Prophylactic antibiotic in genicular nerve block / RFA?
I have a patient with a remote (>20year) hx of MRSA infection of the left knee after a meniscectomy. She has not had an issue since then. Not able to have L TKA due to this previous infection. What is the recommendation or what have you seen regarding prophylactic antibiotics and genicular nerve block/RFA? Would you give this patient prophylactic abx? Thanks in advance. (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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Cleaning MRSA off iPhone
This is an important question. My phone probably has more bacteria on it than a vent tube at an LTAC. Does anyone regularly clean their iPhone? If so, how (without destroying it / crapping our the speakers) (Source: Student Doctor Network)
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The problem extends beyond MRSA and Clostridium difficile , and stewardship should still be followed in the presence or absence of penicillin allergy.
(Source: BMJ Comments)
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should I push for testing?
Ok, I have never done this before, but I need some advice. A little bit of history-my husband(27) had very frequent lung infections as a child. His bedsheets always had a salt residue on them from his night sweats(which he still has). They had him tested for cf, but his results were borderline, & he was never retested. The summer before we got married(he was 20 years old), he ended up in the ER for diagnosed pleurisy. From that point on, he has had a chronic cough, & allergy symptoms that don't ever go away. Fast forward to current. He is exhausted. He can't sleep at night, & his sinus infections will not go aw...
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My son is 17...dd508...fev 110%...colonized with MRSA...first dx with it in 2012. He would do a round of lenezolid and not culture for 6 months or so and then BAM! out of nowhere. Unfortunately, we have been plagued with this...mess! He has not had a MRSA negative culture since the end of 2014. Now the drugs are not working as well as they previously did and he is flaring up more often. I am VERY interested in any alternative/holistic approaches to controlling this. Any ideas are appeciated. Thanks (Source: Cystic Fibrosis Adults Forum)
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Public Understanding of MRSA
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ANTIBIOTICS: How much is too much?
My 10-year old and my 4-year old both do great when they are on antibiotics such as Bactrim or Zyvox. Their coughs almost disappear. However, 24 to 48 hours after they get off the antibiotics, their coughs return. They both only culture MRSA. What I want to know is what issues are caused by just putting them on these antibiotics every couple of weeks and are these issues bigger than not putting them on these antibiotics every two weeks. Thoughts? (Source: Cystic Fibrosis Families Forum)
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Surprising Results with Essential Oils! Give it a Go!
**This by no means is "official" help for CF. This is simply my experience and what I have discovered from personal use. Sorry for the lengthy post but it is worth reading. Also, I'm trying to help and post this to a lot of my CF forums so it might be filled with some obvious info. MY PROBLEMS: I have not had many issues until 5 years ago. For the first couple of those years I was required to have 2 week hospital admissions for IV antibiotics every few months, then as time progressed and my lungs continued to scar my admissions became more frequent causing more resistance to various antibiotics. A big problem w...
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Abby Clinic Update
I have updated everyone on facebook but I haven't been on here in quite some time because I have been on my first Vacation since Abby was diagnosed. I actually got to take my full 2 weeks and didn't have to spend my entire vacation at the hospital!!! It was fantastic!!! It would have been better had we have not been broke but still loving life with Kalydeco!!! So Abby has been taking Kalydeco since June 28, 2012. We went to clinic a couple of weeks ago and discovered that we had a completely new CF team! Dr was gone...fellow leaving...and nurse had a baby and not coming back. Wow!! So here is the comparison: ........
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group has finaly opened an office in the U.S. - so to those that wished to purchase - it will be opened soon - I will send a link once I get it. Asia - after over ayear on taking flavon kids and green has had a runnng nose once, her staph never returned and still has natural flora - however its from her throat. Her elastaze has jumped from 420 to 530 and - finally - she has no progress in lungs comerated to last year. She always had some little progress. I cannot say its flavon - I can only say I believe taking it made a difference in her health. Our cf specialist says its a great idea and that flavonoids make capilary mo...
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