Morocco: Maternal Deaths Declining in Morocco Thanks to Midwives, but More Support Needed
[UNFPA] Madame Najat Baloui, a midwife in Casablanca, vividly remembers a childbirth that went horribly wrong. "A woman was delivering vaginally," Ms. Baloui recalled. "After several hours, the labour stopped suddenly." (Source: AllAfrica News: Pregnancy and Childbirth)
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Maternal deaths declining in Morocco thanks to midwives, but more support needed
RABAT, Morocco –Madame Najat Baloui, a midwife in Casablanca, vividly remembers a childbirth that went horribly wrong. “A woman was delivering vaginally,” Ms. Baloui recalled. “After several hours, the labour stopped suddenly.”Realizing the woman was at risk of uterine rupture, Ms. Baloui rushed her patient to an operating room for an emergency Caesarean section. “During the intervention, the doctor confirmed that the uterus was starting to tear,” Ms. Baloui recounted.The woman survived. So did her baby.   (Source: UNFPA News)
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Polly Dunford to Lead IntraHealth International as New President and CEO
February 14, 2020 Chapel Hill, NCToday, IntraHealth International’s board of directors announced Polly Dunford will be IntraHealth’s next president and CEO. She will assume the role on March 16.Dunford is joining IntraHealth after nearly 20 years of service with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Cambodia, Haiti, Jordan, Mozambique, Nigeria and Washington, D.C., most recently as the global director for HIV/AIDS. In this role, she led the agency’s efforts to help countries achieve and sustain epidemic control of HIV/AIDS under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief ...
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EVE SIMMONS: I couldn't look at myself naked in the mirror - until a VERY intimate spa treatment
EVE SIMMONS: I have been in a loving, romantic relationship for six years with my fiance Will - but I have never known intimacy like I experienced last month in a Moroccan spa. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Marriage and migration: Moroccan women's views on partner choice, arranged and forced marriage in Belgium - Sabbe A, El Boujaddayni K, Temmerman M, Leye E.
This study explores Moroccan wom... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Burden of fungal infections in Morocco
Conference abstracts (Source: The Aspergillus Website - updates)
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Italy ’s Olive-Oil Industry Sees Simmering Threats from Climate Change and Nasty Bacteria
By Eric RegulyROME, Nov 6 2019 (IPS) On a warm Saturday morning in late October, the silver-green leaves of the 200 productive olive trees on a rolling country property in Umbria, in central Italy, sparkled in the brilliant sun. Fausto Venturi, a local farmer who devotes autumn weekends to making olive oil, could not have been happier. The weather was perfect for harvesting the Moraiolo olives. The small, round green fruit is indigenous to Umbria and Tuscany, prized by olive growers for its high yield and among connoisseurs for the oil’s gorgeous emerald-green colour and fruity aroma, with hints of artichokes and herbs....
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How Common is Lyme Disease Globally and in Urban Settings?
Discussion Lyme disease (LD) is caused by several genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi senu lato that are transmitted by ticks of the Ixodes ricinus complex. In the U.S. and Europe it is the most common vector-borne disease. It is named for Lyme, Connecticut in the 1970s when it was “discovered,” but there are reports of LD-type disease in Europe since 1883. There are 18 distinct genospecies with B. afzelii, B. garinii and B. burgdorferi sensu stricto being the 3 most common ones causing human infection. There are many species of Ixodes ticks but only 4 commonly bite humans. Ixodes ricinus mainly in Europe, I, p...
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Three Ways to End HIV Stigma and Discrimination
By Ifeanyi NsoforABUJA, Oct 7 2019 (IPS) As a Public Health Doctor, I often meet people who experience stigma simply because they live with HIV. One person who still haunts me is a woman who is HIV positive and when she was in labor, a midwife would not help her. Instead she shouted at her to just push out the baby and then she stood far away from the bedside, disgusted by the woman’s HIV status.  No one should go through such stigma at a vulnerable situation when they are about to birth life. Another lady I met was denied university admission because she is HIV positive. She was screened for HIV without her consent, ...
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Prevalence of disability in Morocco: results from a large-scale national survey - Hajjioui A, Abda N, Guenouni R, Nejjari C, Fourtassi M.
OBJECTIVE: Disability is considered a global health problem, with an increasing number of persons with disabilities. Up-to-date and good-quality data on disability are essential to policymakers in order to establish tailored programmes for persons with dis... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Superbug hotspots emerging in farms across globe – study
Global outbreak of antibiotic-resistant superbugs linked to overconsumption of meatHotspots of antibiotic-resistantsuperbugsare springing up in farms around the world, the direct result of our overconsumption of meat, with potentially disastrous consequences for human health, astudy has found.Areas in north-east India, north-east China and the Red River delta in Vietnam were identified as hotspots in Asia, with areas as widely separated as Mexico and Johannesburg also affected. But the hotspots are expanding quickly. The study found areas where resistance to antibiotics among farm animals was starting to emerge in Kenya, M...
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Minority paradoxes: ethnic differences in self-reported offending and official crime statistics - Leerkes A, Martinez R, Groeneveld P.
Immigrants and their native-born children tend to be overrepresented among crime suspects in Europe. Using a representative Dutch survey, we examine whether inhabitants of Turkish and Moroccan origin also self-report more crimes than the native Dutch. In a... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Moroccan journalist denies charges of illegal abortion
A judge has ruled that a Moroccan journalist remain in custody after she appeared in a packed courtroom on charges that she had an illegal abortion after becoming pregnant while single (Source: ABC News: Health)
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First Global Forum of Leprosy-Affected People ’s Organisations Kicks off in Manila
At the first Global Forum of People’s Organizations on Hansen’s Disease, which begun on Sept. 7 in Manila, Philippines, participants present their ideas on entrepreneurship models to attain sustainability. Credit: Stella Paul/IPSBy Stella PaulMANILA, Sep 7 2019 (IPS) Being part of a platform where leprosy-affected people from all over the world can freely interact, exchange and share opinions, ideas, experiences and strategies was always something Tasfaye Tadesse dreamt of. So this week, Tadesse packed his bags and travelled for 36 hours from his home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to reach the Philippine capital of Manila. ...
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Kenya: The troubles of a science PhD from the West
This article highlighted the struggles of young African researchers, especially in the biomedical field. There is a chronic shortage of PhDs in the continent to build a critical mass of researchers, and this is exacerbated by a poor state of the education system in the continent. Therefore, aspiring researchers have sought education abroad mostly through scholarships, in which one of the conditions is that they will come back home and contribute to alleviating the shortage of researchers. Many of the PhDs returned home to a bureaucratic system that makes it difficult for them to employ and use their skills. 14 PhDs who spo...
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