How to beat Lyme disease and keep enjoying the great outdoors
A surge in cases of the tick-borne infection Lyme disease has made some people wary of the countryside. But there’s no need to worry, if you take care‘To be honest,” enthuses Dr Tim Brooks, “it’s a fascinating disease.” As head of the Rare and Imported Pathogens laboratory at Public Health England, trying to solve the growing problem of Lyme disease (and other bugs, such as ebola) is his vocation. Lyme disease – a bacterial infection spread by infected ticks – is a particularly complex puzzle, with little reliable data available so far. It can appear in numerous forms, occasionally causing long-te...
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Looking to a backup gene to fight spinal muscular atrophy
Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a condition affecting one in every 6,000 to 10,000 children, is caused by a defect in a gene called SMN1 — which stands for “survival of motor neuron.” The defect leaves children with too little functioning SMN protein to maintain their motor neurons, which begin wasting away. Muscle strength declines and children eventually develop difficulties eating and breathing. For Vivienne, whose name means “to live,” that meant being slow to reach motor milestones like crawling, cruising and walking as a toddler. For her parents, it meant hearing that her life expectancy would not be normal....
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Human alpha-Sensory Neurons
Put Them to Work!We continue to add unique primary Human Neurons to our offerings.We have discounted our new alpha-Sensory Neurons to make it easier to buy and try-only 850 USD/1,000,000 cells.Just thaw and culture. Simply culture on ECM- Laminin or Fibronectin coatings with our alpha Motor Neuron Maintaining Media. Questions? Please contact me directly 612-801-1007 or Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, Neuromics. (Source: Neuromics)
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Zebrafish study offers insights into nerve cell repair mechanisms
A hormone called serotonin -- better known for its role as a mood booster -- can help zebrafish to recover from a spinal cord injury, scientists have found. The findings could aid research into motor neuron disease and paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
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Grandfather who diagnosed himself with motor neurone disease during Stephen Hawking biopic dies
Paul Whyley, 62, from Worcestershire, silently ticked off his symptoms as he watched The Theory of Everything. Doctors diagnosed him with the brain condition weeks later. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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