Venous congestion in septic shock quantified with point-of-care ultrasound: a pilot prospective multicentre cohort study
ConclusionsIt is feasible to conduct a definitive observational study exploring the association between venous congestion quantified with POCUS and clinical outcomes in patients with septic shock. We hypothesize that venous congestion may be associated with an increased hazard of receiving RRT. (Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia)
Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia - April 23, 2024 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

Reducing False-Positives Due to Urinary Stagnation in the Prostatic Urethra on 18F-DCFPyL PSMA PET/CT With MRI
CONCLUSIONS: Stagnated urine within the prostatic urethra is a potential confounding factor on PSMA PET scans. Integrating PET imaging with T2W MRI can mitigate false-positive calls, especially as PSMA PET/CT continues to gain traction in diagnosing localized prostate cancer.PMID:38651785 | DOI:10.1097/RLU.0000000000005220 (Source: Clinical Prostate Cancer)
Source: Clinical Prostate Cancer - April 23, 2024 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: David G Gelikman Esther Mena Liza Lindenberg William S Azar Nityam Rathi Enis C Yilmaz Stephanie A Harmon Kyle C Schuppe Jessica Y Hsueh Hannah Huth Bradford J Wood Sandeep Gurram Peter L Choyke Peter A Pinto Baris Turkbey Source Type: research

Multiple sclerosis and bipolar disorder: an  overlap between soma and psyche
Tijdschr Psychiatr. 2024;66(3):165-167.ABSTRACTThis clinical vignette describes a 29-year-old woman who had her first neurological manifestations of multiple sclerosis (MS) on the same day as a second lifetime manic episode as part of a bipolar I disorder. The patient was stable for eight years before this episode. An MRI-scan conducted during admission showed multiple demyelinating lesions in the frontal cortex, which might have influenced the development and course of the manic episode. Her manic symptoms went into remission during the same time as her neurological symptoms. This clinical vignette with literature review ...
Source: Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie - April 23, 2024 Category: Psychiatry Authors: K N Rennert T J Verduijn D G H Krol Source Type: research

Can We Predict the Grade of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma from Houns-Field Unit of Renal Lesion on Computerized Tomography Scan, a Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study
(Source: International Journal of General Medicine)
Source: International Journal of General Medicine - April 23, 2024 Category: General Medicine Tags: International Journal of General Medicine Source Type: research

High first trimester ferritin levels differ according to parity and are independently related to preterm birth: A prospective cohort study
ConclusionsFirst trimester parity specific ferritin and CRP levels could play a part in predictive models for preterm birth, and further research for their additive role in preterm birth is needed. (Source: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica)
Source: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica - April 23, 2024 Category: OBGYN Authors: Annabel Broekhuis, Steven V. Koenen, Maarten A. C. Broeren, Johannes G. Krabbe, Victor J. M. Pop Tags: ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE Source Type: research

Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 foam and SiO2@TiO2 core ‐shell nanostructure for gnetin dye degradation from industrial effluent
AbstractThe current study intends to create TiO2 foam, SiO2 nanoparticles (NPs), and SiO2@TiO2 core-shell nanostructure (CSN) with improved photocatalytic durability for the quick degradation of the textile industrial water pollutant in the presence of sunlight. The sol-gel, St öber, and chemical co-precipitation methods have been used to synthesize TiO2 foam, SiO2 NPs, and SiO2@TiO2 CSN. X-ray diffraction results have revealed the anatase phase of TiO2 foam, the amorphous nature of SiO2 NPs, and the amorphous nature of SiO2@TiO2 CSN due to equal wt.% of SiO2 NPs and TiO2 foam at 300 K. Field emission scanning electron mi...
Source: Environmental Quality Management - April 23, 2024 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Neetu Bora, Deepika P. Joshi Tags: RESEARCH ARTICLE Source Type: research

Overcoming Barriers to Implementation: Improving Incidental Coronary Calcium Reporting on Non-EKG Gated Chest CT Scans
The 2018 AHA/ACC Multisociety Blood Cholesterol Guideline1 states that the use of coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring is reasonable to inform statin therapy decision-making in those borderline or intermediate-risk patients with uncertainty about the need for statin therapy after consideration of risk-enhancing factors. The basis for its use rests on its ability to improve discrimination and reclassify risk as compared to that derived from risk equations based on traditional atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk factors. (Source: Journal of Clinical Lipidology)
Source: Journal of Clinical Lipidology - April 23, 2024 Category: Lipidology Authors: Jelani K. Grant, Amjad Bokhari, Aysswarya Manoharan, Margaret Koester, Michael Dangl, Miguel Martillo, Seamus P. Whelton, Seth S. Martin, Roger S. Blumenthal, Michael J. Blaha, David Eng, Joel Fishman, Carl E. Orringer Tags: Original Research Source Type: research

Molecules, Vol. 29, Pages 1915: Randomly Methylated & beta;-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex with Ketoconazole: Preparation, Characterization, and Improvement of Pharmacological Profiles
Molecules, Vol. 29, Pages 1915: Randomly Methylated β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex with Ketoconazole: Preparation, Characterization, and Improvement of Pharmacological Profiles Molecules doi: 10.3390/molecules29091915 Authors: Yili Ding Shufeng Xu Charles Ding Zhiyuan Zhang Zhe Xu As a powerful imidazole antifungal drug, ketoconazole’s low solubility (0.017 mg/mL), together with its odor and irritation, limited its clinical applications. The inclusion complex of ketoconazole with randomly methylated β-cyclodextrin was prepared by using an aqueous solution method after c...
Source: Molecules - April 23, 2024 Category: Chemistry Authors: Yili Ding Shufeng Xu Charles Ding Zhiyuan Zhang Zhe Xu Tags: Article Source Type: research

