Prehospital Ventilation is in the Bag with Proper Technique and Appreciation
As a 16-year-old observer on the ambulance with my father, I wasn't allowed to ventilate unconscious patients, but I watched and learned a great deal by just observing how they used their "football," an early Puritan Manual Resuscitator (PMR) bag-valve mask (BVM). They nicknamed it the "football" not just because it was brown and resembled a football, but because it was easier to tell the firefighters or police officers assisting them to "go get the football" than "go get the BVM." I was curious why my dad placed rolled towels or a blanket under the patient's shoulder blades and neck...
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Oropharyngeal airway obstruction after the accidental ingestion of arisaema amurense - Ryoo SM, Sohn CH, Oh BJ, Kim WY, Lim KS, Lee CC.
BACKGROUND: Arisaema amurense is widely known in Korean folklore as a poisonous plant, and its lethal toxicity has long been recognized. The toxicity of Arisaema amurense is due to its content of calcium oxalate, which causes painful oropharyngeal edema, h... (Source: SafetyLit: All (Unduplicated))
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