For Better Well-Being, Just Breathe
I was a graduate student in Manhattan having breakfast on my rooftop on Sept. 11, 2001, when I witnessed planes demolish the Twin Towers. For months afterward, I shook with anxiety every morning. Unwilling to medicate, I tried everything else. Mindfulness meditation induced panic attacks. Hot yoga built muscle but did nothing for my anxiety. I went to talks by Buddhist monks and meditation teachers hoping to attain inner peace, to no avail. Finally, I attended a SKY Breath Meditation class, which involves a 20-minute breathing regimen in different postures and rhythms. Though I went in skeptical, I came out cal...
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Yes, You Can Actually Die of a Broken Heart
On May 26, 2022, Joe Garcia died suddenly of a heart attack just two days after his wife, Irma, was killed in the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. The papers reported a Garcia’s family member saying, “I truly believe Joe died of a broken heart.” As a cardiac scientist working in this field, I am regularly asked to comment on tragic cases like these. Sometimes they are celebrities such as Debbie Reynolds, who died soon after her daughter, Carrie Fisher. But often, they are long-married couples who pass away on the same day or soon after. These events can be rare and sporadic, so it is hard to find a pattern....
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' New Kid on the Block' May Help Relieve PTSD, Panic Disorder'New Kid on the Block' May Help Relieve PTSD, Panic Disorder
Patients with panic disorder and PTSD often experience increased respiratory rate or hyperventilation. This biofeedback-based technology addresses those symptoms.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape FamilyMedicine Headlines)
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A preliminary examination of unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders in patients with panic disorder: a single-case experimental design in Iran - Zemestani M, Davoudi F, Farhadi A, Gallagher MW.
Background and Objectives: The majority of patients suffering from anxiety disorders in low- and middle-income countries do not receive evidence-based treatments. The Unified Protocol (UP) for the Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders is an evid... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Mindfulness Worked as Well as an Anxiety Drug in a New Study
Mindfulness meditation worked as well as a standard drug for treating anxiety in the first head-to-head comparison. The study tested a widely used mindfulness program that includes 2 1/2 hours of classes weekly and 45 minutes of daily practice at home. Participants were randomly assigned to the program or daily use of a generic drug sold under the brand name Lexapro for depression and anxiety. After two months, anxiety as measured on a severity scale declined by about 30% in both groups and continued to decrease during the following four months. Study results, published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, are timely....
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Boy George would 'freak out' from 'really bad panic attacks' – 'I'm dying!'
Best known as Boy George, George Alan O'Dowd is entering the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, where his anxiety might hit the roof. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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From Panic Attacks At School To Running An LGBTQ Start-Up
'Anxious bisexual' Charlotte Fountaine struggled with her identity and panic attacks in school - so she created Kalda to stop others feeling the same (Source: Healthcare News)
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What Are Treatments for Panic Disorder?
Discussion Panic disorder is “…one of the anxiety disorders and is characterized by repeated, unexpected panic attacks, involving physical symptoms such as racing heart, dizziness and chest pains, along with a fear of recurring attacks and changing behaviors to avoid further attacks.” It has both physical manifestations and mental ones including extreme fear such as mortal fear, loss of control and fear of alienation. It is most common in teenagers aged 15-19 and is very common with about 1% of teens experiencing attacks. A study of college students in multiple countries found a lifetime prevalence of 5%....
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Joanna Lumley's 'nervous breakdown' made her feel frightened to go to the shops
Joanna Lumley's psychotic break led to distressing panic attacks - how can you overcome feelings of anxiety? (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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How to Tell If Your Health Concerns Are Normal —Or a Sign of Something More
Is that sniffle a sign of seasonal allergies or COVID-19? It’s a question you’ve likely asked yourself at least once—and perhaps lots of times—over the last few years. Especially during a pandemic, it’s normal to analyze your health. But for some people, those thoughts can cross a line into more problematic territory. At least 4% of the U.S. population lives with what’s known as health anxiety, or an excessive preoccupation with health and illness—and symptoms of the condition may have emerged or worsened for certain people during these virus-dominated recent years, experts say. [t...
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The mediating role of transmembrane protein 132D methylation in predicting the occurrence of panic disorder in physical abuse - Yu Q, Wang C, Xu H, Wu Y, Ding H, Liu N, Zhang N, Wang C.
OBJECTIVE: Genome Wide Association study (GWAS) has revealed that the transmembrane protein 132D (TMEM132D) is a gene of sensitive for panic disorder (PD). As the main type of childhood trauma experience, childhood abuse has become a public health issue at... (Source: SafetyLit)
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U.S. Medical Schools Are Struggling to Overcome Centuries of Racism in Health Care
Derrick Morton was skeptical about working for Kaiser Permanente’s Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine. The Pasadena, Calif., school hadn’t yet opened to students when he was offered a job in early 2020, and it felt risky to work for such a new institution. But Morton, who is Black, was eventually sold by the medical school’s mission: to train doctors with a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and to dismantle health disparities. After a short time as an assistant professor of biomedical science, however, Morton says it became clear that the reality didn’t live up to his “great ex...
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Vanessa Bryant testifies that she suffers panic attacks, anxiety since learning of shared crash scene photos
Vanessa Bryant, widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, broke down at times Friday as she testified that she experiences panic attacks and anxiety over the possibility of seeing photos from the 2020... #helicoptercrash #panicattacks #crashscenephotos #vanessabryant #kobebryant (Source: Reuters: Health)
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' Comprehensive' Model Flags Recurrence Risk for Panic Disorder'Comprehensive' Model Flags Recurrence Risk for Panic Disorder
A new model, integrating an array of variables, can predict individuals who may be at risk for both recurrence and persistence of panic disorder, new research suggests.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Psychiatry Headlines)
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Deborah James was 'cured' of 'crippling' disorder after receiving cancer diagnosis
DAME DEBORAH JAMES finished her second book, How to Live When You Could Be Dead, shortly before her death due to bowel cancer back in June of this year. Within her book, James revealed how her tumour diagnosis helped her to overcome crippling anxiety and panic attacks, which she had suffered from for 20 years. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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