The Patient Who Drank Fake, Mislabeled Vodka
A mobile intensive care ambulance crew consisting of two paramedics and two EMTs in a major city in Israel is dispatched to a 41-year-old male patient who reports that he’s “not feeling well.” A minute before arrival on scene, the call information is updated to “unconscious patient” by dispatch. The patient is located in his house in the second floor of an old apartment building with a narrow staircase and no elevator. On arrival, the patient is lying in bed in his room, unconscious, and an EMT first responder—arriving a minute earlier by motorcycle—was performing ventilation with a bag-valve mask (BVM) and o...
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Reuniting and the Bonds of Trauma After Flight 1380
This is the story about a “family” I never knew that I had until a tragic and traumatic event brought us together. Following the incident that occurred on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a cohesive bond was formed among all of us directly involved.   The Immediate Aftermath Immediately following our offloading of the plane, several buses were lined up to transport us to the Philadelphia airport terminals from the tarmac. It just so happened that my family was on the same bus as Peggy Phillips, the nurse who assisted me in the performance of CPR on Jennifer Riordan. My parents and Peggy began to converse ab...
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Prehospital Ventilation is in the Bag with Proper Technique and Appreciation
As a 16-year-old observer on the ambulance with my father, I wasn't allowed to ventilate unconscious patients, but I watched and learned a great deal by just observing how they used their "football," an early Puritan Manual Resuscitator (PMR) bag-valve mask (BVM). They nicknamed it the "football" not just because it was brown and resembled a football, but because it was easier to tell the firefighters or police officers assisting them to "go get the football" than "go get the BVM." I was curious why my dad placed rolled towels or a blanket under the patient's shoulder blades and neck...
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Oropharyngeal airway obstruction after the accidental ingestion of arisaema amurense - Ryoo SM, Sohn CH, Oh BJ, Kim WY, Lim KS, Lee CC.
BACKGROUND: Arisaema amurense is widely known in Korean folklore as a poisonous plant, and its lethal toxicity has long been recognized. The toxicity of Arisaema amurense is due to its content of calcium oxalate, which causes painful oropharyngeal edema, h... (Source: SafetyLit: All (Unduplicated))
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