strains, which can lead to an increase in toxins in the water, according to a new modeling study. U.S … (Source: NSF News)
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Fertility-focused Kindbody adds genetic testing with Phosphorus Labs acquisition
This marks the company ' s second deal this year. It announced plans to acquire a network of fertility clinics in February. (Source: mobihealthnews)
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What is white phosphorus, and what does it mean that Russia may be using it in Ukraine?
White phosphorus can ignite fast-burning fires and inflict extreme burns, making it particularly hazardous for civilians in war zones. #warzones #civilians (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Blog: International Women ’s Day is more important than ever
UNISON is the UK’s largest women’s organisation and that’s one of the reasons why equality is at the heart of everything we do. We mobilise our members in support of women’s issues here and across the world, and International Women’s Day, held on 8 March, is one of many opportunities throughout the year to celebrate the achievements of women and girls across the globe in every part of society. The history of women’s struggles for gender equality and equal rights is long and inspiring. Many will feel that it is hard to celebrate right now. We’ve just had two years of a traumatic pandemic that disproportionate...
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Outcome of plasma exchange in acute liver failure due to yellow phosphorus poisoning: a single-center experience - Angraje S, Sekar M, Mishra B, Matcha J.
BACKGROUND: Yellow phosphorus (YP) is a protoplasmic poison that causes acute liver failure (ALF) for which liver transplantation is the definitive modality. Hereby, we present our clinical data on the role of plasma exchange (PE) in ALF due to YP poisonin... (Source: SafetyLit)
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World ’s vast networks of underground fungi to be mapped for first time
Project aims to help protect some of trillions of miles of the ‘circulatory system of the planet’Vast networks of underground fungi – the “circulatory system of the planet” – are to be mapped for the first time, in an attempt to protect them from damage and improve their ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide.Fungi use carbon to build networks in the soil, which connect to plant roots and act as nutrient “highways”, exchanging carbon from plant roots for nutrients. For instance, some fungi are known to supply 80% of phosphorus to their host plants.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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