How Changing Your Diet Could Have a Major Impact on Managing Lupus Symptoms
After Jewell Singletary was diagnosed with lupus, she developed rheumatoid arthritis as well—a common pairing, since both are autoimmune conditions—and had to use a cane to navigate her college campus. When she graduated, the now 38-year-old New Jersey resident decided to be more focused on supporting her health, in an effort to maintain her mobility as she began her career. She started in the kitchen. First to be tossed were sugary drinks, fried foods, and highly processed options, she says. Once she eliminated them, it didn’t take long before she could discard one more important item: her cane. [time-br...
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Most vitamins, minerals won't prevent heart disease, stroke or cancer, panel warns
In a move that could upend the multi-billion-dollar U.S. vitamin industry, an authoritative panel of experts said most vitamins, minerals and multivitamin supplements won't prevent heart disease, stroke or cancer. (Source: Health News -
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Sudden Rise in Asbestos Imports as Ban Draws Closer
Importation of raw chrysotile asbestos into the United States increased dramatically earlier this year, despite the growing movement toward tighter regulation and a potential future ban of the product. The chloralkali industry — the only known user of raw asbestos today within the U.S. — imported an estimated 114 metric tons over the first three months of 2022, according to the United States International Trade Commission. In all of 2021, by comparison, the industry imported only 100 metric tons, the smallest amount in more than half a century. This sudden and dramatic rise in imports stems from a stockpiling ...
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How to live longer: The vitamin shown to reduce risk of mortality in over-70s - new study
A LONG, healthy life can be achieved through healthy lifestyle choices, such as making sure you're getting all the essential vitamins and minerals. One vitamin in particular has been shown to have life-boosting effects - vitamin D. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Supplement warning: The popular vitamin that could increase the risk ‘severe vision loss’
THE SUPPLEMENT market is ever-growing, despite flaunting substantiated health claims. Adhering to dose recommendations is of the utmost importance, however, as certain minerals could increase the risk of blindness if consumed in excess. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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USGS Budget: FY22 Outcomes and FY23 Request
The latest appropriation for the U.S. Geological Survey falls well short of the Biden administration ’s target, but Congress also provided a major one-time supplement for critical minerals mapping through the infrastructure law. This year, the administration is seeking to deepen the agency’s role in providing climate science and decision-support services.mambroseFri, 05/27/2022 - 10:51 (Source: FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News)
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The ‘useful’ supplement to take during the summer - and the one to ‘avoid’
THE WORLD of dietary supplements can be difficult to navigate. Between fizzy tablets and little capsules, minerals and vitamins, the variety of products can be overwhelming. Fortunately, an expert shared with the supplements which could be "useful" and the ones you should ditch this summer. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Minerals Called Perovskites May Hold the Key to New Energy Minerals Called Perovskites May Hold the Key to New Energy
Crystalline minerals called perovskites could be the key to new, innovative electronics and energy technologies and could play a major role in a carbon-free energy future, according to researchers.Quick Take (Source: Medscape Medical News Headlines)
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The Best Stove for Your Health and the Environment
Gas stoves are associated with a certain allure: an image of prestigious chefs cooking in sought-after, high-end kitchens over an open flame. At the same time, electric stoves and their dated coils have been eschewed by many at-home culinary enthusiasts. But recently, that wisdom is being flipped upside down as the world gets a fuller understanding of the harmful health and climate impacts tied to our love of gas stoves. A startling study published in January by Stanford University found that natural gas stoves—which more than a third of American homes use—may emit concerning levels of indoor air pollution, and...
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Inequality Tightens Its Grip on the Most Vulnerable
Every year, 570 million tons of food are wasted at the household level people. Global food waste accounts for 8–10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Credit: Claudia Ciobanu/IPSBy Baher KamalMADRID, May 13 2022 (IPS) Please do not say you were not aware that the world produces enough food to feed all human beings on Earth, while nearly double the combined European Union’s population go to bed hungry… every single night. And please don’t pretend you did not know that 20% of all humans –those who live in the wealthiest countries– waste about 35% of the food they buy, throwing it in the garbage. Poverty, armed con...
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About half of parents give their children a dietary supplement
Parents said they give supplements because their children are picky eaters, they do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and what they do eat does not give them enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. (Source: Washington Post: To Your Health)
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Nutrition and Aging: 7 Signs of Inadequate Nutrition
Many Americans, young and old, fall short on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. But the challenge of getting adequate nutrition may be trickiest for seniors. Research shows that older people may need more of certain key nutrients, such as B vitamins and calcium. (Source: WebMD Health)
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United Kingdom Proposes 40-Year Asbestos Removal Deadline
The United Kingdom’s Work and Pensions Committee has proposed a 40-year timeline to complete the regulated removal of all long-standing legacy asbestos from public and commercial buildings, potentially setting a new standard for other nations to follow. Its proposal was recently delivered to the House of Commons with a recommendation that the government and Health and Safety Executive incorporate the findings into their approach to asbestos management. The U.K. already is one of more than 60 nations in the world to have banned asbestos, but none have passed this type of regulation for legacy asbestos, which has bee...
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What the Science Says About the Health Benefits of Vitamins and Supplements
From multivitamins and melatonin to fiber and fish oil, Americans who are trying to boost their health and immunity have a plethora of supplements to choose from. An estimated 58% of U.S. adults ages 20 and over take dietary supplements, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the supplement industry is valued at more than $30 billion a year. Supplement use has been growing rapidly over the past few decades along with the wellness industry. “The popular belief is that a supplement is going to be helpful for promoting health,” says Fang Fang Zhang, a professor at Tufts University&rs...
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Rwanda: Bugesera Citizens Leverage Off Vegetable Gardens to Fight Malnutrition
[New Times] Leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, since they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. (Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine)
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