'Armed kyphoplasty with posterior stabilization avoids corpectomy in complex thoracolumbar spine fractures: a case series
Conclusions Combined AKP and PS is feasible and effective in the treatment of complex thoracolumbar fractures of all etiologies. AKP avoided highly invasive corpectomy. Anterior and posterior support ensured stability, preventing implant failure and re-fracture. The complication rate was low compared with more invasive traditional 360° open surgical approaches. (Source: Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery)
Source: Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery - April 23, 2024 Category: Neurosurgery Authors: Bertulli, L., Pileggi, M., Marchi, F., Scarone, P., Cianfoni, A. Tags: Editor''s choice, New devices New devices and techniques Source Type: research

Superior Parathyroid Masquerading as Retropharyngeal Lymph Node
We report a case of incidentally discovered parathyroid gland located in the retropharyngeal space at the level of the oropharynx.Case PresentationThe patient in this report was a 60-year-old female with squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil T2N0M0 with MRI showing a hyperintense ovoid structure, medial to the carotids at the level of the oropharynx, corresponding to the location of the lateral group of retropharyngeal lymph nodes. Patient underwent transoral ultrasonic radical tonsillectomy along with a retropharyngeal lymph node dissection by the transcervical route. Postoperative histopathology revealed the retropharyng...
Source: Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery - April 23, 2024 Category: ENT & OMF Source Type: research

Cancers, Vol. 16, Pages 1624: Effects of Short-Term Lenvatinib Administration Prior to Transarterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Conclusions: The short-term LEN-TACE is feasible and safe, demonstrating promising outcomes with a high CR ratio, contributing to lipiodol retention in the tumor after cTACE, and extended PFS. To confirm the advantages of this treatment protocol, a prospective clinical trial is mandatory. (Source: Cancers)
Source: Cancers - April 23, 2024 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Tetsuya Tachiiri Kiyoyuki Minamiguchi Ryosuke Taiji Takeshi Sato Shohei Toyoda Takeshi Matsumoto Yuto Chanoki Hideki Kunichika Satoshi Yamauchi Sho Shimizu Hideyuki Nishiofuku Nagaaki Marugami Yuki Tsuji Tadashi Namisaki Hitoshi Yoshiji Toshihiro Tanaka Tags: Article Source Type: research

Sensors, Vol. 24, Pages 2664: Transfer Learning-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Residual Dense Connection Networks
uowu Yuan The extraction of effective classification features from high-dimensional hyperspectral images, impeded by the scarcity of labeled samples and uneven sample distribution, represents a formidable challenge within hyperspectral image classification. Traditional few-shot learning methods confront the dual dilemma of limited annotated samples and the necessity for deeper, more effective features from complex hyperspectral data, often resulting in suboptimal outcomes. The prohibitive cost of sample annotation further exacerbates the challenge, making it difficult to rely on a scant number of annotated samples for ...
Source: Sensors - April 23, 2024 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Hao Zhou Xianwang Wang Kunming Xia Yi Ma Guowu Yuan Tags: Article Source Type: research

Sensors, Vol. 24, Pages 2671: Multi-Sensor Image and Range-Based Techniques for the Geometric Documentation and the Photorealistic 3D Modeling of Complex Architectural Monuments
a Petros Patias The selection of the optimal methodology for the 3D geometric documentation of cultural heritage is a subject of high concern in contemporary scientific research. As a matter of fact, it requires a multi-source data acquisition process and the fusion of datasets from different sensors. This paper aims to demonstrate the workflow for the proper implementation and integration of geodetic, photogrammetric and laser scanning techniques so that high-quality photorealistic 3D models and other documentation products can be generated for a complicated, large-dimensional architectural monument and its surround...
Source: Sensors - April 23, 2024 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Alexandra Tsiachta Panagiotis Argyrou Ioannis Tsougas Maria Kladou Panagiotis Ravanidis Dimitris Kaimaris Charalampos Georgiadis Olga Georgoula Petros Patias Tags: Article Source Type: research

Emergency department imaging utilization post-transcatheter aortic valve replacement: single institution 7-year experience
ConclusionOur study highlights the vital role of early and accurate imaging in post-TAVR patients within 30 days post-procedure. As transcatheter approaches rise in popularity, emergency radiologists become instrumental in diagnosing common post-procedural presentations. Continued research is essential to devise post-discharge strategies to curtail readmissions and related costs. Proper imaging ensures prompt, effective care, enhancing overall patient outcomes. (Source: Emergency Radiology)
Source: Emergency Radiology - April 23, 2024 Category: Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Initiation of the Scandinavian Trial of Uncomplicated Aortic Dissection Therapy
(Source: European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery)
Source: European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery - April 23, 2024 Category: Surgery Authors: Kevin Mani, Timothy Resch, Beate Rikken Lindberg, Patrick Bj örkman, Oscar David Rubio, Jacob Budtz-Lilly Tags: Research Letter Source Type: research