Violence against GPs with Adam Janjua, Marcela Schilderman, and Anita Bignell
A recent investigation, by The BMJ, showed a worrying increase in incidence of violence, directed to wards GPs, and reported to the police. In this episode of Deep Breath in, Tom and Jenny are joined by Gareth Iacobucci, assistant news editor for The BMJ who broke the story. They'll hear from a GP affected, and get some advice on preventing violence, and deescalation, from two mental health experts, who deal with the most agitated patients. Our guests: Adam Janjua, a GP in Fleetwood, Lancashire. Marcela Schilderman, a consultant psychiatrist at South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Anita Bignell, a me...
Source: The BMJ Podcast - June 13, 2022 Category: General Medicine Authors: BMJ talk medicine Source Type: podcasts

Fish on the Menu?
(Source: The Discovery Files)
Source: The Discovery Files - May 31, 2022 Category: Science Authors: National Science Foundation Source Type: podcasts