Abbott Diagnostics Technologies AS - Afinion 2, Afinion AS100 analyzer - Class 2 Recall
Power supply provided with Afinion 2, Catalog numbers 1116553, 1116554, 1116556, 1116557, 1116597, 1116598, 1116663, 1116679, 1116680, 1116681, 1116682, 1116684, 1116770, 1116771, 1116772, 1116777, 1116778, 1116970, 1116971, 1116985, 1116986, IVD. The firm name on the label is Abbott Diagnostics Technologies AS, Oslo, Norway. Power supply provided with Alere Afinion AS100 Analyzer, Catalog numbers 1115175, 1115390, 1116049, 1116050, 1116053, 1116054, 1116456, and 1116980. The firm name on the label is Alere Technologies AS, Oslo, Norway. (Source: Medical Device Recalls)
Source: Medical Device Recalls - May 30, 2020 Category: Medical Devices Source Type: alerts

GE Healthcare, LLC - Aisys Anesthesia System - Class 2 Recall
Touchscreen display kit. Sold under the following product names: TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X ENGLISH FOR USA, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X ENGLISH, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X GERMAN, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X DUTCH, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X FRENCH, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X DANISH, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X ESTONIAN, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X ITALIAN, TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY KIT 11.X NORWEGIAN. Product Usage: The GE Datex-Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia System is intended to provide general inhalation anesthesia and ventilatory support to a wide range of patients (neonatal, pediatric, adult). The device is intended ...
Source: Medical Device Recalls - November 10, 2018 Category: Medical Devices Source Type: alerts

NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA LIP MOISTURIZER SPF15 (Octinoxate And Oxybenzone) Lipstick [Les Emballages Knowlton Inc.]
Updated Date: Nov 7, 2017 EST (Source: DailyMed Drug Label Updates)
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