Grim images show parasitic worms crawling underneath Vietnamese woman's skin
The woman, from An Binh commune in the suburbs of Hanoi, was taken to Dang Van Ngu Hospital after suffering from extreme headaches and falling over at home. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Doctors find parasitic TICK feasting on eyeball of man who went to hospital complaining of itchy eye
The patient, who has not been named and is reportedly in his 70s, went to hospital complaining that his eye was 'itchy' and bloodshot. Doctors found the tiny blood-sucking, eight-legged creature. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Finger-prick test can diagnose 'most common STI you've never heard of' in just 5 minutes
The little-known infection, caused by a parasite, strikes millions every year and is more rife than chlamydia and gonorrhoea in some parts of the world. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Ticks Carry More Diseases Than Just Lyme. Here ’ s What You Need to Know
Chris Rose lost ten years of his health—not to mention his gallbladder—to a single tick bite. The tick bit in 2010 and Rose, now a 50-year-old network engineer in Chapel Hill, N.C., thought little of it at the time. “It was one of those lone star ticks,” he says, “and I just picked it off me. It wasn’t a big deal.” Before long, however, Rose began developing crushing chest pains, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and other symptoms. Doctors screened him for heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and gallstones, and even removed his gallbladder to see if that might ease the intesti...
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Virusoids: Viruses ’ Very Own Parasites
Virusoids are strands of circular RNA that infect hosts by hitching rides on viruses. Once inside, they can replicate and spread undisturbed. (Source: Healthcare News)
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No kittens required: Scientists find new way to study toxoplasmosis parasite in lab
One of the most widespread parasites on the planet can also be one of the most difficult to study. Toxoplasma gondii —a single-celled protozoan—is capable of infecting almost every mammal and bird species, including humans , and in severe cases causes blindness, birth defects, and death. Yet it only sexually reproduces inside the intestines of domestic cats and other members of the Felidae family, prompting controversial studies on kittens. Now, a research team has come up with a technique that uses gene editing of Toxoplasma to push the parasite toward sexu...
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Four California sea otters died from an unusual strain of a parasite that could pose a risk to humans
Four sea otters in California have died from a rare strain of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that scientists said could pose a risk to human health. (Source: - Health)
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Rare flesh-eating parasite kills four otters and could spread to humans
The otters all suffered what scientists called the worst lesions on their bodies that they had seen in more than two-and-a-half decades of research. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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News at a glance: Modernizing bed nets, IDing a Solar System visitor, and health lessons from Beethoven ’s hair
PUBLIC HEALTH Next-gen bed nets get go-ahead A new type of malaria-fighting bed net received a major endorsement from the World Health Organization (WHO) last week. The net combines two chemicals to more effectively kill the mosquitoes that transmit the parasite behind malaria, a disease that killed an estimated 619,000 people in 2022, most of them young children in sub-Saharan Africa. Insecticide-treated bed nets have helped drive malaria rates down dramatically. But in recent years, resistance to the insecticide used to treat nets, pyrethroid, has been spreading. That has contributed to ...
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New Parasite Is Killing Sea Otters, and Might Pose Threat to People
THURSDAY, March 23, 2023 -- A rare strain of the parasite Toxoplasma has killed four sea otters along the California coast, raising concerns about a potential public health risk. “The appearance of this lethal type of Toxoplasma in coastal... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
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Deadly parasite threatens California sea otters
Melissa Miller knew something was off when she began to examine a sea otter that had died in San Simeon, a coastal California town about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the winter of 2020. Nearly all of the animal’s body fat was inflamed. “It felt like there were little bumps all through it,” she says—a condition the veterinary pathologist had never seen in her 25 years examining sea otters for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. She also found unusual lesions in the pancreas and heart. When Miller looked at the sea otter’s tissues under a microscope, she spotted a familiar foe...
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Researchers Warn Cat Poop Parasite Killing Otters In California Could Pose Human Health Threat
Researchers are working to figure out the source of a rare strain of Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite commonly spread by house cats, responsible for killing four sea otters in California. (Source: Healthcare News)
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Disease caused by tick bites spreading in Northeast
A tick-borne parasitic disease has claimed new ground in the Northeast, having been announced as being "endemic" in three more states. According to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published on March 17 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cases of babesiosis spiked…#northeast #cdc #connecticut #maine #massachusetts #minnesota #newhampshire #newjersey #rhodeisland #vermont (Source: Reuters: Health)
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What Are Presentations of Neurocysticercosis?
Discussion Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is the most common parasitic CNS infection world-wide. It is caused by the larval stage of the pork tapeworm Taenia solium. It is endemic in Southeast Asia including the Indian Subcontinent, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. It is becoming more common in other areas of the world because of immigration and the overall ease of travel. The basic Taenia lifecycle is that humans eat un- or undercooked pork (pigs are the intermediate host) that is invested with the larvae called cysterici. The adult tapeworm forms in the human gastrointestinal tract and eggs are produced. Humans are the de...
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Parasitic fungus that infects and kills spiders discovered in Brazil
Exclusive: rare purple organism preys on trapdoor spider in behaviour reminiscent of its ‘zombie’ relatives that feature in apocalyptic TV show The Last of UsScientists believe they have discovered a new parasitic fungus which preys on trapdoor spiders in Brazil ’s Atlantic rainforest.The rare organism, which is purple, belongs to a group of fungi that infect invertebrates and take over the host. A closeup image shows the fungus wrapped around the body of a trapdoor spider, poking out of the burrow from which the arachnid grabs insects.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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